Warrior High 4th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sid tries to hug Siali, she asks if he has gone crazy. He says his younger Sid says girls get caught in confusing times. She goes out but looks at the seniors out of window and hides behind him.
Niti says she has gone this time, someone comes picking her up and gets her inside. It was Charlie, he says she should be thankful to her as he has saved her again. They see seniors approach, he picks her up again.
Parth and Utkarsh are hidden behind the wall, Vibha comes and tells seniors they have gone the other way. Seniors say she is new, teachers doesn’t help but they would agree. She comes to Parth and Utkarsh and asks if they are fine, it is an old tradition of warrior high. She asks them to try something new. Vibha tells Parth and Utkarsh to study the story of batch 2013 students who survived the night. Utkarsh and Parth come to library, sensing someone here. Utkarsh and Siali see each other and hug each other. Utkarsh makes him believe that she is here. She tells him no one knows she isn’t a student here. Parth asks is this his brother. Both say that they are not brother and sister. They sense someone coming, and go to hide. Charlie and Niti come there, Sid comes out and is afraid of Niti. Siali recognizes her and asks Sid if he is afraid. He reconfirms her size, then comes to Charlie. Utkarsh, Siali and Niti gave each other combine hug. Sid sings for them a family song, Parth asks them to find a solution to survive this night call. Utkarsh tells them that Vibha told them they can find the clue here. Parth looks into school magazine, and finds Vibha’s photo there as one of survivors. Niti finds a CD, they play it. It was Fab 5 from warrior high. The tell them that it was V’s plan. Manik says surviving isn’t about hiding, there are no rules in surviving the night call as well, so fight back. The six of them take anything they get as arms. Niti asks them to make a plan. Sid says they will hide at the door of library, and one by one they will catch seniors. Siali says this is all risky, they will all get caught together. Utkarsh sides Siali, while Charlie calls Sid as champ. Parth asks them to stop it and says Siali is right, the probability of getting caught is high in staying together. He says they will make two teams and a strong person will lead a team. He gives marks to everyone. He says one strong person in one team, Charlie with go with Niti, Sid with Siali. Siali denies going with Sid, Parth says he will go with her. Utkarsh insists on going with Siali, but Parth says he doesn’t know about school but Sid do so he has to go with him. Parth tells Charlie and Niti to go behind pillars, Utkarsh and Sid to go with terrace. Utkarsh says he is afraid of height, Sid says he will go to terrace. Siali asks isn’t he afraid of height, Sid agrees to change the plan. Parth gives them garden area.
Suzanne sat on the bench, waiting for seniors. A senior comes to them, Suzanne asks why are they so late. She and her friend go with the senior.
The seniors count the juniors and say one is seven of them are still missing and one of them is Siddhardh Rajput. He says he knew Sid won’t give up so easily, but they have to take the challenge.

PRECAP: Charli is caught by seniors, he shouts at Niti to run. Sid tells Niti only five minutes are left for him to be a legend. A senior get hold of his arm, removes his hood and Sid watches his face.

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  2. It’s being nice watching warrior high……………loving it

  3. this is youngsters story.so I’m excited for coming episodes

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  5. warrior high seems very interesting a plot, n i think it wud survive wid the roaring craze fr it, just a story like humse hain life yaaron, with small changes here n dere. love u ashwini, u n sanya’s chem is gonno put fire over ice.

  6. Amazing epsds uptil now.. Just creating curosity to watch it day by day.. 🙂

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