Mahakumbh 4th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mahakumbh 4th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Punnu seeing Rudra’s mum leaving and asks what will he say Maya, where is she going. Punnu tells Maya that she went and asks about Rudra, if she fought with him, he will make them patchup. He asks for Rudra’s address and he will not move from here till he gets Rudra. Charles comes to Katherine’s camp and looks for her. He asks people did they see this girl and Thapadiya Maai comes to him. He asks about Katherine.

She says she does not know, she left at night and curses. He asks him to get her, no one can be trusted, find her. Grierson is worried. Swami says my men will find Katherine, they will inform you when they get to know. Grierson says we could not contact her, it means she is in any big problem. Swami says I wish this is wrong and leaves. Maya asks the kids to let Punnu rest and takes them. She gives them balloons and plays with them. Rudra comes there and smiles. Dadi looks at Maya and is impressed seeing her help old people. She smiles seeing Rudra.

She says this old eyes has seen many things, but not Amrit, which was found in Mahakumbh. She blesses him and goes to Maya. Maya greets her. Dadi blesses her Saubhagvati Bhava, you got my grandson home, and I came to take you my home. She shows Rudra. Maya touches her feet. Dadi says I m Rudra’s Dadi, lets go inside and talk. Maya looks at Rudra and goes. Dadi says you went on your mum, I knew her, she was like my daughter, she wanted the enmity to end between Brahmanisht and Sreeshant, I can see your deep wounds, but I m form Brahmanisht, its my duty and right to apply ointment.

She says she told Rudra one thing and want to tell you, if person gets freedom by running, everyone would have got freedom that way, you feel you are reason for Maai Mui’s death, but if you did not come in his life then…. She says she is half truth, the other half is if you did not get Rudra to Allahabad, he would have not met his family and Brahmanisht. Maya asks Rudra’s dad? Dadi says yes, he met his dad and it was possible because of you, your relation with him is bigger than any other relation. Maya cries.

Dadi says I know you are the only one who can unite Brahmanisht and Sreeshant, and says the rules of the world, if she is not there, then everything will be ruined. She takes out some bangles and says now this is your decision. Maya looks at the bangles. Rudra waits outside. The kids take Punnu’s bag and he wakes up. He asks them to leave it. The kid asks is he pandit. Punnu says yes, and talks to them. He says a story to them, about Ram Leela, when he wanted to become Hanuman, and his dad wanted to make him Ramn, he did not memorize the lines and got beaten up. He does not remember the lines and they laugh. He says he does not remember without slap and asks the kid to slap. The kids slaps him and he tells the lines right.

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He says he does not remember more and Rudra says the lines. Punnu is stunned seeing him and smiles. He hugs Rudra and cries happily. Rudra asks him how is he. Punnu says how will I be without you. He says Maya is also here. Rudra smiles. Dadi asks Maya whats her decision, will she stay here or come along. Maya says I chose Rudra, but I can’t come with you, I came here to regret, I took vow that I will serve people till Maha Shivratri. She says she can’t break her vow, she will be here till the Mahakumbh end.

She gives her the bangles. Dadi asks will she not accept this. Maya says I accept this gift, and till I become suitable, I will making you keep this as my thing. Dadi says I came to take bahu, but I m leaving with a daughter. Maya hugs her and Dadi smiles. Maya and Dadi come out and look for Rudra. Rudra comes with many kids on his shoulder, and Maya recalls the old moments, similar one. She holds her ears and Rudra stops her holding her hand and signing no. Punnu says what a pair, like Gauri and SRK. Dadi asks who is he. Rudra says he is my childhood friend Punnu. Punnu greets her.

Maya says he is such. Punnu asks really, do you know me now, when Rudra returned, you know me now, and says SRK’s lines. Dadi smiles seeing a smile on Rudra’s face. Rudra asks what happened Dadi. Dadi says nothing, I saw you smiling after many years. She hugs Rudra and Maya.

Dadi tells Rudra that Maya vowed to stay here till Shivratri, but you can come and meet her here. She says I have Maya’s keepsake and I have hers. Punnu stops them and takes a family pic, while Rudra’s mum passes by, coming in the pic frame and gets clicked.

Maya asks Rudra did you come yourself or did Dadi send you. He says I came myself. She asks then why did he not meet her when he came ashram. He asks did you know it. She asks does he love her. He says I love you a lot Maya. She rests her head on his shoulder and they smile.

Update Credit to: Amena

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