Warrior High 26th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Warrior High 26th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Utkarsh goes inside the ring, saying he has to save his maa. Sid bucks him for confrontation. Sid asks Utkarsh to beat him until he is tired, Ayaaz calls them for fight. Utkarsh punches into Sid’s stomach, Sid hits him straight to the corner of the ring. Utkarsh fell on floor, the countdown begin. Utkarsh tries to get up, Ayaaz calls for giving up the countdown.
Vibha walked in the grounds praying all the complications in her life to get better, her life be perfect.
Ayaz and Siali ask Utkarsh to accept defeat, Utkarsh says he won’t. Sid beats him again.
Parth runs outside trying to get out of school premises. Vibha watches him, and tries to stop him saying he won’t get anything breaking school’s rules. He says he has to go to his mom. She says they will talk to principal tomorrow, she will sent him out.
Everyone bucks up Sid as he beats Utkarsh, bleeding badly. Siali calls for someone to stop him, Sid punches him again on face. The countdown begins, Utkarsh thinks he won’t let her kiss anyone. He stands up, Sid asks him to accept defeat as he stands up. Charlie asks Sid to give him a chance, Sid tells him he is dead but Charlie comes into the ring. Charlie says some people think he, the loser is better than him; this punch for them.
The watch man gets Parth, Parth fights back, throwing them all away.
Charlie says to Utkarsh that no one could let him move.
Parth was fighting the men, he was aggressive. Kamini and Rishab also come there. A boy calls Urmilla to come outside, Urmilla comes to ask what the hell is happening. She asks what he is doing here. She asks them to get him right away, they hear Siali calling Utkarsh. Urmilla runs towards them. Niti punches Charlie onto stomach, Siali tells them all to stay away from Utkarsh. They are losers because they are beating to death a weak man. Both the girls cry with Utkarsh in lap, she says they have been taught not to take lose, this is what he Utkarsh has done; she cries that she was wrong in selecting this place for them both. Humans doesn’t reside here. Utkarsh whispers her name and says he won’t let anyone near her. Siali comes to Sid and says he has done this to a guy, who always left even an insect outside his room inspite of killing it. This game wasn’t of equality, he must never look at Utkarsh again. Urmilla and the staff come there into the ring, Utkarsh was bleeding badly. Urmilla had pain in his eyes, Sid says mom I won but Urmilla comes slapping him. She takes Utkarsh in her lap, cries and asks him to get up. Parth stood there. Urmilla calls for a doctor, cries that she won’t let anything happen to him; she says to Sid she will never forgive her. She shouts at everyone for help, the guard takes Utkarsh with him.
Niti and Siali held hands, Utmilla watches the U in her second finger, crying. She recalls herself taking three children in market. She told them that she will be there soon, asks Siali to keep holding Utkarsh’s hand, Siali held it and told her she will never lose him. She told a shop keeper that she will be back there, takes the third child, wipes her tear and leaves. Siali was smiling, while Utkarsh was crying as she left them.
Kamini tells them all to go to their dorm rooms, now. Rishab stops Parth into the corridor and asks to follow him. Vibha watches this.
The boys say this is the first time Urmilla hit Siddhardh, he is her son. Charlie comes to Sid and says this happens. Sid asks which mother hit her son in front of everyone, why today. Charlie says he wasn’t hit by his mom but school’s vice principal. Sid asks him to leave him along, watches into the window mirror his face, recalling her mom’s words.
Urmilla also stood in her room, she recalls her introduction with Utkarsh. He had called the students of school as his family. She also recalls her slapping to Sid, she says she is sorry she held hand at him for someone else’s child. He can’t be him… she is upset.

PRECAP: Parth says to Vibha that nor could he help his mom nor Utkarsh. Siali asks him not to take Urktarsh’s name even, he had considered him as brother.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Thnx sona 4 d updt

  2. Guyzz i think urmilla is uthkarsh’s step mom.. Bt yeah utkarsh nd urmilla are having a relation.. I think urmilla’s husband had two wives she was one wid sid and the other one wid utkarsh.. I jst think.. If i am wrong sorry

  3. Thnx for d update.. It was very emotional epi.. Liked it

  4. i like parth siyali utkarsh niti very much

  5. Then how is siyali related to urmila as they showed that urmila left utkarsh and siyali in the shop

  6. May be sid’s and utkarsh’s bestie siali.. Nt step mom confiemed utkarsh’s mom is urmilla itself sid and utkarsh are real brothers

  7. Epsd was heart touchng….
    WH is gettng mr interstng day by day…:) 🙂 🙂

  8. utkarsh’s character is as like as me ,… i also cant give up on any situation and his stamina is realy great ! like it ,…. thanks for updates,.

  9. Yeah ryt fairy we will shift our place frm kyy to wh..

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