Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 20th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 20th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Trapped inside the small space between cupboards, Manik looks at Nandini while she asks why is he looking at her face. He asks why isn’t she going. Manik’s phone rings, it was a text message about Mukti. He asks Nandini to give way.
Cabir gives Mukti lemonade to drink. He asks her why she landed up into men’s hostel. She asks him to leave it. He says she has always controlled herself, and this time she was shattered. She says it is nothing like that, she is still composed. He says before today, she never gave any distressed message.
Nandini comes to the room Dhruv practiced in. She asks didn’t he get Cabir’s SOS message, Manik ran there. Dhruv says Manik has gone, so he isn’t needed.
Manik awaits Dhruv, Aaliya says he is changed and won’t come. Cabir says a person doesn’t change overnight; he must be stuck in traffic. Mukti corrects him that people change overnight, it is possible. Till tomorrow, he was here and now he has disappeared in one night.
Pandit ji comes in and asks to begin the practice. He tells Nandini that Dhruv is practicing really well, Nandini gets to her seat. Pandit ji asks Dhruv to play lower notes, Pandit ji asks Nandini to play stream notes. Nandini’s stare was at Dhruv. Pandit ji helps her to play the sitar, her finger get a cut. Pandit ji says Amb’s got his finger cut a lot of times, now she might not be able to play and may leave.
Manik asks Mukti if she wants them to find Abhimanyu. Mukti says had he loved her, he wouldn’t have left. They all agree, thinking about their own experiences. Manik says they are all wrong, he loves her. He says love is selfish, we want to give least pain to the one we love; maybe that is why Abhimanyu disappear thinking that his death’s pain… Mukti stops him and says if she still finds him she will kill him. Cabir says she won’t break at him, they want him in one place. He talks about boys hostel’s shit. Manik takes Cabir to go to somewhere. He gets Nandini’s call, she was putting saniplast on her injured finger, and asks about Mukti. He says Mukti is fine but noticing her pain asks what happened. She says nothing, and asks why he doesn’t understand her. They argue, he asks her to hang up she denies asking him to hang up. He irritates, but she also firmly calls his name. Cabir takes Manik’s phone and says none of you are going to hang up, so Nandini sorry. Manik leaves.
Navya comes to Nandini and asks about her injury. Nandini tells Navya that Mukti isn’t alright. Navya says they must also be at her place, both left to Mukti’s home. Mukti was sitting on her couch, she was frustrated by getting texts from anonymous people teasing her. Aaliya gets coffee for her, and asks who is messaging her. Mukti smiles and says they are just forward. She asks Aaliya to get her black coffee instead, Aaliya goes inside saying offcourse.
Navya and Nandini meet Cabir and Manik at the gate. Navya says it is something really important, Cabir and Navya goes on a side. Nandini turns her face away from Manik, he was about to leave when Nandini holds his hand and asks what is he upto. He asks where she got the bandage, she was quiet. He asks did Pandit do something, she asks angrily to answer her question instead that where he is going. He stares at her for a while, watches a lunch box dropping from the upper story. He drags her to a corner, but her dress, hair and arm is still ruined. He tries to clean it up, she jerks his hand. He tries again, she jerks again and stands angrily. For the third try, she leaves his hand finally.
He cleans the rice of her hair, her arm and hands. She asks we are still fighting? He says offcourse, and leaves.
Navya says to Cabir that her mother thinks… Cabir leaves saying she has repeated this same sentence for 15 times, he has something important to do.
Navya and Nandini come to Mukti’s home, Aaliya opens the door. She was worried and says Mukti has vanished somewhere; she asked for black coffee and went somewhere. Navya says boy would know about it, asks Aaliya to call Dhruv, Nandini to call Manik and she will call Cabir. Nandini tells Navya that Dhruv is practicing for the concert.
Pandit ji tells Dhruv that his talent was hidden behind Manik’s till yet; he is better. Dhruv thanks him, he writes a text to ask about Mukti, then thinks they don’t need him there and deletes it.
Manik and Cabir come to boys hostel. Manik beats the boys talking about a chance on Mukti. Manik asks where is Rocky, they say he is in the same bar where Mukti met him. Cabir reads Aaliya’s message that Mukti is missing again. Mukti comes to Rocky at the bar. Everyone was worried about Mukti.

Update Credit to: Sona

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