Warrior High 20th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Vibha comes worried no one is in the dorm, what is going on. Parth comes there, Vibha asks what is he doing this late. He was coming from boy’s washroom. Vibha asks where everyone is. Parth thinks he must save Utkarsh. Vibha asks him not to hide, he says he can’t argue her. Vibha asks him to go to his dorm. She goes to the corridor and finds the four in the class room, she scolds them saying they must be in their dorms. She asks Siali, everyone was quiet. Vibha says they will get punished for breaking rules, they are facilitated and won’t be punished. This is warrior high, they will get punished. Kamini comes there, and asks what they are doing here at this time, strictly. She says if they all are silent, tomorrow Urmilla… She asks them all to go to their dorms, scolding. Siali looks at Sid before leaving in the corridor. Sid says these girls, they have problem if one helps them or if not. Kamini says to Vibha she has disappointed her again, she might not stay in this school for long.
Seemi tries to convince Krissane, Krissane scolds that she isn’t interested in what happened to her, she is a loser. Seemi cried. Siali comes to Krissane and says does she know what goes on on her friend. Krissane shuts her up and leaves. Siali tells Seemi that she is with her, Niti says has they seen Krissane who is uninterested in their problems. Siali says to Seemi that they will bear the permission together.
Ayaz and Charlie along with Utkarsh tease another boy.
Kamini comes to staffroom, Vibha was about to leave the staffroom for class but Kamini sends a teacher for her class and says Urmilla has called them both. It is because of Vibha’s carelessness, Vibha says to Kamini she was finding her but she was wandering in school uniform. Kamini says if she wants to play politics with her, then she is more experienced. She will tell Urmilla that Vibha meets her student in the library, she will be in more trouble and leaves the staff room.
Krissane comes to Sid in classroom and says that Siali got him caught too, yesternight. Sid scolds Krissane that he has more important things to deal than her rubbish. Charlie comes and asks Sid what is Krissane saying. Rohit and his friend were talking about meeting with Urmilla indifferently. Niti looks at Charlie then looks away annoyed. Siali watches Sid, then looks away. Niti comes to Utkarsh and asks why is he lost, he says nothing has happened. Parth comes there, Niti tells Utkarsh and Parth that Siali and Sid were caught along with Seemi and Rohit in a classroom. Utkarsh asks Siali what she was doing with Sid, Siali scolds him for watching vulgar movies with those boys. Utkarsh isn’t ready to understand this, and says why she came there, they boys do these things. Utkarsh says he knows it was all Sid’s mistake. SIali says Sid wasn’t mistaken and mistake was of boys’. Niti asks what if Urmilla pours all her anger over Siali because Sid is her son. Utkarsh is worried.
Urmilla was angry at how can it happen. Kamini says that she gave the responsibility of girl’s dormitory to Vibha last night, she is sorry for her irresponsibility. Urmilla asks Kamini what is her position in the school. Kamini says incharge discipline and head of teachers department. Urmilla asks how she can give such a big responsibility to a junior teacher. This isn’t Vibha’s fault but hers, she won’t tolerate this negligence ever. She is going to keep a special watch on the dorms and the teachers. She asks them to get the students. Kamini asks Vibha, but Urmilla says she told them to keep their responsibilities to themselves.
SIali was angry that Utkarsh, saying this isn’t a small thing. He is becoming a part of those boys group. Utkarsh leaves the classroom angrily, comes out murmuring that she is making a hype of a petty issue. Parth comes behind and says to Utkarsh that Siali is a girl and needs time. Utkarsh says after a long time Ayaz and boys have taken in his group. Parth says he knows about it, Utkarsh hugs Parth and says he will talk to Siali in a while. Utkarsh sits on the corridor, Ayaz asks what happened. Utkarsh says his friends are angry, Siali saw them watching the movie and is angry. Ayaz asks how she saw this, Utkarsh says he doesn’t know how he should make her up. Ayaz is worried what if Siali complaints Principal. Utkarsh goes and says she will talk to her about it.
Kamini comes to class and calls the four names, asking them to come to Urmilla’s room with her. Sid and Rohit confronts, Rohit pushes him away. Sid steals eyes from Siali, Utkarsh goes behind SIali and stops her in the corridor. He asks her not to tell maam, Siali asks why should she hide it. Utkarsh says he has made friends with much difficulty, he will lose them. Ayaz overhears this, Utkarsh asks if she is his best friend, can’t she do this for him. Siali promises and thinks this is for the first time in life that she is doing something for him but isn’t happy about it.

PRECAP: Urmilla asks what they were doing there. Seemi blames Rohit, Rohit lies that they were going to dorm room when Seemi called him for help. Siali tells Urmilla that Rohit is lying, the boys didn’t return to their dorms and were watching vulgar film in AV room.

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  2. omg this siali.. y did she tel urmila abt film??

  3. Yeah guyz….siali dint need to tell urmilla abt d film….she hd prmsed to utkarsh…bt nw hp tht fr ths any dffrnces shldnt tk plce btwn utkarsh nd siali…

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