Sasural Simar Ka 20th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 20th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rajveer comes to balcony, amar and calendar come out. ranjveer sees the door is closed. They all leave. rajveer asks girjesh where were you? did his door close just now? sid says when i came downstairs the door was closed.

Jhanvi is crying, mausi ji says i know she is worried for sujata. Mausi ji hugs her. mausi says prem are you concealing something from me? prem says roli is lost that is why she is crying. prem tells her everything from birthday. rajinder says we have to find her. you go with sattu.

Amar says we came out but rajveer is really clever. maya saved us today, but this can’t happen every time. simar says yes we have to be careful. Mata ji says he was saying that if he sees roli anywhere he will kill sid.

Simar says we just have to find out what we rajveer hates us for and we have God and mata i with us. Roli says but i wont stay at amar’s place, i will come to bharadwaj house, your relationship with jeju has already suffered because of me. simar says relationships have to past test and they make it stronger. In rajveer;s eyes you are dead, we will keep an eye on us to be assure. sid can’t recognize any of us and we can’t give up. we have to get him out all of this. Maya was our enemy and now she is on our side. She has realized her sins, now with time she will be our strength to win this war. mata ji says you are right. this is why she got us out of there. roli says didi wants to reunite with sid. but what about you and prem? simar says i know prem is mad at me but he can’t hate me. He is just worried for him. roli says why can’t we tell him reality. simar says prem will go directly to him and rajveer has maya’s ‘mani’. no one can face him. We have to conceal it until sid is okay and you have to pretend to be list then.

Mata ji says i know your pain roli but simar is right. And dont worry about simar and prem’s relationship, i vow. God wont let anything happen to their marital life. Roli says okay i agree but if their misunderstanding increases i will tell prem everything. simar says okay but I have faith in God you wont have to do it. simar hugs her. simar says we will defeat rajveer and we wont tell anyone about it. She extends her hand, they all hold it as vow. Simar says in heart don’t worry roli prem wont think wrong about me.

prem says simar is not right, if something happens to roli or maa i wont pardon her. sattu and sankalp are looking for her but she is lost. Mausi ji says and where is jiji, i am really worried for her. Mata ji comes and is happily dazed to see mausi ji. Mausi ji hugs her. Mausi ji says when did you come? mausi ji syas its been hours, where were you? and sujata is not well? mata ji says what happened to her? rajinder says temperature but she will be fine mausi ji says what happened to all of them. roli is lost, simar slipped out her wed locket. mata ji says where is roli? Prem says she is lost, she said to jhanvi that she is going to meet simar.
Simar comes home and sees mausi ji. Mausi ji seems to be a little bugged with her. amar touches mausi’s feet as well. mausi ji says since i have come here i have not heard a single good news, roli is lost and sujata is not well. simar says what happened to maa? let me go and meet her. prem says don’t go, she is resting there. simar says what did doctor say? prem says till you keep doing your own nothing will be okay in this house. if something happens to roli because of you, i will do something that has never happened in this house before. He goes out.

Precap-rajveer asks aryan to take out his weapon and cut maya’s hand. Rajveer cuts maya,’s hand. Rajveer asks aryan to cuts his throat with sword.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Spoilt and foolish serial. This should be banned and no more running. Come to reality the directors of this show.

  2. Ya itoo agree jyothi

  3. Nice episode appaaaa tis musiji is acting as if she is positive naand wat will happned wen he ask aryan to cut his throat??

  4. Wht d hell is dis??? Ooh… Utter crap..

  5. Bakwas serial earlier wen roli was out of the bhardwaj family sid was in now roli is in so sid is out. Showing all bullshit naagmani and so on.

  6. Bullshit shitty crap story…
    Borin episode
    Y mausiji over reacting

  7. Getting intrested but a bit slow.of course i am angry with prem. Hope rajveers secrets get reveeled fast

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