Warrior High 14th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Warrior High 14th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sid and others were in dorm when Utkarsh comes to the dorm room. Ayaz comes to him and says after lights getting off they are going to chill, he has also arranged a new magazine of rose for him. Utkarsh gets excited but says he is really tired tonight. Ayaz says he is a part of their gang, how can he not come. Utkarsh says alrght, he will come. Parth comes there.
Krissane calls Sid out of dorm. Sid is worried where she came from at this time. Krissane says she talks sweetly to him doesn’t mean she has forgotten his acts. She says they have to take this relationship seriously and spend a lot of time together, behave sweetly to each other and change their status on friends book. Sid says he is fine with it, why is it needed. Krissane says she needs it and she has decided. She runs away, saying love you. Sid repeats. He comes back to the gang, they ask it seems he is going good with his girlfriends krissane. Sid says she isn’t his girl friend, he doesn’t consider her as his girl friend. He says he already has someone else. The boys get eager to know, Sid says it is his secret love so he can’t tell about gets her but he can’t have a girlfriend other than him. The lights get off, they all get to beds. Sid lay on bed thinking what is happening to him, first Siali and now Krissane; he must talk to his girl friend. Sid comes to library, takes his tab and calls Anvesha saying Hi girlfriend. His dadi says finally, they can talk well. It has been long she hasn’t done Hi and Hello to her boy friend. Sid says there was a limit, Dadi says this is why she hid an iPad in library. Sid was annoyed, and says he doesn’t understand what is happening. Anvesha says sometimes one doesn’t understand what is happening and why. She tells him a story that there were a lot of problems is a man’s life, but he had a belief that every problem has a solution, one just has to find that solution and for that one has to ask some question from oneself and those questions have the solution hidden between them. Sid says that makes sense, Anvesha asks what he wants from London. Sid says he wants her back. Anvesha says she will be back soon, he might call him when he wants to but Urmilla must not know about it. Sid says she must not worry, he won’t let her know he loves Anvesha more that her. They bid each other good byes. Anvesha happily thinks that Urmilla must not know about it else she would snatch him from her.
Ayaz comes to wake Utkarsh up, saying he doesn’t enjoy without him. Utkarsh tries to get off the bed, Ayaz touches his lower body region. Utkarsh ignores, Ayaz does this repeatedly. Utkarsh turns and slaps Ayaz hard, shouting what is his problem and why he touches him again and again. The boys gather there. Parth also comes to them. The boys take Utkarsh from collar, Parth comes between them. They have a confrontation, Sid comes in and asks what happened. The boys tell him that Utkarsh held hand on Ayaz. Ayaz tells Sid to leave it. Sid asks what happened. Ayaz tries to calm Sid saying nothing. Parth asks Utkarsh if he is alright, Utkarsh nods. They head to their beds.
Ayaz lay on bed angry at Utkarsh. He gets out of his bed and comes to corridor thinking about Utkarsh’s slap. Rohit comes to him and asks what such happened that Utkarsh dared to hold hand on him. He asks why he gave such importance to Utkarsh, he even stopped Sid. He says they are his senior and must stop this boy right there. Ayaz asks him to hold on, Ayaz won’t spare his enemy. He says they gave a little too much importance, now they will remind him his position. Ayaz asks him to do what he asks him, they will teach him well.
The boys were asleep, Utkarsh lay awake in bed changing positions. He sits on bed finally. Parth asks where he is going. Utkarsh says he will be back in a while. Parth comes out behind him and asks if he is fine. Utkarsh says no, he isn’t. He says how could he hold hand on Ayaz. Parth says there must be some reason, he hasn’t seen him in such anger; what happened? Utkarsh says he is also worried how can he do so with Ayaz, he helped him a lot and he also has so many friends in school because of him. He says there is something odd in him. He says it feels odd with him, then hugs Parth. He asks did he feel his hug awkward. Parth says no. Utkarsh says he can’t explain him what is wrong with him. Parth tells him not worry, he would have done something wrong and he must say sorry to him in morning. Utkarsh gets ready, Parth takes him back to dorm.
Rishab comes to staff room and watches Vibha there. He asks why is she reading till so late, she has forgotten she isn’t completely well and must take stress. Vibha says this is new chapter, it is so interesting that she can’t sleep leaving it. Rishab says she is really hard working, keep it up. Kamini comes to the staff room, Rishab tells Vibha that her dupatta’s colour is his favorite. Vibha says thanks to him. He looks at her reading. Kamini clears her throat and comes in. She smiles, then says she is thinking about wearing sarees of his favorite colours, Rishab? Rishab says why not, if she likes to wear the saree of his favorite colour but must take care that colour must not be out of the list. Vibha smiles, Rishab takes leave. Kamini leaves annoyed too.
Rohit comes to wake Utkarsh saying Ayaz is missing, where has he gone. Utkarsh gets worried and asks what does it mean. Rohit asks him to come and help him, may be do something wrong to him. Utkarsh hurries out.
In the corridor downstairs, Utkarsh and Rohit look for Ayaz. Rohit asks Utkarsh to look into library, he will look elsewhere. Utkarsh comes to library, calling Ayaz. Ayaz was there, Utkarsh says sorry to him, he couldn’t know where he held hand. Ayaz withdraws his hand and asks if he thinks he will forgive him so easily?

PRECAP: Utkasrsh resists at Ayaz holds him. Siali slaps Krissane saying she can only see what she wants to.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  6. innocent doll

    Suberb slaps by utkarsh n siyali ….(y)

  7. innocent doll

    Love to TELLY for updating episodes…

  8. Nice 2 know that sid has a better bonding with anvesha than his mother…!
    Ayaaz is crossing his limits as a friend… Not good…!
    And what’s wrong with this stupid krissane why can’t she understand that sid is NOT interested in her…:/
    And….thanks a lot for these super fast updates…

  9. Too bad ayaz

  10. hai

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