Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 14th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 14th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Radha looking at the ring in her chain. LD comes there. Radha drops chain from her hand. She asks why did you come here without knocking the door. LD says he doesn’t need to knock on the door. He says you are heroine of Kabir and doesn’t matter to me. Radha says I supported you as you did work good. She keeps his shoes on place. LD gives her dupatta and she wears it. She holds his hand and says thank you for saving my life. Sadhna comes and calls him. Neha thinks where is he going at this time. Sadhna asks Radha, what she is hiding? Radha shows her ring. Sadhna says LD gave you this ring. She says do you love him even now. Radha says no, I don’t love anyone. Sadhna asks her to close the eyes before lying. She says you still loves him. Radha thinks LD loves someone else and her love doesn’t matter to him. Shivani comes and asks why did you stop LD? Kabir is asking us to come with him. Radha says he is right. LD loves someone else. She says she is feeling bad, but happy for him. She says she will settle the work and go back to Mumbai.

Shivani asks are you sure about that. Radha says career is not her priority, but she wants to concentrate on her career. She says there is one problem. I am tensed thinking about the money in my room. Shivani asks what should we do then? Radha says we should hide the money in safe place, when everyone is sleeping. Neha hears everything and thinks they made her work easy. In the night, Radha thinks to shift money to safe place. Nehe peeps in her room and thinks she will steal the money. Radha hides seeing Jayshree coming and drops the money loaded bag on Neha’s feet. Once Jayshree leaves, Radha goes to hide the money. Neha follows her. Jayshree sees Neha going and thinks to follow her. Radha comes to the storeroom and thinks to hide money there. Neha hides behind the table.

Radha keeps the suitcase and leaves. Neha takes the suitcase and sings the song. Jayshree comes and says you were stealing money. They argue. Jayshree tries to snatch money. They start fighting. Jayshree takes the suitcase. Neha goes from her and makes her white hairs stick well. She is about to drink water and sees Sadhna, Murli, LD, Radha and other staring her. Murli says Neha. Radha says she is Chaturi, our servant. Jayshree comes holding the suitcase and says she won’t let Neha go. Radha says we were confused thinking who is she? Neha tries to say. Radha says fancy dress competition is over. You thought to make us fool. I made you fall in my trap. I knew your truth, but needed proof. She tells Murli that this is your Neha, for whom you was ready to left Shyamali. Did you know that Neha is Chaturi. I thought you both love each other and have great understanding, but the matter is something else. Sadhna says Murli might be thinking we are lying.

Dadi Bua asks what was Jayshree doing with Chaturi? Jayshree says she doesn’t know her. She didn’t show us her face and covered it with veil. Dadi Bua asks her to stop it. Jayshree says everyone should be thankful to me. I saved Radha’s money. Neha says she was stealing money. LD says Neha came to me to talk about money. I understood that she is greedy. He tells Murli to speak up. Neha says she can explain it and asks for a chance. Sadhna slaps her hard and says this is for trapping my son and ruining my bahu’s home. LD asks her to get out else they have to call Police. Neha asks Murli to say something. Murli is in shock and hurt. LD holds Neha’s hand and kicks her out of the house.

Kabir calls Radha and asks her to tell that she is his heroine. Radha looks at LD and says she is his heroine. LD gets jealous seeing Radha telling Kabir on phone.

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