Warrior High 12th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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The seniors spot Fab5. Manik comes down the car and says the children of Warrior high are bunking warrior high. They all recognize Ayaz, Manik says he has got old. Mukti also says he is senior now. Ayaz asks the tuck shop man for bill, Manik says they will pay his bills. They introduce Utkarsh to their super senior. A boy tells Fab5 that juniors have won night call this time. Ayaz says there has been cheating, in even Manik and friend’s case as well. Manik asks how could there be, when their were no rules. Manik asks them to have a jog from here, between junior, so called senior and super seniors. Everyone line up for confrontation. Aaliya gives the start call. Mukti and Aaliya drive the jeep along them. Utkarsh was left behind everyone, panting. He asks the girls for lift, they smile then asks him to get onto the jeep. Ayaaz cheated with Dhruv who fell down, Manik helps him up. Utkarsh says they have a strong friendship, Mukti says it is romance. They all come running to campus, Utkarsh says he was the first as they all said the one who will reach first will be winner. Cabir asks who told him to sit, Utkarsh stands up again. Aaliya exclaims that it is our school. The students leave Fab5 and run inside. The fab5 hug each other and go to corridor. Mukti asks where must V be, she asks for Manik’s phone. Manik says they aren’t going to find her so easily. A girl comes and tells Manik she will meet him where she did the last time. Manik gets a flash back, Vibha sat with her on the last day of school. He wanted to give her an autograph, she denied getting one on her uniform. She says she already has so many beautiful memories with her. He says their memories could be more beautiful, she says they would have become problem for someone else. Aaliya called Manik. Vibha said to him that there is a difference between the love he does to her and what she does to him is second standard. She argued with Manik that he takes love really easy, he will understand love when one day he will really fell in it. Manik argued that his thinking didn’t meet with VIbha’s, they don’t have a level. She said he must talk to her only when they have come to a level. She said that they will talk in future only when he will think they have come on a level. Manik asks is she serious, she said yes. He was frustrated and said good bye to her. Cabir asks Manik where they met last time. Manik asks the girl why she called Vibha ma’am. The girl says she is their new teacher. Manik says she accepted his suggestion and has become a maam.

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Vibha was practicing dance when Manik enters. She sets her dupatta again. He calls V, she cheers Manik! He comes to her, she turns around. He asks what is she doing, it is him. She had closed her eyes. He asks is she not done with that. She says she doesn’t forget things easily. He says it is him, then comes to face her again. She turns again. He asks is she lagging three years ago. She asks if he thinks he has come to a level and can do a mature conversation with her. He accepts that he was on a wrong level, she was right. He says now he has a different level, she turns to him and hugs him. She asks him to let her look at him. He appreciates her as well, she says she missed him so much. He hugs her and says he missed her too. He says he met new people in life, but couldn’t find a friend like her. She asks about everyone else, they all come to the hall. She hugs everyone, and asks how they all are. Aaliya asks she joined Warrior High, she thought she must be in Oxford. Vibha says her father’s accident took place, business flopped and she had to come here to support family. They all say that they envy her for working in warrior high.
Parth finds Utkarsh in corridor, he tells him his friends are looking for him. Utkarsh says he knows he also misses him. Utkarsh says they both share boy’s romance. He says he wants to tell him a secret, about senior’s bunk of jogging. He says he missed his jogging when he wanted to drink tea. He tells Parth he met Fab5, Parth asks who are Fab5. He says they are the one’s who survived the night call. Siali comes there and gives Utkarsh a tuxedo, saying he will look like Shahrukh this way. He hugs her saying she is his best and sorted all his tension. Siali leaves.
Niti was upset, Siali asks why is she upset. Niti says she doesn’t have anything to wear in party. Siali says there is a lot of time, they will manage something. Niti says she won’t be able to go. Siali says the three of them will do a separate party. Suzanne was getting her hair made by friends. Niti and Siali say they won’t go to party anymore. Suzanne says they must really not go. She sends her friends to get her sandals, come to Niti and Siali and say it feels really bad that she won the night call and still can’t attend the party. Siali leaves saying she will tell Utkarsh they aren’t coming to party. Niti goes stopping her.
In the boy’s dorm room, Charlie told everyone neither Sid nor Parth will be Mr. Fresher. Sid says though he was about to win night call, no one must doubt that he will win Mr. Fresher. Utkarsh says his brother Parth will be the winner. He asks to go along Parth, Parth says he is going to washroom.
The Fab5 laugh on stairs, Vibha asks them to get lady. She takes the girls along. Manik comes to washroom where Parth was. Parth was there with his dress, Manik asks whose is this. Parth says it is his dad’s. Manik says he is lucky to have one. Parth says he isn’t alive. Manik says it doesn’t seem so, his father is alive and is still not there with him. They introduce each other. Manik asks him what happened at the night call, Parth tells him about Niti. They hear Kamini shout, both go out. Kamini was lying on the floor, Parth gives her hand. She poses to fell off, both held her. Manik enjoys, Cabir comes to her. Kamini leaves angrily. Cabir shakes hands with Parth, Manik tells Parth that he must save himself from her though she isn’t bad at heart.
The girls still laughed together. Niti and Siali come to Vibha, Niti says she doesn’t have a dress to wear at Fresher’s party. Vibha says they will find a solution. Siali says they have only one and a half hour left. Mukti says they will arrange a remarkable dress for her and take both along.
At the party, a girl puts tillak to all the students arriving. Suzzane comes to Sid and says he looks handsome. Sid says she looks hot, and boasts no one can compete him. He holds her hand and asks for what she promised after winning. She says he didn’t ask her anything formally. He says when there is understanding between them, there need not be any formality. They talk together, then Sid leaves.
Siali and Niti come to the party. Utkarsh watches Siali, and says she looks beautiful and appreciates Niti as well. They appreciate him. He asks them to see the lighting arrangement. Niti says all the boys look so handsome. Siali was upset, she says this place is exactly how she thought. But she must go from here, she will leave tomorrow. Niti and Utkarsh say they won’t let her go. Niti takes an excuse from them.
Vibha comes to a party, Parth watches her as she instructs a peon. Urmilla welcome them all to party and appreciates Vibha’s arrangement. She welcomes Fab5 for performance. The Fab5 sings while everyone enjoys their performance.

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  1. guyzz any1 knows what was the song name which fab5 sang.. i heard this much”cause we are the warriors” and then in between they sing “oo oo ooo”

  2. I m missing manan scenes…..pls make this end fast nd make fab5 to return back to space nd manik 2 nandini…..
    manik says 2 V dat he undrstand d true meaning of love…dat is he knows he loves nandini truley……
    i m mising navya too….
    pls end fusion of kyy nd WH fast nd let dem be seprate serials…..
    pls pls…

  3. warrior high is very good serial and the characters are also very nice

  4. I think so the song was especially made for the fab5 performance or it was a warrior high official song

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