Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun saying now Raman will know the pain to be away from child. Mihir comes and scolds her for using kids in her dirty plan. She asks him what is he doing here, if he is not linked to her. He says you are not interested in Ruhi, you left her when she was 6 months old, Raman did her upbringing and now Ishita loves her, why do you want her. Shagun asks him not to give her lecture. He says Ruhi loves Ishita as her mum, don’t take her, live your social life, don’t break that family. She says I will get Ruhi tomorrow. He says this is wrong. She says I have decided, you may leave. He leaves.

Its night, Mihir tells Ishita that he tried his best, but Shagun did not agree, I m sorry. Mrs. Bhalla curses Shagun. Raman comes with Bala and Ishita asks what did the lawyer say, Ruhi is my daughter, did you tell him, please say. Raman says we tried a lot, but sorry. Ishita asks is this easy to say sorry. They cry. Ruhi comes and asks why sorry, did Papa troubled Ishi Maa again, its fine, he is saying sorry, Ishi Maa you forgive him, come here and kneel down. Raman sits and Ruhi asks why did he fight, why is Ishi Maa crying.

She asks what mistake he did, tell me. He hugs her and cries. Everyone cry along. Aansu ka rishta………….plays……. Ruhi asks him to say. Romi diverts Ruhi and takes her to play. Raman says Ishita… She leaves angrily. She goes to her room and calls Neil. She says whats his problem, where is he, and calls someone else. She asks Raman to be away as she is busy, and cries. He says I m sorry, Bala and I went to lawyer, and he said courts are closed, we can’t do anything. He says I know what you are going through. She says you don’t, we are here for Ruhi, I m here for her, if Ruhi is not here, then its nothing. He says listen to me. She leaves.

Amma cries and says I can’t bear it. Appa says Ishu is not weak. Amma says Ruhi is her weakness. Bala says everything will be fine. Amma says Ruhi is her life. Vandu hears them and says Amma is right, it will be tough to manage Ishu if Ruhi goes, I should also try something. She talks to Mihika about this problem, and says Ruhi is everything for her, Shagun did fraud and trapped Raman, I hope she does not do anything wrong. Mihika says she is afraid.

Vandu says you can help me in this, and reminds Ashok gave statement against Shagun in Ruhi’s custody case, but then Raman and Ishita got the custody, if he says against Shagun’s behavior, then they can take the custody, atleast we can try. Mihika ends the call and talks to Ashok. Ishita cries and embraces Ruhi. She recalls their first meet, sweet moments and their strong bond. She cries miserably.

Shagun cries saying Adi I love you a lot, its just you who always supported me. She kisses his forehead and is sad. Ishita kisses Ruhi’s forehead and says she will not let her go anywhere, she is the reason of her being there. Shagun says you will be punished Ishita, even if I have to get away from my son, I will not leave you. Ashok asks Mihika how did she think he will help Raman. Mihika asks him to help Ishita. He says she is Raman’s wife, you help her, why should I.

Mihika begs to him to help. He refuses, and says Raman should get a lesson. He leaves. Mihika cries meeting Vandu. Vandu says you tried your best. Mihika says Ashok did not agree. Vandu says I m sure some way will be there. Mihika says I want to talk to Ishita, I know she does not want to see my face, she always supported me, I want to meet her. Vandu cries and pacifies her, saying some distance came in between. Mihika says when we get together, no problem can be big, and hugs her.

Vandu and Mihika come to Bhalla house to meet Ishita. Everyone look at Mihika. Mihika says she came to know everything, I m so sorry. Ishita saks why sorry, why did you come to give condolence. She tells everyone that Ruhi is upstairs, and if anyone signs, Ruhi will not be away. They ask where is she going. Ishita says she has emergency case, whats their problem, everything is fine. They all cry. Vandu says I just hope she does not take any wrong step, she is much hurt.

Ishita comes to meet Shagun. Shagun says I knew you will come, tell me. Ishita says I know you are taking revenge for that slap, as you feel I snatched your husband and child, I did not snatch, when Ruhi came in my life, she was alone, she did not had mum and dad’s love, her dad did not use to see her, as he used to recall you, she is my daughter, I gave her love, you take revenge from me, I did not spoil your life, I just filled their lives, don’t ruin Ruhi’s life. Shagun says she is my daughter. Ishita says I respect you for giving birth to Ruhi, you are imp to me, think about Ruhi, how will she be without me, She says what happened with Adi, psychological problems by separation. Shagun asks did she come to say she is bad mum. Ishita says no, think as a mum in child’s favor and her good. Shagun says I did everything by thinking well, don’t waste time, spend your day with Ruhi, as you can’t meet her ever after tomorrow. Ishita cries and sits down requesting her.

Simmi says Ishita and Ruhi are not at home. They all panic and try to find them. Raman says Ishita took Ruhi, the situation got bad, our case will get more weak. Shagun comes with Adi and asks for Ruhi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hey Divyanka ne bilkul sahi kaha hai na Mizun…….Love is unconditional………
    Karan chahe jis sebhi shaadi kare…..but we always love him…..from the bottom of our hearts……..I love yoy Karan……we love you Karan…………

    Hum tum se pyar karte the….karte hai….& jindgi bhar karte rahenge………iss pyar ko koi badal nahi sakta…….

  2. ak last question mere name blue color or black color kyu hain?

  3. so lovely serial….

  4. i love the serial very much..

  5. karan u’re so cute,sweet,handsome….

  6. You do not want to miss the latest
    update we have for you. Read it
    to believe it!
    In the last episode, we saw Ishita
    (Divyanka Tripathi) blasting the living
    daylights out of Raman. Upon finding
    out that the latter had not read Ruhi’s
    custody documents carefully, Ishita
    lost her cool and pointed fingers at
    Raman for his utter foolishness and
    carelessness. Later, Shagun( Anita
    Hassanandani) informed Adi about
    Raman’s desire to get him in his
    family in exchange of Ruhi. The
    episode ended with Aditya being
    deeply hurt about the fact that his
    mother would be willing to let him go
    for Ruhi.
    In the upcoming episode, we will see
    a SHOCKING twist in the tale. Raman
    (Karan Patel) will get a call from an
    unknown person who will inform him
    about Ishita and Ruhi being spotted at
    the airport. Later, he will receive a
    call from a police officer who will tell
    Raman that they have found a dead of
    a woman and a child. Raman will be
    devastated and shattered, thinking that
    Ishita and Ruhi are dead.
    Are they really? Is it their bodies
    which have been found? Stay tuned to
    find out!

  7. ruhi and ishitha will not be dead because sbb mein shagun ruhi ko ishitha se cheen ke jaane ke baare mein dikhaya hai.lekin maine suna hai ki both adi aur ruhi ki custody ishitha ko milegi aur sab theek hoga.

  8. shagun should not be dead but instead she should go back to ashok forever .

  9. Sbs sbb mein yhm ka batane wala hai. ..IshRa phir se style award function mein dance karne wale hai ..dekho

  10. Suraj hoa madam song par dance karne wale hai. ….bahut maza aayega dekhne mein

  11. Oh..oo…IshRaka ek aur dance….suraj hua maddham chaand jalne laga…..on colours stryle awards….arewaah….Awards Ekta ke hai…….matalab IshRa ke awardsfix……..bina make up ke kaise lag rahe hai sab……IshRa to har roop me perfact hi lagte hai……

  12. Yes ekta ka show means DivAn ko award mele ga hi mile ga. ……….ishRa…ka dance mast hoga. ….suraj hoa madam. ….

  13. Kal SBS me aaya wo to dream tha…..Shagun nahi legai..Ruhi ko……

  14. Yes mujhe maine sahi kaha tha ki ..ishita ne dream dekha tha …shagun ruhi ko leke jarahi hai…is liye woh. …..ruhi ko kahin leke jarahi hai. ..

  15. Oh iss dance me Ishita ko chhot lag gai…

  16. Kp destination wedding plan karraha hai. …

  17. sachi me prayosha shagun ruhi ko nahi legai….yeh tho bahut acha hai par agar ye prblm ko ishra donom saath saath milke solve karegi tho kamal ho ga…… par show me esa kabhi nahi hota ki ishra sath me milkar prblms ko solve kare…….vo hamesha akhele hi solve karthe hai……..n

  18. Are Karan destination wedding plan kar raha hai….pls yaar lambi chhutti mat lena…..hum bahot miss karenge tumhe……….& agar chutti li to yeh log phirse koi stupid rreason dikhayenge….yaad hai jab Yeh Rishta ke Karan (Naitik) ki shadi hui thi tab dikhaya ki uska accident hua and wo coma me hai…..hume YHM me aisa kuch nahi chahiye…..pls Karan lambi chhutti mat lena pls pls pls

  19. Haan bhagi. ..
    ..ishita ne khawb dekha tha ki shagun ruhi ko leke jaye gi. .iss liye. ….ishita ko leke jarahi hai. …….

  20. Yes …karan no lambi chotti. ……jaldi aajana plzzzzzz. ..

  21. Nahin yaar bachcha chor nahin. …..maa apni beti ko leke jarahi hai. …

  22. Hii. .priyaroli. …aapne sbs sbb dekha

  23. What. ..salman (yousuf) …ne shaadi karli. .mujhe pata hi nahin tha. …..
    …congratulations salman(yousuf )..wish you happy married life. ..

  24. hi mizun.maine sbs nayi dekha.mai tho office mai hoo.waise aaj sbs may kya tha mizun.batao mujshe.

  25. & sbb mein. …ye bataya. …..
    ..ishra style awards mein dance karne wale hai. .suraj hoa madam song par. …….aur ishita ruhi ko Delhi airport se Mumbai leke jarahi hai. …Police unn log ko dhund rahi hai. ……..Sarika bhi hoti hai airport par lekin woh. .Police ko kuch nahin batati. Hai. ……..ruhi ishita k bare mein. …pata nahin ishita ruhi ghar wapas kaise aayen ge. ….

  26. hi,priyadi!! R u free now??

  27. Unbelieveable

    Just dragging the show…….

    Why Ishu crying so much, use common sense and give ruhi to Shagun. It is just question of two days, once court reopens they can get Ruhi back by reversing the contract….. Why sooo much roha dhona… 🙁

  28. I****a and Ruhi are missing. Raman is
    searching for them anxiously. Shagun
    and Adi are tensed with Ruhi’s
    disappearance. The possibility lies
    that I****a might have taken Ruhi to
    some place. Shagun puts pressure on
    Bhalla family and brings court
    officials. The court personnel speaks
    of taking action since it is contempt of
    court to not handover Ruhi within
    given time. Adi is coming closer to
    I****a and shows concern for her.
    Shagun puts the charge of Ruhi’s
    kidnapping on I****a and this makes
    Mrs. Bhalla worried. No one knows
    about Ruhi and Raman defends I****a.
    The question arises about I****a
    taking away Ruhi, being fearful of
    losing her, or is this Shagun’s plan to
    blame I****a again. I****a and Raman
    have no choice than sending Ruhi to
    Shagun, and the track will show I****a
    making Ruhi strong by showing to
    adjust with Shagun and her love will
    always be with her. Ruhi gets shocked
    when I****a breaks the news to her
    about shifting to Shagun, and later on
    Ruhi agrees just for her family’s sake
    and to clear all blames from her Ishi
    Maa. Ruhi plans to do something
    tricky to fool Shagun big time. The
    next track will be interesting to see
    how Shagun loses Adi by her evil
    games and even Ruhi won’t be in her
    hands for long. Keep reading.

  29. As reported by the media, I****a and
    Ruhi will go missing when Shagun
    comes to take away Ruhi from there
    and give Adi to the Bhalla family.
    Shagun will get angry on seeing Ruhi
    missing, but the family will try to calm
    her down and says they don’t know
    themselves where the mother and
    daughter duo have went.
    Later in the show, Shagun will be
    defeated by I****a in her own game
    and I****a will finally get the custody
    of Ruhi and Adi both. It is expected
    that I****a will plan everything by
    herself as she can’t trust anyone now.
    She decide to give it back to Shagun
    and will finally defeat her.

  30. hi,priyadi nd ritushree…..

  31. Dekha kya haal kar diya Ekta ne MATH ka…….Thank God humara YHM sahi treck par jaa raha haii……IshRa ek saaath hai….asusual Ekta ke har show ki tarah finaly IshVeer juda ho jayenge….but humare love creziness request ne majbur kar diya makers ko YHM ko unique banane ke liye ki IshRa juda na ho….

  32. Shagun u r just impossible nd selfish…. Mein tumahe jese aurat nehi dekha..greedy woman….go to the hell…

  33. OK bd yar.shagun best

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