Warrior High 10th July 2015 Written Episode Update

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Parth was boxing and Veebha was dancing and they both thought all what happened to them today and all of their past memories. Paprth left the gym. Veebha cried and tortured herself, Parth came to Veebha, Veebha cried and ask him that they both should be punished as they both love each other; Veebha said that she cannot live without him. Parth told her that he is going just going for a short time; he said that he will come back to her as Patht love her very much. Veebha told her she will wait for you.
Kamini was looking at a letter which she wrote for Kartik in which Kamini confessed her love. Kartik came in the staff room. Kamini planned to tell him what she feels about him because she thought Kartik will never confess his love for her. Kamini came close to her, laughed and asked if Kartik want to say something to her. Kartik said he has nothing to say. Kamini asked him if he loves her, she said that you have always left her gifts and he has always helped her. Kartik told Kamini that he already has a girlfriend and he loves her very much. Kartik was telling Kamini that you are not able of being in love. Rishab heard this and told her not to talk to Kamini like that, he tells Kartik to go. Rishab wiped Kamin’s tears and then went down his knees telling Kamini that he sent all those gifts to her because he loves Kamini very much. Kamini fainted falling in Rishab’s arms
In the ground Nitti was picking the ball but Charlie came in front of her, Nitti left but Charlie stopped her told her in front of everyone that he loves her very much. Charlie told her that he was afraid of other people and that’s why he was unable to speak that he loves her very much n front of everyone. Charlie told everyone that she was in love with Nitti when he saw her in the train and he wrote the love letter to Nitti, Charlie asked Nitti to give him one more chance. Nitti holds Charlie’s hand and told him that she never thought about him like that but he made his place in her heart and destroyed it himself. Nitti told Charlie that she cannot be with a person who loves her but cannot respect her. Nitti left telling Charlie that she does not love her anymore.
Siali went to a class full of balloons card and food, she saw nobody there and was leaving when Sid spoke welcomed her in her restaurant and asked her to sit down. Siali asked him that is that really you. Sid told her that he met many girls in his life but never like you. Sid told her that he loves Siali’s smile. Sid came to Siali and holds her hand telling her that he never knew what love was. Sid raised Sali putting both of her hand on his shoulder. Sid told her that he loves him. Sid kissed Siali. Utkarsh was finding Siali when he saw Saili kissing Sid. Utkarsh shouted Sidhart and rushed towards him. Utkarsh beats Sid. Sid stopped him and told Utkarsh that he loves Siali. Utkarsh again started beating Sid, by that time everybody came in the class. Parth stopped Utkarsh but Utkarsh didn’t. Sid was going to punch Siali but Urmilla came between them, Urmilla told them to come in her cabin. Siali left crying, Nitti was shocked to know that Utkarsh loves Siali.
Siali was sitting outside crying, Nitti and Part was there with her. Utkarsh came and asked her what she was doing with Sid does she not know him. Siali tells Utkarsh that Sid has changed. Utkarsh scold her not go near him as Sid is just going to make fun of her. Nitti also told her that Sid is not a trust worthy man and as did Parth. Sid told Nitti that Sid has changed; she has seen it with her own eyes. Nitti advised Siali not to trust Sid.
Sid furiously came in Urmilla’s cabin shouting at her that why she called Sid but not Utkarsh, Sid told Urmilla that he loves Siali. Urmilla was sitting quietly and then suddenly spoke that Utkarsh is his brother,Urmilla said he did all of that for Sid’s better future. Sid was shocked, Urmilla tells Sid that Utkarsh id his small brother. Sid left speaking that Utkarsh is his small brother.
Sid was sitting in the class room tensed. Siali came saying that she is sorry for what Utkarsh said him. Sid stood up and asked Siali that does she loves him. Sid told Siali that he does not like that nay girl say no to Sid. Sid told Siali that he did this all just to prove that you can love him. Siali said that she has not lost yet and she will never give you an opportunity to see tears in Siali’s eyes. Siali left in great anger. Sid thought what Urmilla said to him. Sid had tears in his eyes.
Siali was walking in the corridor thinking about Sid, Siali turned and fell down crying hardly, Nitti came to her and wiped her tears.
Urmilla gave Parth a letter while Veebha came to give her resignation letter, Veebhha explained that she cannot do this as she is Parht’s teacher and being his a teacher it is her rightful duty to help his student. In that case Urmilla took Parth’s rustication letter back.

Season 1 has ended.

Update Credit to: Sona

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