Begusarai 10th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 10th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Lakhan gives clothes to Poonam and ask her to take bath, Poonam leaves, he says to Rekha that i have brought daughter in law for you so take care of her else i can bring a new mother in law for her too, you made fuss out of nothing, he leaves, Rekha from the time she has come my son is scolding me, dont know what she will do later.
Maya gives tea to Birla, Choti Amma ask her about Poonam, vimla says i tried to call her but Manjeeta didnt allow me, he has cut ties with her, but how can i do that? she is my daughter, we had bought sarees jewelry for her but couldnt give her anything, Badi Amma ask her to give it now, we have pag phera ritual, girl comeback to house after day of marriage, Choti Amma says Lakhan will not allow her, Badi amma says Lakhan married her with all rituals, he will follow it too, if he is not coming then you people go to him and invite him for ritual, he has married her, its about whole life, its on us now who take relations ahead, Choti Amma says but Lakhan.. Badi Amma cuts her and says take step first, if you show love then love will grow both sides, and same goes for hatred, try it once, she ask Choti Amma to go with Vimla to invite Lakhan and Poonam.
Lakhan is sitting, Dolt ask him to play cricket with them, Lakhan says i dont want to play kids game, Dolt says yes you have become big, you are married man now, you are thinking about Poonam? Lakhan says cant i think about my wife, Dolt stops gajra seller, Dolt says to him that i have listened girls like it and giving it is the best way to set their mood, Lakhan says so now you will tell me how to set my wife’s mood, Dolt says i am just telling you, he leaves, seller ask do want it? Lakhan stares him, seller leaves being afraid.

Scene 2
Poonam is getting ready, she looks at Mangalstura and recalls how Lakhan married her, she cries, about to put Sindoor in her forehead but Lakhan comes there, she gets up seeing he comes close to her, glances at her and says i have brought something for you, he present Gajra to her, she closes her thinking that he might have brought something dangerous, she opens her eyes and is stunned seeing Gajra, Lakhan ask her to wear it, i listened that girls like it, wear it, Poonam makes bun in her hairs and ties gajra around it but it breaks, she gets afraid, Lakhan gets angry, he says i brought it with so much liking and you broke it? he grabs her from hand and ask her to do only what i say, he drags her from room, Poonam tries to say sorry but he leaves with her, Rekha ask where are you? she says i got scolded two times because of her, now its her turn.
Lakhan brings Poonam out of house, he calls Gajra seller, seller comes and ask what i did? Lakhan says you sell bad things? i bought Gajra for her and it broke, how? Poonam says it was my mistake, Lakhan ask her to keep silent, Seller says i will give you other one, Lakhan says if it breaks this time then dolt will break your head, i have promised to not raise my hand on anyone, he takes another Gajra and comes to Poonam, he ask her to wear now, Poonam thinks that this time it should not break else one more innocent will get punished, Poonam carefully ties Gajra around her bun in hairs, it doesnt break, seller leaves, Lakhan holds Poonam from shoulder, turns her and looks at Gajra, he says its looking nice on you and you are looking nice too, stand like this, i am looking at you, Poonam finds Vimla and Choti Amma coming there, she goes to them, touches Choti Amma’s and Vimla’s feet, she hugs Vimla, Vimla ask how are you? Poonam says i am fine, why you are here? Lakhan says my wife is asking right question, answer her, why you have come to enemy’s house? Choti amma says we are not at enemy’s house but at relative’s house, let bygones be bygones, you have made relation so have to follow it, Bhushan comes and greets them, he ask them to come in, Vimla says we have ritual of pag phera, girl comes to her house after marriage so we came to invite her, Rekha thinks that atleast we will get some gifts, she ask take your daughter, she ask Poonam to get ready, you have to go, Lakhan says no my wife is not going anywhere, Bhushan says what are you saying? you have married her so have to follow rituals, Rekha says your father has said something right for first time, he mother has come to invite so she has to go, Lakhan says even if whole begusarai ask me even then i wont allow her to go, he says to Choti amma that you kept me away from my Poonam for years, isnt that enough? you came here again to separate us, i have waited 10 years 7months 28days to make her my wife, i have not seen her fully and you want to take her? Choti Amma says its about one night only, come tomorrow and take her, Lakhan says i wont let her go away from me for a second now, Poonam looks on tensed.


Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Thnks for fast update

  2. Hey guys… dont you thing lakhan is dping over acting… i want ponam n priyom to unite.. i wish it happens…

  3. Nope….poonam is married now,Lakhan should become good person and should understand poonam feelings.

  4. Lakhan is a psycho n should not b supported as he married her at gunpoint n now he is mentally torturing her .he is toooo self obsessed

  5. I agree wid u @jyoti he shd bcum gd person nd tc f poonam

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