I wanna heart to die but not soul to live – episode 8

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Ignore spelling and grammatical mistakes and continue the fiction
Frining it’s frining ma’am outside

Bhavay- Rudy leave and she took out her revolver and moved outside and mutters this is going to be end of sultan life. And she srart killing sultan men

Bhavay- officers go and take  innocent from here it’s not save now.

Officers- yes ma’am

Bhavay- leave and she start running and checked very house and street and she cleared all.

Man- your game is over officer bhavay

Bhavay- tried to shoot but no bullet in revolver

Man- press the tigger

Bhavay- closed her eyes

Man- bullet hit his leg and mutters you can’t

Bhavay- opened her eyes and was shocked to see. Rudy u?

Rudy- i knw how to use it u r save now

Bhavay to man- tell me were is sultan by pressing his wound tell me otherwise none can save u.

Man- wrinking in pain i don’t know leave me.

Bhavay- tell me or say hello to hell

Man- ok fine I’m telling

Bhavay- quickly

Man- after 2 days sultan will plant bombs in different cities and after that he’s having meeting in royal club with underworld of  Somalia. That’s it rest what’s there plan i don’t knw.

Bhavay- killed him

Rudy- what we r going to do now

Bhavay- not we only me u r going back and thanks

Rudy- no i won’t let u risk ur life.

Bhavay- hello commissor sir and she told everything to commissor

Commissor- that’s good ACP but we don’t knw were he’s going to plant bombs but we hv to do something to stop his action.

Rudy- give idea.

Bhavay- no it won’t work

Commissor- no that’s great idea ACP . Let me talk to them.

Rajput mansion

Devi g- hello chanda all well na

Chanda- no Dadi she’s killing herself i requested her but she’s not listening to me. All she want is earn more and more.

Devi g – where she’s now?

Chanda- in study busy with laptop and files

Devi g- give phone to her.

Chanda- but she won’t talk. Ok fine Dadi g I’m giving

Devi g- hello Anika beta how r?

Anika- I’m fine Dadi and u?

Devi g- how can I be fine when my heart is sinking itself in pool of pains

Anika- it’s nothing like that dadi plz don’t stress urself. For me I’m good.

Devi g – beta when u r coming back. U said that u need space for some time and u will get back to ur home. Beta plz come back i don’t knw how many days r left with me.

Anika – Dadi don’t say this.

Devi g- u knw when  u were far from me but still from distances i used to watch u. But knw u r so far from me.

Anika – Dadi i’hv to make some calls so take rest and bye.

Devi g- anika listen and she end the call. Dadi turned her face and her face changed thousand colors .

Gauri- Dadi u knew everything about di but still u don’t told us. The day u came to OM i told u that di is missing. U kept quite.

Devi g- srart crying and gauri beta i knw u r angry with me but anika don’t won’t this. I don’t  knw why but she asked me for this and I agreed upon her wish.

Gauri- but how did u find her

Devi g- woh actually

Maid- ma’am omkara g is there

Both devi g and gauri went to hall.

Om- namastaye Dadi g and he took blessings from Dadi.

Devi g- stay bless Beta.

Om- Dadi g i can I talk to gauri

Devi g – yes for sure. Gauri take om to ur room

Gauri- g Dadi. Let’s go

Om- Gauri it’s really important

Gauri- omkara g i haven’t said yes it yet

Om- no it’s not about us

Gauri- is Shivay bhaiya fine na . Something has happened to him plz tell me.

Om- Gauri listen Shivay is fine. But he’s worried  because shail is coming back and not for days but for month.

Gauri- what? He’s going to ask for anika bhaojaie

Om- that’s why I came here tough I’m in pune and didn’t inform ur Dadi about it.
Shivay called me and informed about it.

Gauri- don’t worry we’ll handle this and it’s advice go back to OM Shivay bhaiya needs u.

Om- I also came for that to say bye to u. I’m leaving Just in 1 hr

Gauri ( thinking)- I need to talk to Dadi and to di also.

Om- gauri where r u lost. Bye and he hugged her.

Gauri to dadi- Dadi plz can u give me di number it’s really important for me to talk to her plz Dadi plz.

Devi g- ok fine i hope she listen to u and change her mind and come back

Gauri- Dadi she has to come back to us and ( specially to shivavy bhaiya thinking)

Devi g- take this

Gauri – thank u Dadi.

Anika- who’s calling me. Is Shivavy is calling ( thinking)

Anika- chanda pick this call

Chanda- hello who’s their? Gauri

Anika- Gauri. Give me the fone

Gauri- and she start crying di how r u? Have we became strangers for u that u didn’t even think to inform us about u. We all ever worried for u. I was having so many bad thoughts about u. Your chutki di tell na.

Anika- chutki it’s not like that I, l ( couldn’t speak)

Gauri- do when u r coming back we really miss u.

Anika- I’m too missing u all. Ok plz now i have some work to wind up. And take care and don’t say anything to Bhavay though she is brave officer but yet she’s kid for me.

Gauri – di listen it’s important shail is coming back omkara told me. U knw shail she needs u and he’s going to question us about u.
So plz windup ur work and come back.

Anika- what? Give some random excuse to him.

Gauri- di if it’s of days i can but he’s coming for month

Anika – what? And she drop the phone.

Anika- took her car keys and drove off

Chanda- where r u going Anika ?

Anika- stop her car near the sea and was left in thoughts ( she pov: hum jitna khud ko un say dur rekhaye hai yeh kismat humaye phir un k samaye la khara karti hai)

Tej- hello Mr Rajput how u doing?

Mr Rajput- I’m good tej

Tej and Mr Rajput- some business talks

Tej- that’s good r business will be in Canada too. So when we set the meeting

Mr Rajput- when the MD of company will come  I’m just caretaker of her businesses

Tej- ok fine and when she’s coming do inform us

Mr Rajput- fine I’ll inform u.
OBERIA Mansion

Om- is back to oberia mansion where is rudy? Today he’s dead i was fool that I believed him none of his plan worked.

“6 days and girl in” my foot 5 days and boy out.

Om pov- but on 6th day i kissed her and he smirks

Shivay- om why r u blushing Om?

Om- nothing I’m not?

Shivay- stop acting like Ani…..( couldn’t complete it)

Om- Shivay i knw u r talking about bhabi. Bhaiya plz go and get her back i knw she’s still w8ing for u.

Shivavy- had tears in his eyes and he hugged Om and say om I can’t meet her eyes the pain i had given her is visible in her eyes and this guilt is killing me.
And I tried to find her but I don’t no were she’s

Om- Shivay ur her SSO don’t lose hope she will definitely come back and this time bhagwan can’t too separate u. Mark my words.

Shivavy- excused himself
Rajput mansion

Devi g- Gauri beta have to talk to her?

Gauri- g dadi but di is not ready to come back i told her that shail is coming for month but she said make some exuses but she is not coming

Devi g- she has to come back

Gauri- but how dadi u knw her

Devi g- but she don’t no me I’m her Dadi and she smrik.

Gauri- hug her dadi and smile.


Canada- anika what’s this? Where u have been? I was worried for u and knw enough of ur tantrums have some food and rest.

Anika- ok I’m having it but u have to do something for me.

Chanda- what?

Anika- u have to go back to india and bring shail here

Chanda- no I’m not leaning u alone and why u r saying this u will spend whole of ur life here?

Anika- yes I’m

Chanda- u can’t Anika. Think again ur family need u and specially  ” Shivavy”

Anika- got angry and she crushes glass in her hand and shouted don’t take his name i hate him.

Chanda- anika what u have done r u mad. Oho god see blood is oozing let me clean it.

Anika- jerk her and start walking to her room

Chanda- anika it doesn’t matter what u spoke from Ur mouth but eyes spoke all. And u still love him and u r w8ing for only shivavy.

Commissor- ACP all set but still we have to be careful it’s matter of people life’s

Bhavay- don’t worry sir i can give my life too for this nation and this time we will succeed.

Comissor- so let take r position jai hind

Bhavay- jai hind sir

Precape  anika back to india but how?

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