Dhhai Kilo Prem 25th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Deepu leaves the house, Mishra ji accepts Meghna as bahu

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The Episode starts with Rukmini opens the door and finds Rahul and Meghna standing. Rahul tells her that they got married and Meghna is her bahu now. Rukmini looks at her sindoor and mangalsutra, and says she will welcome her bahu. She tries to beat her. Rahul stops her and says Meghna is my wife now. Mishra ji and Ragini come and try to stop her. Rukmini says she will not let her become bahu. Rahul tries to stop her, and she falls down. Rukmini asks Mishra ji to throw her out. Mishra ji says this is my house. Ragini says although he did wrong, but they will stay here. Rukmini says your daughter’s life will be affected. Mishra ji says our daughter can handle being mature, but Rahul is young and asks rukmini to accept Meghna. He asks Ragini to do grah pravesh’s arrangements.

Deepu packs her bag and gets emotional thinking about her argument with Piyush over the almari. She recalls Pankaj telling that he did a big mistake by getting her married in his house. Piyush comes to room, deepu looks at their wedding pic and cries. Photo frame falls from her hand. She sits to pick it and the glass piece pierced in her hand. Piyush tries to pacify her, but Deepu gets up to go. She recalls his challenge and tells Piyush that she is going from the house before 60 days, and he won the challenge. She comes out of her room. Pankaj sees her and goes. Pragya looks happy. Madhuri cries. Deepu comes to Madhuri and touches her feet. She keeps her hand on her head and goes. Tushar asks Deepu not to go and asks Piyush to stop her. He cries. Kunal and Namrata come there. Tushar asks Kunal and Madhuri to stop her. Namrata stops Kunal. Kunal gets teary eyes.

Pragya holds Tushar’s hand and stops him. Deepu walks towards the door. Tushar cries asking Piyush to stop her. She opens the door, recalls her grah pravesh and goes out of house. Pragya comes to Pankaj and asks him to have kada to control his blood sugar. Pankaj refuses to drink kada. Pragya says I told that Deepu is not the right girl and says because of her, you have broken relation with me. She says when you have broken relation with me, I felt like I have become orphan and sheds fake tears. Pankaj asks her not to think this. She asks him to have kada and rest. Pankaj stops her and apologizes for his behavior. Pragya says I will do just as you say for your happiness, I am not Deepika. She turns and smirks happily.

Ragini does Rahul and Meghna’s aarti and grah pravesh. Rukmini thinks she will make her grah pravesh different. Rukmini brings chilli plate and throws on Meghna. Rahul asks what did you do? He says he has filed complaint against her and asks her to behave well with Meghna if she don’t want to visit jail. Rukmini is shocked. Mishra ji asks Rahul to take Meghna inside and asks Rukmini to mend her ways. Rukmini says your heart will be pained because of your daughter. Ragini says nothing will happen. Door bell rings. They open the door and find Deepu standing. They get happy seeing her. Deepu tells them that she is not Piyush’s Deepika anymore, and cries hugging Mishra ji. Rukmini smirks and thinks it seems they have kicked her out.

Later Piyush pens the wardrobe and sees Deepika Padukone pics inside. Kunal congratulates him and says you shall have party today. He says he brought wine. Piyush says he don’t want to have party. Kunal says you might be sad as Meghna got married to the man of her choice. Piyush says Meghna’s love is true. Kunal says man can do anything, but if woman do anything then family reputation gets ruined. He asks him to drink and gives glass in his hand. Piyush looks on.

Rukmini asks Meghna to go to her house for pag phera. Deepu says she will take her. Everyone is shocked seeing them coming in Pankaj’s house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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