I wanna heart to die but not soul to live – episode 5

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Hey hope u guys have enjoyed the episode.
Ignore spelling and grammatical mistakes.
S for shivay
Om and o for omkara
G for gauri
B for Bhavay
R for Rudy

Whole OBERIA mansion cheered and so as Shivavy was who just entered the mansion and had heard all the conversation and hugged his brothers after so many day’s bromance took place between them.

S pov: I’m really happy for u guys fainlly u r getting u ture warna kuch logo ko to…. shivavy couldn’t complete his sentence but every1 understood what he wants to say. Ok fine tell me when u guys want to get married i will arrange everything and were r ur better half’s.

Gaya pov: bhaiya hum yaha hai. Congrats to u  also Gaya so now wedding bells r going to ring shivavy pov

Tej and shakti pov- Haan aur wo bhi do do

Shivay- had a flashback of his wedding.

Rudy- But bhaiya both Gaya didn’t accept r purposal yet.  What? Shivay eye both Gaya.

Gaya- It’s not true we want to get married but before that we want to tell u something

Woh woh actually it’s related to our past and we want it to be known to u all before we start our new life’s.

Gauri- Omkara g actually Bhavay and me are really sisters and we also have a small family.

Rudy- What? Chullbul bhabi aur yeh ACP kam aur ANDA CHOR ap ki behan hai

Om- But how gauri u said k mera meri maa k elawa aur koi nahe.

Bhavay- bhaiya kuch past asey bhi hotaye hai jo srif dard he detaye hai aur un ko na bataney ki bhi koi waja hoti hai. Bhavay  and both gauri and Bhavay had tears in their eyes.

Shivay-  who was present their also left in thoughts as samething has happened before that ruin his present just bcoz of that past.

Shivay to omru: plz main tum dono say kuch kehna chata hoon jo beet gaya hai wo beet gaya ab us ko phir say dig na karo k tumhara anaye wala kal barbaad hojaye. Shivavy had tears in his eyes.

Dadi : haan puttar jab beeta huwa kal dard aur ankho may ansoo dy us ko wahe dafan kar do.

Rudy- Dadi aur shivay r right we are not interested in ur past but we are interested in u. with naughty smile. Kyun O theek kaha na mainey ? Haan om pov.

Shivay step out from OBERIA mansion.( u all knw why)

 Bhavay:Ok fine but just listen what actually we are. I’m not Bhavay rathore and gauri di is not gauri kumari sharma.

Om: not Sharma it’s sherma and om smiled right gauri.

Om- Haan not what actually u guys are?  We are Rajput.( Gaya pov)

I’m Gauri Singh Rajput and she shook had with omkara. But om got shocked bcoz Gauri said in english.

And I’m ACP Bhavay SINGH Rajput hello Rudy.

Om pov- O MY MATTA YEH CHARIYA ENGLISH BOLTI HAI….  said with much shocked.

Aur hum Savitri Devi Singh Rajput a voice step in the OBERIA mansion.

Dadi both Gaya hugged her and crushed her bones.

Savitri: ab choro mujh tum dono.

 Devi g- Namsataye Kalyani Prithviraj Singh Oberoi.
Dadi- Tu aur yaha shivavy Dadi got shocked and so as other were. Both hugged one other.

Omru and Gaya: do u knw each other? Haan puttar both of us r besties kyun theek kaha na mainey devi g. Shivay Dadi smirk.

Gaya: introduces their Dadi  every1

Gaya dadi: nahe to hum besties to nahe hai but ab to hum samdhe hai hahahaaa kyun preeto.

All preeto what? Kyun preeto haven’t u told them story behind preeto.

Dadi- Chalo chado sab  and go and have some rest devi g.

Gaya pov: Dadi come we need to talk to u

Dadi poti’s: conversation on mute  mode……

Evening time:

Dadi- So devi g ab batao kya karna hai? All family members were present except Shivavy.

Devi : actually hum shadi puri rasmo k sath karna chatey hai if u all are ok with it.

Tej: that’s good na and we r ok with it kyun maa theek kaha na humaney.

Jhavi: So next week say shadi ki preparation start kartey hai.

Devi and gaya: said “NO” with shocked it’s not possible.

Dadi: but why anything serious if it’s so we can handle it.

Shivavy enter the mansion: yes we can after all we r “OBERIA’s ”

Devi: who’s he? Omru the great wall of OM.

Shivay: greet her. And ask what’s the matter?

Devi: thank u beta but nothing to worry it’s that I can’t decide anything of my own someone else is supposed too

Gaya and devi g: left in thoughts and a smile appeared on their faces.

Rudy: hello kaha ki trip per hai ap thrio

Om:Now tell us who is that some1

Devi g: woh noor hai

“Eyes r shown”

Gauri: thori sei magroor hai

” lips r shown”

Bhavay : thori sei dur hai

All thiro eyes became watery

Gaya and devi pov together: lakin humara garoor hai

Girl face is shown ( guess)

Canada is shown :

Lady dealing with clients and working continously on laptop after completing her work she  left the office and start going somewhere lost in herself walking on road.

Driver: ma’am and he opened the car door
But she ignored  him

And she again start walking hands in her coat pockets
Song in the background is played

Mein jahan raho Mein kahin bhi hoo Teri yaad saaath hai

Kisi se kahun Ke Nahi kahun Yeh jo dil Ki Baat hai

Kehne Ko saath Appne Ek duniya chalti hai

 Per chupke is dil mein tanhai Palti hai

 Bas yaad Saath hai

Teri yaad saaath hai

 Mein jahan raho Mein kahin bhi hoo

Teri yaad saaath hai

Kahin to Dil mein yaadon ki Ek suli gad jaati hai

Kahin har ek Tasveer bhahut hi dhondhali pad jati hai

Koi nai duniya ke naye rango mein khush rehta hai

Koi sab kuch paake bhi yeh maan hi maan kehta hai

Kehne Ko saath Appne Ek duniya chalti hai

 Per chupke is dil mein tanhai Palti hai Bas yaad Saath hai

Teri yaad saaath hai

Kahin to bete kal ki jade Dil mein hi utar jaati hai

kahin jo dhage tute to Malayen bhikar jaati

 Koi dil mein jagah nai baaton ke liye rakhta hai

 Koi apni palko per Yadon ke diye rakhta hai

 Kehne Ko saath Appne Ek duniya chalti hai

 Per chupke is dil mein tanhai Palti hai 

 Bas yaad Saath hai Teri yaad saaath hai

Screen freezed on all 3 ladies with smile

Percape: gauri and Bhavay left for pune

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