Waiting for my soulmate (Ragsan) Epi 2

I can’t even control my emotions anymore,I simply burst out into tears. Hearing my sound my hubby ran to my grandpa’s room . There he found me totally broken . He then understood that my grandpa passed awy. He very well know how much I love my grandpa. He just let me to cry so that I could be normal . He in the mean time informed to all my relatives about my grandpa s sudden death.
My grandpa s body was kept in hall for the visitors. I was just sitting near the body like a lifeless soul. Then my hubby came and sit near me assuring he is with him. Then I slowly started to say to my hubby ,how my grandpa protrate and how he worship me. He don’t like the tears from my eyes. But now I’m crying why he isn’t responding. My hubby asked me to be calm. He also said that grandpa is not faraway from us,he is still with us untill we have his memory in our heart. His soul is mixed in the air which we breath.
Time passed ,all the rituals were completed. It’s the time for the final rituals. I can’t even image that it will be last time I will see my grandpa untill otherwise I have to see him in a photo with a garland . My grandpa was tested near my grandpa’s graveyard. There was inscribed “MAGESTIC SOUL TO REST IN PEACE”. Everyone started to return to their home but it’s really hard for me to leave my grandpa. My hubby took me along with him,on the way he gave me my grandpa s diary.which he was holding at the time of dead. As the time pass the sun stated to strike giving it’s rays to darkness. Everyone was sleeping but for me the sleep is far away. I was keep on thinking about my grandparents and my childhood memories along with them.suddenly something striked in my mind it was the diary….
To be continued
So guzs what will be secret in the diary…
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      Above hair fall ,grind the hibiscus flower and leaf .apply on your scalp. Do this once in a week u will get a result

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