Love Me Not Love Me – Twinj FF – Episode 1

Love me Not Love Me – Twinj FF episode1

Sushant Gupta as Kunj
Jasmin Bhasin as Twinkle
Chrise as Simbha Nagpal


Twinkle pov~
I was happy to find Kunj’s favourite shoes, after one hour of NB searching for them at the mall.
I bought them for his birthday and I couldn’t wait to see his reaction.
I wonder if he will be suprise or excited, but I never know I will be the one to get suprise.
I was wearing my favourite red dress with my black boots and my face with little make-up. As soon as I found thesshoes; I hurried to the cash co register and bought them.
I hurried back to the black car waiting for me.
Smiling at Chirse ad I got inside, my personal chauffeur.
After a few minutes of driving I saw the familiar streets that surrounded my husband company.
I didn’t wait him to stop the car , I rush out and went inside the box building.Today was Sunday, so it was quite and peaceful, not many workers had come today.
As I passed by the workers greeted me exact forssome gorgi who had once showed an interest towards Kunj . I pay no mind to them because they just wanted to ruin my life.
After pressing the button for the elevator to go up to the 15th floor. Iste step out and my way around the offices. I was feeling a  bad vibe , but I burshed it off . I glance around noticing that no one was working on this floor.
Soon I was outside the office door of my husband. My hands were sweating as I brash my hair out  of the way getting ready tos suprise him . I breathe in air and swung the door open screaming ‘SUPRISE’.
Just as my eyes made contact withh hs black sofa I dropped the shoes that I was holding staring wide eyed at thes senes in front of me.
No ! This can’t be happening! No please.
My CV breathing started to become heavy, I was so close to  letting my tears fall. But I contained myself,  just as I was about to make a run for it, Kunj jumbed up from the sofa caushing the girl to squeal out loud and drop dead to the floor. well not litetlite, I wish that was true.
My heart shattered at the moment and I wanted to gag gt the scene in front of me
“Baby! Why did you push me!” She screamed she wAs fully naked and Kunj was standing next to her holding a blanket to his private part. He looked confuse, scared,and sick. He looked up and madeeye contact with me then with the girl.
 “Twinkle!” Love! It’s  not  what it look like !!” I glare at him and then at the girl who had a shy grin on her face.
“Kunj, baby. You will so rough last night you forget to text your wife!” I wanted to kill her in that moment, but I wouldn’t stick that low. I gave her my meant glare and she coward away.
“I don’t even know you! How did you get here! What did you do to me! I don’t remember anything….” He yelled, he was looking around for his clothes. When I notice  them lying across his entire office. The girl reached for his shirt and that was the last straw of my patience.
“Don’t stay ! I’m the one leaving !” I screamed and walked away, just as I was about to close the door I trun around and faced  his confused face again for the last time.
“I’ll send you the divorce papers tomorrow!” I look at the girl then at Kunj.
“- hope you live happily with this b*t*h “.
I walked away, tears running down my face. Kunj kept screaming my name but I ignore him. Employees kept staring and giving me confused looks. I held my head high ignoring their stares. I call Chirse  as I left behind the building, I waited at the curve of the road and sat down on a bench, memories of Kunj and me crossing my mind.
Was I not good enough? Am I doing the wrong thing by living him? If he cared he would ran after me. Did I do something wrong? Why did he do this to me? Was I the only one happy?
I head a huge headache by the time Chirse, getting incide the car I buckle in and  glance at chirse.
 Take me to the airport. I don’t want to be here, tell my assistant to get tickets to California. We are leaving right now.” I say without giving one last glance towards the SARNA Company.

So here is first episode of this story.

Please ignore grammar mistakes.


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  1. Muhammad Murtajiz

    Fabulous episode
    Post next soon

  2. Shalu02

    Sorry Sushant bhi hai it’s Sidhant Gupta only

  3. Amazing feeling of bad for twinkle

    Felt bad for twinkle….
    Is kunj really cheated twinkle????
    Plz post soon…

  5. Nice episode dear NB please post next part

  6. Superb episode feeling bad for twinkle 😞 post soon

  7. Good start
    feeling bad for twinkle
    Post soon

  8. Nice epi ..looking forward to read it..
    I don’t think kunj is cheating…there is definetly some plotting against kunj….
    Post next soon

  9. Ramya

    Awesome amazing damakedaar.
    Start mai hi twist.
    I feel like Kunj is innocent hefe

  10. Awesome fantastic fabulous episode dear
    Plzzzz post soon

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