Kaleerien – The Meervaan Saga (Part 2)

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Part 2


Part 2-

Everyone was still in hospital waiting for 24 hours to pass. Mrs. Roma Kapoor had also reached hospital and blamed the whole Dhingra family for everything wrong happening in their lives. She asked them to leave as this was the perfect chance to take Amaya and Vivaan back to London. But Vivaan stopped her from insulting Meera’s family. He knew they are good people and genuinely care for them. Roma was very frustrated and then she started blaming Meera for everything and questioned how can she leave Amaya and Vivaan alone in this condition to take rest at home? Vivaan had nothing to say. He himself was very angry on Meera. He was also broken by seeing the condition of Amaya.

It was noon when doctor came and informed that Amaya had gained conscious and was all hale and hearty. Though she was still in shock but her survival is miracle. The doctor asked them to call Meera as Amaya wants to meet her and continuously taking her name. Vivaan rushed inside the ward to meet his sister. He hugged Amaya tight, he cannot lose her. She was his only family.

“Bhai, I am fine now. Relax.” Amaya tried to assure Vivaan.

“Sssshhhhh…. Don’t you dare to say a word? Do you realise what would have happened….if…if something happened….” Vivaan was extremely emotional.

“It’s okay Bhai. I am fine. Where is Meera Bhabhi? I want to meet her and…”

“No, you stay away from that girl.” He said loudly. His anger was prevalent in his tone.  “I am fed up of her childish nature and interference. You and Meera never listened to me but now see what all is happening. All because of her.”

“Bhai, what are you saying?”

“Please Amaya, don’t try to defend her. I had already asked her to stay away from you. You both don’t understand how dangerous Pammi Kapoor is and look what happened because of Meera today. I could have lost you.” He cupped her cheeks as his eyes filled with tears.

“Yes, you could have lost me if Meera had not came in time to save me from those goons in time. Bhai, what you have done? How can you blame her for all this?”

“What do you mean? She saved you…? What are you saying?”

“Bhai, how is Meera at fault? I saw her messages with mom and I decided to go to the hotel but I got surrounded by goons and if she hadn’t come in between without caring about herself then I don’t know what would have happened….” She shivered to the core imagining the incident.

“She saved me from those goons. She is so selfless that she never for a moment thought about herself. She was also hurt badly. A goon give her a bad cut with knife but she didn’t care. She managed to get me to the hospital in time. How can you blame her for everything? You should be thanking her for saving me…If she wasn’t there then I might not have survived….”

Now this came as the biggest shock for Vivaan. He had blamed her for everything when she was the reason that his sister was alive. What have he done? His mind flashbacked with all things that Meera had done for him. Last time when was about to slap her made her so cold toward him and this time he had said a lot to her. She is not seen here since last light. She must have fought with him if she had been typical Meera to let her stay with Amaya but she left. Amaya said she was also hurt badly and also Sheri had wounded her. She herself had put her life in danger to find the truth about his mother. Yes, at times she is very immature but her intentions had been always very pious and pure.

“You are a curse in my life. Just get the hell out of here.”

“Just go away or I might just start hating you more than Pammi Kapoor.”

“Since we have got married you have made my life hell.”

“Bhai, where are you lost? Where is Meera Bhabhi? Please go and bring her here. I want to meet her.” Amaya broke Vivaan’s trance.

“You take rest Amaya. I am not going anywhere leaving you alone here.”

“No bhai.  I want to meet her. You go and get her. I am fine now. Please bhai.”

Just then everyone came into her ward. Everyone started checking with Amaya. Vivaan asked Amaya to rest and left to meet the doctors. He was extremely shocked with this new progression in the story. He tried calling Meera but her phone was not in reach. He called home to check with the servant but he told him that he had not seen Meera since last night. She had not came out of room. This made him more worried about her. He had said a lot without giving a thought but he was not in his sense.

It was evening and everybody was still in hospital. Vivaan asked everyone to go home and rest but everyone denied going home. Dolly was constantly worried about Meera as she had not seen her from last night after her fight with Vivaan but she knew that Amaya needs her now. Doctor asked Amaya previous medical history and report and someone had to go home and bring them. Vivaan was not sure for leaving Amaya here.

“Vivaan puttar, you don’t worry. We all are here. You go and get the reports. It is only you who knows where they are.” Dolly said to Vivaan.

“But aunty….”

“Don’t worry, Amaya is like our daughter. We all are here to take care of her.” Vivaan nodded and left for home. He also wanted to check Meera. Where was she? Was she fine? Mrs. Rooma Kapoor was very much frustrated by Meera’s family. Why they are being so nice. This time she won’t let them win. This is the perfect opportunity she will use this to take these both stupid back to London. This is the best time to end Meera’s chapter from Vivaan’s life. He had blamed Meera for everything. She was sure he won’t forgive her this time. As soon as Vivaan left for home. Mrs. Kapoor too left for office and for other planning. She needs to get everything set.


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