Life took a turn. A long distance love story! Last shot

I’m here with the last shot of this long distance love story. Hope you would love it. Here, is the link for my previous shot.

Shot 2

Anika ran to her room with the happiness which cannot be expressed , with the anxiety that Shivaay is no more a stranger, with happy tears that are almost ready to fall. Neither could she suppress her emotions nor she could suppress her anxiety to talk to him. So she dialled his number.

Shivaay heard his phone ringing. And the screen displayed a number. More than the number his eyes caught the name displayed by the true caller.

“Anika Verma,South Delhi”

His amazement knew no bounds. His happiness and anxiety to hear her words after two long months were craved him. As he swiped the answer button , A silence followed.

“Hello… How you got my number ? And why calling me! Surprise uh!” shivaay Spoke as he could no more hide his anxiety.

“How you know this is me?” Questioned Anika. Her overwhelming joy made her memory of true caller a blur one.

“This question certainly made me clear this is you.. and what does that question mean especially “This is me” laughed Shivaay.

“Ah.. wo.. I just said that.. And she paused and spoke you monkey fellow why couldn’t you say that you were my dad’s client and you have met Aniketh and my dad. And lastly you haven’t even told me that you have an empire. And you stupid donkey if I haven’t been informed by my dad that you are someone we know I would still be doubtful on your identity!” Anika said with a breathe. Her anxiety and happiness came in a mixed reaction.

On the other side,Shivaay was drumstruck. He had never ever thought Anika would be going to tell him this. He thought of a beautiful conversation But what followed the silence was a tsunami of words.

“Ohh raja! What happened now. When your real identity is out your words are not coming out uh?” Interrupted Anika much before giving Shivaay a chance to speak.

“Oh madam, I thought you would know me when I introduced myself as oberoi but you where like “acha teek hai! Main Kya karu” I couldn’t do anything than talking to you as such. I cannot say that I have companies I am son of an entrepreneur. I’m not a man like that if you know I’m rich okay! If not then no probs. What do you expect me to say!” Questioned Shivaay with a confused tone.

“Wow you are speaking to me like I’ve did something bad. Ek toh you didn’t said you know me and made me go through tough times while I think of your identity and now you are scolding me. I’m gonna kill you the moment I’m coming there. I will make all your accounts upside down. You stupid fellow. Bye!” Answer Anika with a high and a serious tone. And disconnected the call.

On the other side Shivaay was burning with anger. He couldn’t resist himself so he pressed her number. Anika saw the mobile flashing his name.
Anika didn’t attended the call. “Ahh! Might be for sorry, I don’t want any of his story and I’m not going to call or attend his calls moreover I’m not going to talk to him” muttered Anika to herselves.

Shivaay was not ready to give he kept on dialling. He tried more than 10 times. By the time Anika’s anger got fumed and she answered the call and words started to flow off.

“Oh madam, what do you think? you can dial me up whenever you want and can scold me or shout on me. Who am I your’s? Servant! I’m not paid by your dad to hear all this. We are paying your dad so you should hear me understood. We are paying you so better keep your mouth shut. And yah! What were you saying..” while Shivaay’s mouth were full of words,Anika’s ears were full of patience. She kept on hearing. She was enjoying his scolds rather than getting hurt. She was rather experiencing a new side of Shivaay. While Shivaay kept on scolding she laughed at herself.

“Hello. You are certainly my devil. I’m shouting at you and you are laughing. Am I saying any jokes! Ek toh deemang khaya hai ab.. err.. talking to you is worst! Get lost!” Saying this Shivaay disconnected the call.

“Was that a tsunami, that was over!” She muttered to herself. And continued “respected person by my boys,papa and bhaia. Wow! If they would have experienced this call, then they would be drumstrucked. “

Shivaay was still frustrated by Anika’s call. While he was busy pointing Anika’s mistakes a sound popped from his mobile.

Anika: Gussa khatham?

Shivaay’s anger was getting fumed down. But still he was hurt by Anika’s response from the other side when she called him. He was expecting a beautiful conversation. While he kept thinking of this , the next message from Anika arrived

Anika:If ur angr didn’t fumd, thn lt it b! I don’t care.?
Shivaay:(with frustration typed) of course y shld u care. U r an idiot.???
Anika: ?

Anika:(laughed remembering how shivaay used that emoji(?) to describe her)??

Anika: eh?
Shivaay:??ths 1 i mnt!
Anika:oh really
Shivaay:wl kidnap whn u cme here
Anika:u cannot
Shivaay:I wl
Anika:ok thn
Shivaay:I wl take u alng me
Anika:wow thn

Anika was blushing and smiling at their conversation. They forgot they even had a fight few minutes ago. While she was trying to console shivaay through her replies Shivaay was being himself and chatting with her letting his emotions free.

Shivaay: u thnk thn wat wl I do
Shivaay: yah! Tats it! Beware whn u cme here?
Anika:whn u r thr thn y
Anika:hav 2 pack.hav Chck if anythng needed to b bought!
Shivaay: u wl certainly hav smethng 2 b bght!?

Shivaay was enjoying their chats to utmost as Anika never used kissing emoji’s to an greater extend. Moreover, their talking on the call they were talking without any regrets without any formality. A new relationship has been formed or the relationship they had been grown more deeper and more closer. While thinking this again the question of How Anika got his number caught his brain. As time passes by more and more answers crept up on which included might have asked to Aniketh or have checked Mr.verma’s mobile and much more.

By that time sun set off and moon crept in. Anika kept her bag ready to go and slept on bed. As she switched her lights off, shivaay’s images switched into her mind. She took her mobile and checked his watsapp dp over again. She blushed looking at it. She went to his FB profile and scrolled his pictures. She re read their conversation again and again. And she closed her eyes. Though her eyes were sleepy Shivaay’s images were as lively as it was. She laughed at their phone calls. She remembered how she copied Shivaay’s number from his FB profile and kept on spying his dp each time it was changed. With this thoughts and images she went asleep.

On the other side Shivaay was saving her number and spying at her latest Dp of whatsapp. He remembered how they met, how their chats turned them in to strangers to some one special, How they fought, how they blocked unnecessarily. He laughed and opened his notepad app and wrote,


Writing this and with the anxiety to see her tomorrow and deciding a hundred time which dress to wear he fell to sleep.

That night both witnessed new emotions, new anxieties and new waitings. Next morning with the sun came new hopes, new anxieties, new emotions, and a new day.

Anika woke up that day not in the quest of what all will happen that day but with the assurance of seeing Shivaay throughout that day. She tried more than ten dress. She never ever got ready for someone till that moment. But that morning she was getting ready for someone special. She blowed her hair, applied the lipstick on the lips and liner on the eyes. With a white full sleeve top that matches her black jeans and black and white striped Skechers She came out from her room with her luggage for 2 nights and 3 days. As she went downstairs she saw Aniketh and her dad having their break fast with the luggages on the living room. She placed her bag along the other luggages And went to have food.

“Why can’t you keep your hair tied?” Questioned her mother.

“I don’t want to. I like loose hair!” Replied Anika.

“Go and tie up the hair!” Came a stern voice next from her mother.

She had no option, but to tie up and leave. Later they all waved to Mrs.Verma and left to the airport.

On the other side, Shivaay was trying up different dresses. His anxiety was at it’s peak. That morning was a different for they both. It was their first morning after their meeting they didn’t took any initiative to talk to each other. They were taking initiative to see each other some how. They were both waiting for the moments to move like a bullet train till they meet. Shivaay at last switched to a denims and a black shirt with a blue coat.

Anika and shivaay were cursing the moments which were passing according to them in a snail’s speed. Anika looked at the clouds and the sky while having her drink served to her. As she looked from the plane. She wondered how last time when she was traveling to Mumbai, she has no Clue that her life would take a new turn, A turn towards new emotions and a new path. She remembered how they met and their relationship grew and much more. Shivaay was buried in the memories of Anika while doing his works.

Later it happened.

“Shivaay, you better go and pick them from airport. It would be great if you could do that rather than sending a taxi” came shivaay’s dad with the request.

Shivaay could no more wait to see her glimpse that even before saying an affirmative answer He ran took the car and fled away.

Anika, her dad and brother cleared the check out and came out of the airport. Anika remembered how Shivaay gave her a warm hug. While her brain was reminscining the adorable moments they shared, her eyes still craving to see him.

Shivaay parked the car and ran to the place of check out. His hearts were beating much faster, breathe were becoming heavier.

Anika was getting nervous she didn’t knew why. Her eyes were caught with fear.

Shivaay was running rather than walking. He searched for that soul which his eyes were craving and then his eyes caught her. He was drumstrucked. He couldn’t hold back his tears and urge to hug her tightly. He couldn’t walk further. He felt his legs heavier. His eyes welled up. With only eyes focusing her he moved towards them.

Anika’s eyes search ended up when it got his sight. Her eyes popped out. Her brain started to reciprocate his name. Lips couldn’t hide it’s smile and cheeks couldn’t hide it’s blush. Shivaay looking in to her eyes deeply walked towards them.

“Hy” shouted Aniketh bringing Shivaay to his sense.

Shivaay waved at them. They took the luggages and followed him. Shivaay looked at Anika and he couldn’t control his eyes.

“Tats my daughter” said mr.verma seeing Shivaay looking at her.

“Oh.. tats nice! Happy to meet you” said shivaay forwarding his hands. Anika with anxiety caught his hands. The touch brought a shiver down the spine. Their eyes met. Cheeks blushed and lips were ready to burst with a laugh. Shivaay couldn’t control his laughter at her dad’s introduction so walked straightily towards the car.

Aniketh took the seat opposite to the driver’s where shivaay sat. Anika sat behind shivaay and dad sat behind Aniketh. He adjusted the front mirror in such a way that he could see Anika. With one eye on Anika while other on The road He drove the car smoothly and played the best playlist. Because this time he was not receiving their charted accountant but his going to be family. They reached the company and Shivaay took them to his dad’s cabin.

“This is Anika, my daughter as well as article” Mr.Verma introduced Anika to Mr.oberoi.

They shaked the hands.

Shivaay muttered “sassur se Milo!” And smiled. Anika heard that and giggled.

Later they did Soo many business related talks but Anika and Shivaay were lost in their world and made eye talks. They giggled, blushed kept glancing at each other. At time they didn’t want anything to be spoken but just require the eyes to fulfill it’s craving to see the other through out.

Mr.oberoi gave all the required files and left the room. Shivaay had no option but to leave. While Anika, Aniketh and all the other accountants were busy with the assignments, shivaay kept on staring at his own property,Anika who was busy doing the work.

“Oh puthar, you and prepare for your sem exams. I’ll look after here. Now your job is done.. so better go and prepare” acknowledged Shivaay’s dad.

Shivaay couldn’t do nothing so he decided to Leave back. As he stepped out of his cabin he rushed to The cabin where Anika was working. Everyone looked at him. Anika was happy seeing him. She couldn’t control her smile. She twisted and curved her lips to control her smile. Shivaay was confused and caught.

“Any help?” Encountered shivaay looking at Anika more.

“Nah..” came the reply.

“I’m going home. Bye” Said shivaay.

Aniketh moved forward and shaked his hand with shivaay and said “Bye, It was nice meeting you!”

Shivaay smiled.Anika was staring at Shivaay all the time.

“We are happy you came to receive us!” Added Mr.verma

Shivaay smiled again and prepared to leave.

“Bye, see you tomorrow!” Came the voice for which he came to room. Anika couldn’t control her giggles nor her blush And waved at shivaay. Shivaay couldn’t believe Anika took the courage and waved at him. He waved back and left the hall.

That day passed by. While shivaay was buried in Anika’s thought, Anika was busy tallying up the accounts of his company and preparing the necessary documents that day. Shivaay took his mobile. He couldn’t resist his hand from dialling Anika’s number. Anika was busy with the accounts and job. She saw Shivaay’s number and answered.

“Tight work yaar! When dad said it would be a great experience I never thought It would end up like this!” Spoke Anika.

Shivaay laughed and questioned “How are our accounts?”

“It is maintained properly, but our job is tough one nah.. you won’t understand Mister!” Replied Anika slowly in such a manner that her mind is occupied with something else.

“Buried in it uh?” Asked shivaay.


“Then will see you next day! Good night” spoke shivaay and disconnected the call.He closed his eyes and remembered the adorable instances of that day.



phrased Shivaay remembering the eye talk they had first followed by the waving bye.

Dipping the beauty of twinkling stars came the sun shining all alone wrapping the next morning.

Shivaay rushed to the company. It was already 11:00 AM. All were already burried with the job. Shivaay’s eyes searched for Anika from the time he stepped into the area of their company. He looked at every corner but failed to see her. With a failed hunt he entered in to his cabin. His eyes couldn’t believe what it saw. Anika was sitting in his chair looking at the mobile. Anika woke up seeing Shivaay. Shivaay was totally taken aback to see Anika all alone in his room.

“How come you her?” Questioned Shivaay with suprised eye.

“Actually I’m dealing now with a totally different account. So I needed to be separated and your dad asked me to be her!” Replied Anika

“Tats great” compliment his dad’s decision. And sat near Anika. She smiled. Neither did Shivaay nor Anika knew what was to be spoken so they let the silence speak and make the noice and give the meaning to the meaningless silence prevailing there.

Anika was scrolling her Facebook without looking at shivaay. Shivaay got angry and snatched the mobile from her.

“Tats not nice. Give it back ” shouted Anika.

“No” Replied shivaay in a firm tone.

As they were about to fight, someone knocked the door. It was their receptionist.

“Anika ma’am, your father have asked you to come with the section file!” Said the receptionist

Anika looked angrily at shivaay and was searching for the requested file.

“Oye, what’s the pattern?” Asked Shivaay showing the locked phone.

Though Anika was angry she couldn’t wave out Shivaay’s request so she drew the pattern and took the file and went out.

Shivaay took the WhatsApp and read all the name she chatted with. But one name strucked shivaay and he opened it. It was “Josh”, Anika’s best friend! He read the conversation and felt relieved when he saw that Anika was not as close as she mentioned. Later his hands searched for gallery. He laughed at certain photos and blushed for few. Later he was about to switch to messenger when he saw that app, “NOTEPAD”. Something caught him that led his hands open that. His eye popped out when he saw many phrases written up and quotes. He read each of it and his heart reciprocated few memories of his moment with Anika. Somewhere his brains said these phrases were for him, for their unsaid emotions and words. He couldn’t believe Anika wrote such mesmerizing quotes. Anika entered the room all of a sudden. He was buried in her quotes while his brains were saying her notepad belongs to him, heart was busy reciprocated their memories and new feelings rather than beating and pumping the blood to all parts of the body.

“What are you looking in phone this much?” Anika took her phone and Shivaay’s phone.

“Let me check your phone!” Said Anika. Before Anika asked for password Shivaay drew his pattern and left his cabin. His hearts were anxious to know whom the words belong to. His brains played the memories of their beautiful moments.

Anika was about to open his photos when her eyes caught that, the “NOTEPAD” app. She opened it. She was fascinated to see the phrases and the quotes. She read each and everyone and felt spell bounded. Each of the phrase was clearly carved with emotions and feelings. She was gasped at his wordings. Sitting there awestrucked came in Shivaay. Anika couldn’t hide her anxiety and she spoke

“Who rules your notepad?”

“If I rule yours, then u adore mine!” Replied shivaay proudly.

Anika couldn’t hold back her tears she ran and hugged Shivaay. Shivaay placed Anika in the most safest place , inside his hug. They hugged each other Soo tightly that the two months suppressed emotions were feeling better and unsaid words felt revealed. They hugged and stood their for more than ten minutes. All there tears they hold back, emotions unsaid, words unexpressed felt settled down. Shivaay held her hands and walked like a royal king towards his dad’s cabin.

Aniketh, Mr.verma, His dad along with some other mangers were there.

“Can you leave us for few minutes!” Requested shivaay.

All left and Mr. Verma was gasped and worried thinking Anika did some wrong. Aniketh was angry at shivaay for holding Anika’s hand.

“I don’t know whether I have the right to say or not, but I think this is the right time” and paused “Uncle, dad, bhai , I and Anika love each other to a greater extend and uncle I will surely keep Anika safe in my hands. I promise she will be cared and treated similarly like a queen!”. Shivaay Spoke.

Anika was taken aback. Mr.oberoi,Verma and Aniketh was stunned. Before any one could speak and aggregate the situation Aniketh broke the silence and asked Shivaay and Anika to wait outside. They did as said.

“What happened to you? Why did you do this?” Questied Anika worriedly and heart beating heavily.

“Mujhe Kya patha! I don’t know what happened to me!” Answered Shivaay wondering what made him take such an action, which force forced him to do that.

Anika held shivaay’s hand and it was as cold as ice. She saw Shivaay’s face pale. His breathe heavier. She rubbed his hands made him drink water. But he was still as cold as ice and numb with eyes filled with fear and panic.

Thirty minutes passed by and Aniketh called them inside. They all looked at shivaay. He was stunned and had a pale face. Eyes welled up and lips uttering something. All their were afraid at Shivaay’s condition. Mr. Verma came near him and cupped his face.

“Don’t worry, I spoke to my wife and your mom and we all are happy to be a part of your family and accept your proposal in a happy manner”

Aniketh hugged him and said “yaar chill, at times few incidents are not in our control. It ought to be happen. If God gave us a chance we will pospond it so he never takes a chance , instead he applies a force that will pull us to take that step like a reflex action! So now chill”

“Seems like now you need a hug from Anika to be back the same!” Teased his dad.

Anika blushed. She moved forward and took blessings from Mr.oberoi. Shivaay felt little chilled and hugged Aniketh. He took blessings from Mr. Verma.

Later that day they all had lunch together. Lunch in which a special ingredient was added. Ingredient of “fun and joy”.

That day sun lost it’s shine in front of the shining faces of the newly going to be couples. As the sun failed to shine, it melted to the deep sea to send the most beautiful twinkling stars and the bright moon that removes the darkness.

Anika was still buried in her work, but she couldn’t concentrate in it as much of her thoughts are of Shivaay. She was interrupted by a call from an unknown number. She answered it.

“I’m Shivaay’s mom” came the sound from the other side.

Anika was nervous as well as anxious.

“Don’t worry beta, I’m Soo happy to get a daughter like you more than a daughter in law like you!” Countinued Shivaay’s mom.

Anika felt happy and their talk countinued.

Shivaay tried to call Anika and felt angry when it had a busy tone, Unaware that it was his mom talking to her daughter more than a bahu. He switched his phone off and slept.

Later Anika saw 20 missed calls from Shivaay and dialled up. She heard was ‘Try again. Phone is switched off”. She kept the phone down and went to sleep after completing her work and handing over it to her dad.

Next day Mr.verma submitted all the necessary documents to Mr.oberoi and left the company not with the all the time dialogue “It was happy working with you!” Instead with “Come to Delhi with Mrs. We can fix the dates”. The air was going to soon absorbing the cheers and joy of Shivaay’s and Anika’s wedding.

Shivaay took the car from the driver and took the three to the airport. As they reached the airport and were about to leave , Shivaay took the blessing from his going to be dad and brother, Mr.verma and Aniketh respectively. Anika couldn’t control her smile and eyes from not staring and glancing at him. She gave him a warm hug, not with the fear of will someone notice them but with the proud feeling of Now he is mine. Aniketh and Mr.verma smiled and waved off. Anika made a check in to the airport and left Mumbai to come back next time as Mrs.Shivaay Oberoi. Shivaay walked towards the car and sat on the seat. He took the mobile and was going to be placed in the box near the gear, a message popped up.
“Anika 3 notification”
He opened it with a blush and was stunned

Anika set your nickname to I
Anika set your nickname to ❣️
Anika set your nickname to ?

Shivaay laughed and typed..

Anika laughed and typed..
Shivaay:???Miss u devil
Anika:wl nvr miss u?
Shivaay: hiccups won’t b thr? Relief!
Anika: NVR thnk of me! Or else I wl die wth hiccups.
Shivaay: I wl keep remembering you???
Anika:flght abt 2 take off. Bye!
Shivaay: wl remember youuuuuuuuu

Anika laughed at it and switched the phone off. This time she flew from Shivaay not with the worry of separation but challenging the height, the miles and the distance. Not with the fear of who he is but with the anxiety of how he will be as a husband!

Shivaay drove the car off from the airport to arrive again with his parents to take a plane to Delhi to ask for Anika’s hand in front of all.

Saying “I love you” or proposing is not the true love. True love is that love which give you the courage to unwrap your love story in front of the whole world proudly and without any fears.

That day their LIFE indeed TOOK A TURN. A turn that keep the life moving ahead. A turn that made them more committed to life than they were. A turn that united two souls.

*** Thanks for reading. I know it was a damn big shot. But I hope I made it worth the time you took for reading.

Thank you for fulfilling my dream to write a long distance love story through accepting this plot, commenting your views and through your likes and dislikes.?

Please like, dislike comment and share your views.
Thank you all?

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