Vivah: HaYa ZaYa MehBeer SS Part 9

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Vivah…A journey from Engagement to Marriage… Part 9
Hearing Kalpana’s scream Soumya came.She got scared seeing he fire.
Soumya got inside and held Kalpana’s hand.
S:I will not let you happen anything Mamiji.
Kalpana’s eyes got filled up with tears.
Soumya tried to get out of the room with Kalpana.But the spreading fire caught her hand.
Kalpana reached out of the room and got shocked to see fire catching Soumya.
Soumya cried.

Kalpana cried:Soumya…
Seeing the water bottle near by she threw the water at Soumya and got rid of the fire.
Meher and Niranjan reached there and got shocked.
Soumya fainted down.

They all screamed:Soumya!
Kalpana cried:Please take her to hospital immediately.She is in this condition because of me.

They wept.

They took Soumya to the hospital.
Kalpana cried:The person whom I always considered as a burden and useless saved my life risking her own life.If something happens to her I won’t be able o forgive myself.
Niranjan and Meher cried.
Nir:No Kalpana.God is not that cruel.I have full faith in God.

Meher:Yes.Nothing will happen to jeeji.She is so nice that God can’t think of doing anything wrong to her.

Harman felt uneasy.
H:Why I feel that Soumya is in trouble?
Harman dialed Soumya’s number.It was ringing,no one picked it up.
H:Why Soumya is not picking up the call?She does’nt take time to attend my call.Something is wrong.
Harman got tensed.

Niranjan rang up and told Mihir everything.Zain Alia and Juhi too heard it and got shocked and upset.Juhi was in tears.
Alia:Mummiji..control yourself.
Zain:Mom…Soumya will be alright.Please be calm.

Juhi:Soumya is my daughter.How can I be alright when my daughter is in danger?

All were upset.
Mihir:We should not tell Harman about this now.No idea about his reaction.

But Harman over heard it and it shattered.He was in tears.

The doctor (Dr.Ashutosh) came:Soumya’s body is badly burnt in some parts.A surgery has to be done immediately.

Niranjan shed tears:Yes doctor.Please save Soumya.
Mihir and family reached there.Niranjan looked at them tearfully.Mihir hugged him to console him.
Mih:Nothing will happen to Soumya.

Niranjan was given the form to sign before the operation.
Suddenly they heard a voice:I will sign the form.
They turned back and saw Harman.All were stunned.
Dr:Who are you?
Harman:I am Soumya’s fiance.Our wedding is going to happen in a few days.
All were surprised.
Harman signed the form.
Soumya was taken for the surgery.
All were staring at Harman.
H:Why are you all surprised to see me here?Were you guys not expecting me here?How can I not be here when my life is in danger?

hey all became emotional.
Nir:Harman beta…
H:Don’t cry uncle.Nothing will happen to our Soumya.She will be alright and our wedding will happen on the fixed date itself.
Niranjan wept:What if Soumya does’nt recover?

Har:You are tensed whether I will leave Soumya seeing her in this condition.Right?No Uncle.Soumya has become my life in a few days.Can anyone leave their life like that?Nothing can stop me from making Soumya mine.Whatever happens I won’t leave my Soumya in her hard times.I will always hold her hand till the end of my life.
Niranjan held his hand:Thank you so much beta.You are great.
Har:No uncle.i am an ordinary man who is in love.Everyone who is in love does the same.
Niranjan,Kalpana,Meher,Mihir Zain Alia and Juhi smiled tearfully.
Mihir:I am proud of you beta.
Niranjan:You all also?
Mihir:Did you doubt if we will stand against Harman’s decision to be with Soumya?
Juhi:On the first day itself we accepted Soumya as our daughter.How can we leave our daughter.
Zain:Soumya is our sister.
Alia:We will be with her always.
Niranjan,Kalpana and Meher smiled tearfully.
Nir:Soumya is lucky to have a family to shower love upon her like this.
They smiled.
Juhi hugged Harman:I am happy that my son proved how to love.

Har:I am your daughter.How can I not love with all my heart?
Juhi hugged him.
Zain:Luckily Harman is calm.
Mihir:Yes.I expected an outburst.
Alia:He is suppressing his pain.

Suddenly they saw Harman missing and walked in search of him.
They got sunned seeing Harman crying in front of the Ganesh Idol in the temple.
They all became upset.Zain tried to go near him,but Mihir stopped him.
Mih:Don’t go.Let him release his pain through tears.
They all were in tears seeing Harman’s real condition.

Meher rang up Abeer and cried.
Ab:What happened Meher?Why are you crying?Anything serious happened?Did your mother come to know about us?
Meh:Abeer..I know that you told my dad about us.
Abeer was surprised.
Meh:As you guessed mom came to know about it and is angry also.But now something worst has happened.
Ab:What happened?
Meh:My Soumya jeeji…
Ab:What happened to jeeji?
Meh:She met with a fire accident.

Abeer was shocked.
Ab:Meher..where are you now?
Meh:We are in city hospital.
Ab:I am coming there.

Abeer reached the hospital.Meher ran into his arms crying.
Meh:Abeer…my jeeji.She is the only one who called me choti.I was really a choti for her.She was like my real sister.
Abeer caressed her painfully:Meher…nothing will happen to your jeeji.You only told me that your jeeji is an Angel on earth.God sent her to earth to live here happily..he won’t take her back.
Suddenly they saw Kalpana staring at them.They got tensed.
Kalpana:Like any mother I got tensed if my daughter chose the right person for herself.But now I am not worried.Because the person who came to meet my daughter when she was in depression to console her can’t be wrong.I am happy that my daughter chose the right person for herself.

Meher Abeer smiled tearfully.
Meh:I am supposed to be happy now.Still I am not able to be happy because of my jeeji’s condition.
Abeer:I know Meher.But God will make everything alright.

They all weep together.

The surgery got over.The doctor came out.
All looked at him in tension.

  1. omg soumya risked herself while saving kalpana . atleast now kalpana understood soumya’s value . harman signing the form for soumya was so emotional and touching . hope soumya gets well soon . glad that kalpana accepted mehbeer’s relationship but still their happiness is incomplete without soumya . the surgery also got over .hope soumya is fine . thanks a lot for sending all the links to me

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