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Chapter 2 –

*Shivika’s room*
Anika and Janvi were sitting on the bed and on Anika’s instance Janvi is all set to tell her about the incidents that happened during her absence.
Janvi: On your request only I am telling you about it otherwise I didn’t want to stress you all with these….
Anika: Baadi maa I just now told you that I want to join this family like it was before…. So please don’t hesitate and start telling me….
Janvi (sighing): It all started from the next day you left the house…..

Shivaay returned back from somewhere with an emossionless face. Pinky tried to talk to him but he avoided her and went. Everything was going on fine but it seemed as if Shivaay has detached himself from the family. He would go early and return almost late night. We never got to know anything about it. Like this one month went by.

Gauri had got to know about Buama ‘s truth and was trying her level best to save Om and the family. She had setup a very good plan to trap Buama.
Gauri: Only once Omkaraji … Please… Only once…. For once please listen to me.
Janvi: Ek baar suun toh lo…
Om: Okay only for mom I am agreeing to listen to you….
Gauri: Thank you Omkaraji….. Thank you….
Om: Okay…. Don’t need to fake your concern now. Just say what you want to tell.
Gauri: Nothing much… When I call you just come to the hall and hide behind a Piller and listen whatever you can…. Only that much….
Om: Okay…..(in mind) After that I will tell you my feeling for you…. I got to know your truth and I am really guilty about my behavior towards you….. I hope you forgive me Gauri ……..
Gauri(in mind): After that my job over… I will leave you and go Omkaraji as I promised…..

As per plan Omkara and the other family members except Shivaay were hiding behind the pillars. They could see Gauri and Buama at the centre of the hall. Gauri brought something with her and threw it in front of Buama.
Buama(angry): How dare you throw these things Gauri… You don’t know whose it is and to whom it belongs……
Gauri: Whose? Oh that dead son of yours…. Kya naam tha uska… Haa Ratan…
Buama: How dare you call my son dead?
Gauri: Aare maare hue insan ko toh…. Dead hi bolna chahiye naa…..
Buama: Ratan maara nehi hai zinda hai zinda….
Gauri: Kaha zinda…. Aaphine to kahatha ki Omkaraji ko baachane ke liye aapke bete ne apni jaan de di….
Buama: Haa only for Omkara…. Only for him my Ratan is not with me today…. And I will not let him live peacefully…. Om has to die…. Has to……
Gauri: Not until I am there in this house and in his life no one can even touch his hair…
Buama: Really…. What will you do? You can’t save your husband from me…. Never…..
Gauri: And if I say that he, himself will throw you out of this house then….
Buama: In your dreams…. How will he know about all these? Everytime you try to prove me, you only get trapped….  How will you prove him that it was me only who gave him slow poisoning drugs and not only that it was me only who tried to make you both come together so that I can kill your child and complete my revenge…. Yes revenge from Om to kill my son…

She was laughing like a maniac as if she has gone crazy…. Some information was known to Gauri but the fact that Buama wants to kill her child shaken her up. What would have happened if that day they would have lost their control over each other and became one? And what if today she was really pregnant then Buama would have killed that unborn one…. Gauri was in thoughts when she heard a slap sound. She looked at it and saw Dadi slapping Buama.

Dadi: So much hatred…. You wanted to kill Omkara just because Ratan died while saving him… Wasn’t Om like your son…
Janvi: Buama I thought you loved Om because he was like your son but you wanted to….
Om: Not only that you would have killed my child if it ever came in this world… Why Buama why?
Buama(pointing towards Om): He is a killer… He killed my son….  Now I will kill him….
Before she could do anything Gauri came in front of Om safe guarding him.
Gauri(threatening tone) :Before reaching Omkaraji you have to walk over my dead body ….
Rudra: Om police is coming…..
Buama( like a maniac) : No…… No….  You can’t hand over me to the police… (going to Om)  Om I’m your buama right… Then how can you do so…. No… No…  I won’t go…. I… I…. (looking around and found something)  If you all do like this then…. ( took the gun and held Om in captive)  then I will shot Om in front of all….
Everyone gasped in sudden turn of events. Gauri was trying to find out the way to save her husband. She didn’t think of anything and went towards them and tried to free Omkara. She was almost successful in it when a gunshot was heard. Everyone froze in their place. Suddenly a thud sound brought them back to present and saw Gauri on the floor with blood oozing out of her wounded stomach. Om was the first one to react and he sat beside her keeping her head on his lap.

Om(trying to keep her awake): Gauri…. Gauri… Aakhe kholo Gauri….. No…no… You can’t do like this to me…. Gauri…… Get up…..
She slowly opened her eyes and looked towards him.
Gauri(in low voice): I have completed my work ….. I have saved you and your family…. Now I can …..
Om(shouting): No…. Don’t say anything…. Nothing will happen I’m there naa…. Just keep your eyes open…. You can’t leave me… You can’t…..
Meanwhile police came and arrested Buama.
Rudra: Om we have to take bhabi to the hospital… Fast….
Om: Haa…. Haa….
He picked her up and ran towards the car with Rudra.
Dadi: Pata nehi Kya ho raha hai iss Ghar me? Jab se Anika gayi hai tab se iss Ghar par kuch na kuch but hota hi hai…. That day Anika now Gauri….. I just hope all goes good and well….

Gauri was taken to the operation theater as soon as they arrived. Meanwhile others also reached there. Om was sitting at one corner and remembering all their moments- from marriage to Chulbul and to Gauri for throwing Shewlana out till today….. Where he thought that he would accept his mistake for doubting her and confess his feelings but right now he can only do one thing that is to pray for her well-being and that she gets well soon.

*After an hour*
Doctors came out and everyone rushed towards him.
Doctor: Operation was successful and we are able to remove the bullet from her stomach and lucky none of her vital organs were not damaged. We will shift her to the general ward then you all can see her but she would gain consciousness only after 6 hours. One person can stay back.
Everyone visibly relaxed especially Om. Rudra saw him and hugged him.
Rudra: Agar Bhaiya hote toh sab ko sambhal lete……
Om: Don’t worry all is fine… Sab thik ho jayega….
Janvi: Om you stay with Gauri we will come tomorrow morning and meet her.
Om nodded in agreement and they went back. Om entered the room and saw Gauri sleeping peacefully. He went near her and carenessed her hair.
Om: I know I did wrong with you but still you came forward and saved me and my family. I am very guilty for all my doubts and accusations. I am sorry Gauri…. I am sorry…..
He cried silently but she couldn’t hear anything. He settled himself on the couch and kept on starting at her until sleep took over him.

*Next Day*
Om opened his eyes to witness an empty bed in front of him. He was confused and then thought maybe she went to freshen up. He knocked the washroom door but it was open. He panicked. He rushed outside to search her but no one had any idea about her. Defeated he came back to the room and his eyes caught a piece of paper on the side table. He picked it up and started reading…

Dear Omkaraji,
I know by the time you receive this letter I will be gone. But what to do I had to go because we had a deal between us and according to it I had to leave you after my work was done. You never liked my presence and Everytime due to family I had to stay back. I know that I never complained you but I am also a girl and I also have a self respect. When I haven’t done anything then why every time I have to hear your accusations. I don’t know what thoughts you have about me but I just hope that it gets clear one day. We were forced to get married under unusual circumstances and I never regretted it. You may not have accepted our marriage but I have always respected it. I don’t have any kind of anger or complain against you. I will be happy if you stay happy.
Take care

Om sat down in thud. He couldn’t understand what just happened in a day. Here he was waiting for her to wake up and he would hug her tightly and confess all his feelings and appologies. But she just vanished in the thin air leaving behind a letter….
Om( shouted) : Gauriiiiiiiiiii……
The whole hospital shook due to his voice. Janvi and Dadi who had came to pay a visit to Gauri also heard it and ran towards the room. They saw a devastrated Om sitting on his knees crying his heart out with a piece of paper in his hand.
Janvi: Om kya hua? Om….
Om: She left Mom…. She left…..
Janvi: Gauri left?  Matlab…
He handed over the letter to her. Janvi read it and slapped Om.
Janvi: How could you do this Om? How? I thought you would have my teachings, my morals but I guess you are also following your father’s footsteps. Chii shame on you….
Dadi: Janvi what’s written in it?
Janvi narrated the letter to her and Dadi feel on the ground holding her chest.
Omvi: Dadi/ Mummyji….
Doctors took her to the ICU and started her treatment.
Doctor: She suffered a massive heart attack …..
The world stopped for everyone.
Janvi: When will she gain consciousness?
Doctor: Don’t know when. But not very soon. She might gain senses for sometime and then again loss it.
Om didn’t know what to do. One side Gauri went and the otherside Dadi is suffering. He called Shivaay and said him everything. Shivaay reached the hospital and enquired about Dadi.
Shivaay (hugging Om): Don’t worry kuch nehi hoga…. Mai hu naa saab thik kar dunga…  Saab….
He went inside and sat near Dadi. He held her hand.
Shivaay: What happened Dadi?  You were the strongest person in the family. If you keep lying like this then what will happen to others.  You have to get up….  You have to….
Dadi( feeble voice) : Mai tab hii aakhe kholongi jab Anika wapas ageyi….
Those were the last words she spoke before going into deep sleep.


Janvi: After that Shivaay shifted her to OM with all the medical facilities. From the last 2 months she didn’t show any signs of improvement until yesterday. The moment you stepped into the house she started showing some movements and doctor is also saying that if the progress is like this then she would surely wake up and recover fast.

Anika had tears hearing about it. But she was determined that she would fox everything right. She wiped her tears and held Janvi’s hand.
Anika: Don’t worry Baadi maa… I have come naa….  I will fix everything….  Jitna bhi raita phela hai mai sab samet lungi… 
Janvi: I know only you can bring back the brightness of this house.
Anika: I will try my level best Baadi maa…  Aacha Om never tried to find Gauri?
Janvi(sighing): He did…  He searched everywhere….  All the possible places…  He even went to Baraily to find her… But it seems as if she vanished in thin air.  I thought till you return at least she would look after the house. But tum challi gayi ghar pura toot gaya…  Toot gaya….
Anika:  Aacha Baadi maa Priyanka…  How is she?
Janvi: She isn’t good Anika… She isn’t….
And started crying. Anika consoled her.
Anika: What happened with her Baadi maa?

Ranveer and Priyanka went back home where Kamini did their aarti and welcomed them. But as soon as they entered Priyanka’s bad time started. Everyday , Everytime Kamini would make her do something or the other but Ranveer wouldn’t say anything against it. Priyanka thought she is getting the cost of her deeds. This continued for months until one day Kamini crossed all her limits and started physically and mentally torturing her. It came up to such a state that Kamini tried to prove that Priyanka was a  mental patient. She was being taken away by the mental hospital people but Shivaay saved her on the right time. He set up the whole thing that it looks like an accident where Priyanka has died. He then sent Priyanka to Delhi for her treatment.

Janvi: Priyanka is physically fine but mentally she has suffered so much that she has stopped responding to us. I don’t what will happen to her…..
Janvi was crying and Anika was trying to control her.
Anika: Baadi maa Soumya?
Janvi: She went to Australia after Kamini’s act. After that day she hasn’t contacted any of us.
Anika: Baadi maa I wanted to ask you. Do you accept Soumya as your younger daughter in law? I know Rudra and Soumya were married in an awkward situation. But still you can’t forget the fact that they are married…
Janvi: I always have considered Soumya as my daughter and when I got to know that Rudra and Soumya are married I was very happy. I don’t know what happened between them. But I could see the change in Rudra after Soumya felt. I guess he repents for the things he did with her or told her and he might be even missing her. But I would like to get my two daughter in laws back along with you. I want all my three daughters back in this house… And only you can do it…
Anika: Not three Baadi maa…. Four….
Janvi(surprised): Four you mean Mahi also….
Anika: Yes Baadi maa….Don’t worry saab thik ho jayega…. Saab…… I will make Dadi fine, bring my devranis and Priyanka back….
Janvi: You are my only hope Anika…. Please bring everyone back please…..
Janvi begged in front of her and Anika instantly stopped her. She nodded in no and hugged her trying to give her some strength.
Anika: Don’t loose hope Baadi maa… I am there….. I will fix everything back to normal….

Janvi smiled and blessed her. Anika started some plans with Janvi and they were spending some quality time.

*Study room*
Shivaay was left alone in the room while he had sent his brothers to do some research work. His eyes were closed and He went back to that beautiful time of his life and had a small smile on his face……

( It starts from the time when Anika went behind Shivaay to seek her answers. Which followed by their night out in the forest. But my story has some other track only. ?)
Anika rashed behind Shivaay with her Champa to stop him and get her answers. She finally spotted him and increased her speed and stopped in the middle of the road. Shivaay who was already upset with the happenings in his house was absent mindedly driving until he saw Anika standing in front in the middle of the road. He suddenly applied his breaks just in front of her. Though Anika was scared seeing the distance between her and the car but she didn’t reflect it and stood confidently. Shivaay came out in rage.

Shivaay : Pagal ho gayi ho kya?  Aise road ke bich me kon khara reheta hai?
Anika:Aapne mujhe maajbor kiya yeh karne.
Shivaay: What did I do now?

Anika: You don’t know. (Shivaay nodded in no)  You ignored my questions and went away even before answering it. How can you do that Shivaay?
Shivaay: Your questions were baseless and I didn’t feel like answering them.
Anika: My questions were baseless.  I mean, you mean to say that I can’t ask you why did you try to dig out my past when you yourself said that it doesn’t matters to you…
Shivaay: Yaa…  I mean..
Anika: Accept it Shivaay that you can’t forget your ideologies and accept me as I Am. You have to find my ‘Naam Khoon Khandan’ then only you will accept me in your life. In front of the world you stated me as your wife because you didn’t want your family reputation to go down and your sister’s marriage to break but from your heart you can never accept me…. Never..
Shivaay held her tightly by her arm and pulled her closed to him.
Shivaay: Who are you to decide what I think?
Anika: Shivaay you are hurting me….
Shivaay: Let’s not talk about it in the middle of the road. Sit in the car.
Anika: I will not go anywhere.
Shivaay:Anika please I have to go to the factory you can fight while traveling.
Anika: Just because you have work I am going with you otherwise I wouldn’t even go with you also.
Shivaay: Okay I understood now please get in…
They sat in the car and started on their journey. The whole way Anika was talking and talking rather complaining. Shivaay got frustrated and shouted.
Shivaay: Can’t you stay quite for sometime. Kitna bolti ho Tum….
Anika: It is your fault. If you wouldn’t have gone to that orphanage then all these wouldn’t have happened. But no Mr.SSO has to find out the root of everything.
Shivaay: Will you just stop it please… Please….
Anika’s talks were increasing his anger and his car had to bear its consequences. He kept on increasing its speed and after sometime it stopped with a jerk. They came out and saw smoke coming from tyre.
Anika: So much smoke… This is car not an aeroplane that you will fly it. Who told you to drive so fast?
Shivaay: You forced me do it. The whole way you were talking and to take out my frustrations I had to drive fast. Now I don’t know what to do.
Anika looked around and went towards the dicky of the car, took out a bottle and threw the content of it on the tyre. Instead of cooling down it started catching fire. And then BOOM. Shivaay turned around and saw a burning car flying up and was about to fall on Anika. He rushed towards her and pulled her back.

For a second he thought he lost her and hugged her tightly.
Shivaay: Have you gone nuts? Who puts petrol on a overheated tyre?
Anika(shaky voice): I…. I…… thought….. it….. was……. water. ……
She gripped on him tightly suddenly feeling very scared. He sensed her fear and tried to lighten up the mood.
Shivaay: I never thought you would be so scared. The Anika I know is very strong but this is toh…….
Anika(detaching herself): Who said I am scared? It’s nothing like that….
Shivaay(with a small smile):That I can see very well…..
He started moving towards her and she started moving backwards.
Anika: Sh…  Shi… Shivaay  what are you doing?
Shivaay: Nothing…. Just staring at my beautiful wife….  Is it a crime?
Anika: You… You should think how can we go now…  Your… Your mobile….
It then clicked him and he realized that his phone was in the car and now with Yamraj….
Shivaay: Because of you now it is with Yamraj….  He is happily playing with it….
Anika: Because of me? How mean? Who told you to keep your mobile in the car?  Other time toh you are always busy with it then what happened now…
Shivaay: Chup ho jaa meri maa…. Please. Let’s find the way out. Give me your mobile.
Anika: Wait…. (she searched for it but couldn’t find it and realized that she left it in the house in a hurry)  Faail gaya raiti….
Shivaay: Hmm…
Anika: I forgot my phone in the house only just because of you.
Shivaay: Aab maine kya kiya?
Anika: If you had given the answers of my questions then I wouldn’t had to come behind you and all this wouldn’t have happened. Okay no problem let’s go in my Champa…
Shivaay:Really… Did you even realize that we have left your Champa way back almost 100km away….
Anika: Really we have come so far….  Okay no problem let’s…..
Shivaay(cutting her in between) :You don’t think anything. Let me think what to do. Let’s walk and fond some help.
They started walking inside the wood but lost their way.

Anika: I am feeling hungry…. (looking around)  Tree with fruits….. ??
She ran towards it and started plucking it and had a few of them.

Shivaay: Have you gone crazy?  Who have it like this without knowing about it? It can be poisonous too.
Anika: This is exactly your problem. Now you want trees to also have a name plate stating whether their fruits are poisonous are not. What is problem Shivaay? Can’t you come out of your ideologies and think forward? Now don’t show your Tadi and have them( feeding him)  I know you are also hungry.
Shivaay: They are taste. You are right…
Anika: See I told you would like it.
They started having the fruits and enjoyed it. They started feeling dizzy and they became intoxicated. They started acting funny. They teased each other and reached a house. They opened it and entered. It was dark so Anika got scared and she hugged Shivaay tightly. He felt her and a new feeling was coming up in them. The moonlight was the only source of light in that house. Shivaay stared at her brown eyes and she lost herself in his ganji eyes. Shivaay got flown away with emotions and leaned towards her. She closed her eyes and soon felt his lips on her. They both were in the other world enjoying themselves. They broke the kiss when they were out of breath. Shivaay scooped her in his arms and walked towards the bed,never breaking the eye contact with each other. He placed her on the bed and looked at her eyes. It held the same passion he had right then. Without any words he moved towards her and the moon hid behind the clouds giving them some privacy…….

*Next Day*
Anika opened her eyes feeling pain in her head as well as in her body. She looked around and saw Shivaay hugging her by her waist and both of them without cloths. Her eyes widen in shock and she tried to recollect the events from past night and she concluded that they have taken their relationship to the next level but none were in their senses. That thought only brought tears in her eyes.
Anika(thinking): What did we just do? What will happen now? Will Shivaay regret it? What if he doesn’t remember only?
“I remember everything that happened last night”,a voice startled her. She looked towards Shivaay and saw that he was wide awake.
Shivaay: Why are you crying Anika? (wiping her tears)  Do you regret whatever happened last night?
Anika(crying voice) : I should be the one asking it. Do you regret whatever happened Shivaay?
He could see fear in her eyes for the first time. He went towards her and was lying almost above her. He nuzzled his face in her shoulder and said in her ears huskily.
Shivaay(in husky voice): I enjoyed each and every moment of the last night and I would never regret it. And before you ask anything let me clear it to you that I don’t care about your name or linkage. I was just looking for it so that I can give you the happiness of a family. I know I have my ideologies but I’m trying it to forget for you… Yes Anika for you I am trying to change myself and I will. But I need your help in it. (looking at her) will you help me?
She nodded her head and hugged him.
Anika: I’m sorry to sorry to doubt your intentions Shivaay. But I was scared… I can’t loose you nor can I fight with you…
Shivaay: I love you Anika……
Anika(shocked): What????
Shivaay(casually): I just said my feeling to you and you aren’t replying back.
Anika(still shocked): No… I mean… You just said….
Shivaay: Oh you want to hear those words which you said to me.  Okay okay…. (carenessing her cheek with his thumb) Anika Tum itni khidkitor khubsurat ho… Jabse Tum meri life me ayi ho mere berang zindigi me tumne rang bhar diye hai…. Time jab hi mere same hoti ho Mera dil aise dhak dhak katne lagta hai… Tumne mere dil me aise raita faila diya hai…. (keeping her hand on his left side of the chest) And this heart beats only for you now  Anika…. Only for you…. I love you Anika …. I love you….. 
Anika’s tongue got tied up hearing him. She just hugged him.
Shivaay: Kuch to bolo Anika!!!!
Anika: I love you too …
He hugged her tightly and kissed her forehead lovingly.
Shivaay: So when we have confessed ourselves then why don’t we repeat whatever happened yesterday again but now in full sense. What do you think Mrs.Oberoi?
He asked with a mischievous smile on his face and she blushed hearing it. She hit him softly on his chest.
Anika(shyness): Chipre….
Shivaay:Only for you dear……
And they again went to the other world without any thinking about the world.
Shivaay came out his thoughts due to the ringing of his phone. He attended it and instructed something. He ended the call and his phone reflected her smiling picture. He kissed it.

Shivaay: I still love you Anika…. Please come back to me…. I want my Old Chirpy Fun loving and Ever smiling Anika back please…… Your Shivaay can’t live without you….
He went out of the room and someone came out of her hideout. She was Anika and she had heard everything.
Anika(thinking): I know you still love me Shivaay but I need time.  I will try my level best to become normal and be my old self again…. I will try…. But before that I need to go ahead with my new missions…. It is because of your love that I am here again and your love only gives me the strength….. I love you too Shivaay… I love you too…..

Precap: Shivika on their own missions…

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