A Visit to my Friend’s City (multiple shots)

Hi readers, so it is the first time I am coming up with something out of serials and such stuff. So please do support, suggest and share ?.

A glimpse of the main characters ( aka character sketch.)

Gaadha – She is the narrator and somewhat heroine of this story. Free-spirited , hates to be let alone. She is that girl who has everything possible if she has someone by her side. Such a dreamer she is. Currently an aspiring fashion designing student. She was born in Kerala but brought up in Bangalore.

Shyam – He is the somewhat hero of this story. Such an adorable brother to his sister Shalini. He is that tough outside but soft inside type of angry young man. Once, he breaks his shield of toughness to someone, he will do anything for that lucky guy.

Shalini – Such a positive lady with a positive attitude. Shyam’s elder sister. Tied to a wheelchair due to an accident that happened past a few years.

So Gaadha and her friends ( Anjali, Catherine & Aradhya) plan to go on a trip to Kerala where Aradhya’s family lives. They also plan to attend the famous “Thrissur Pooram” in Kerala. So here it goes……

Gaadha – “Anjali… Anjali.. ?”

I’ve been calling Anjali for a thousand times but still she is in the bathroom.. God!? When will this girl learn to do a quick bath, ha.

Anjali – “Ha Yaar, Gaadha. Just 5 minutes more and I will be out.”

I wonder what the hell is she going on about. I mean seriously !? Our train ? from Bangalore to Kerala is at 5 o’clock and now it is 4.00 pm. And don’t you expect to reach the railway station in half an hour that too in the traffic of Bangalore.

Anjali – “So here I am. Now you can go inside, dear.”

Gaadha – “Did you check the time ha Anjali ? It’s 4 pm ! ”

Anjali – “Never mind . I will drive our Brio (a car). Don’t worry.”

God!? Last time when she drove the car, it hit a man and there was such a big fuss over that. (Gets into the bathroom)

It has been so long since we were planning to go on a trip. And finally it is happening. Yippee !!!

So dear readers, how was it, ha ? I know it is really short but I will post the next asap. Do let me know your feedbacks ?


  1. TUFriendsForever

    Good one with the intro liked it
    Short but looking forward for the next

  2. Niyati

    It’s awesome dear …Loved it but please next time post long one….Love u dear ? ?

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