Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 47

Tanya sits next to her mom on bed holding hands without any courage left.

“Hey my crazy daughter why are you upset Nandini asks her

Tanya : don’t make yourself innocent I know you are doing all this to bother me

Nandini : what can I do? you are my silly baby who don’t take things seriously

Tanya : this is not funny anymore you promised me that you won’t leave me alone

“Who said you are alone, now you found your partner and your momzie’s blessing will always be on you calms her down

“Why are you doing this mom, what will I do alone, my hopes will be shattered lays her head on Nandini

“Tanya its life dear you have to move on don’t forget what I said never look back caresses her hair softly

Tanya : I thought you have played with my children in future but you booked your tickets too early

“Your dad needs me and hey don’t trouble my son too much or else I will haunt you Nandini warns her to not trouble everybody

Tanya : then you have to stay here to save him from me, I will not let you go anywhere

Chaaya : didi you take some rest I will stay with ma’am please

Tanya : I am not going anywhere do you understand (gets big angry)

Nandini : don’t vent your anger on her, she is right you need some rest

One of the nurse tells Tanya to go out and let Nandini rest for a while

“take care mom I won’t bother you Tanya leaves room

“Chaaya please take care my silly girl she does not know what is going on, don’t let her break down Nandini request her

Chaaya : don’t worry ma’am I will handle her you just take care of yourself

Tanya goes to reception for paperwork at the same Karan’s arrest news air on TV.

“Today’s sensational headline, the star cricketer Karan Luthra who won the international is arrested in murder charges of his brother in law, police have found strong evidence against him, will Karan Luthra able to come out as innocent, to know more keep watching with us Aaj tak Reporter gives new on the channel

Tanya picks up Sameer’s call having her eyes glued on TV.

“Tanya where are you I am trying your phone from so much time Sameer burst at her revealing everything

She does not respond him back and look with blank reaction.

Sameer : I don’t know what is wrong with this girl she is behaving so weird

Shrishti : I feel something bad has happened and she is not telling us

Police station

Karan is interrogated by inspector about Akshay’s details.

Karan : how many times I told you?

Inspector : the more you irritate me I will make every moment difficult for you

Karan : what do you want from me?

Inspector : tell me whatever you know about Akshay mehta he was husband of your sister

Karan : he was creep cheating on Kritika, and murdered my friends’ dad, I won’t answer anymore questions till I get my lawyer

Inspector : for your information no lawyer is willing to take this case

Karan : I dont’ give a damn for your questions because I am innocent

“You Singh is about to slap him but a strong stops him

Tanya comes there with fire in her eyes and warns him to not raise hand.

“Don’t you dare, keep this hands safe it will be useful to nab criminals or else you will retire early before time from this job Tanya throws his hands rapidly

Inspector : don’t you know its illegal to stop an on duty inspector from interrogation

Tanya : and I hate people who try to teach me laws next beware of that, I am his lawyer before you I have right in question him

Inspector : fine go ahead but remember no law can save him

Tanya : only time will tell now out I want to talk with Karan alone

Inspector leaves them in room to talk

Karan : Tanya where were you

“Listen right now I am here to hear your story not mine, no lies no tricks I only want to hear truth every small detail from when you left Luthra house to here Tanya ask him sternly

“Kritika and I went to Akshay’s house, she forgot her some belongings but we left from there in few minutes “Karan starts narrating

Tanya : don’t stop keep saying I don’t want to miss even tiny detail

Karan : nothing after that we went out for some walk on beach

Tanya : did anytime you think you opened the trunk of car or you lost the keys of car

Karan : I don’t think I ever open the trunk but yes my keys are sometimes around in the house

Tanya ; explain clearly did that happen recently

“I don’t remember exactly Karan tries to recall

Tanya : Karan I am telling you one last time they are putting you behind bars and your feelings are not going to help us

Karan : yes this evening when I was at practice match my keys were lost

Tanya : then how did you find it and who found it

Karan : its was surprising they were near the car and Rohan’s eyes fell on that first

Constable : sorry to interrupt you but its Sir’s order the meeting hours are over for today you can come tomorrow morning

Tanya : okay fine, Karan this case is not simple as it looks we are missing a big link either you don’t remember or something else

Karan ; I have full trust on you, its quite late you should go home

Tanya : you take care of yourself and please if you remember anything let me know

Karan : i will, thank you

Tanya leaves from the police station but goes to meet Rishab instead at Luthra house

“Tanya I have been searching you whole evening is everything okay Sameer asks her

Tanya : it will be only when I bring Karan out for that I need your faith

Rishab : what did Karan say?

Preeta : please do something I know only you will be able to bring him out

“Preeta none of yours tear will help me or Karan you have to be strong in this situation Tanya encourages her to not become weak

Rishab : whats your next plan?

Tanya : tell me something is there any CCTV footage in the parking lot of field where Karan goes for practice

Rishab : why do you need that?

Tanya : I will explain you in detail after first you answer me

Sameer : I think there is but we cannot get the access to that due to privacy

Tanya : Karan said this evening his car keys were lost in the field and they were found near his car, its obvious the person might have stolen keys and left the body in car

Sameer : but if thats the case did Karan bhai not opened his car trunk

Risha : okay that make sense Karan did not have sensed and he don’t really use the back of his car and that culprit might have taken advantage

Tanya : exactly thats why I need to see the footage of the parking lot if we are able to prove somebody put the body in trunk then case will become very strong on our favor

Mahesh : whatever you all feel do it but just make sure don’t do anything out of law and something that could bring Karan in more trouble this time

Tanya : don’t worry uncle there will be no problem, I think we should leave its quite late I will see you tomorrow Preeta I will drop you both home come

Shrishti : yes di we won’t get taxi mom’s blood pressure will be high

Sameer : good night

Rishab : tanya wait a a minute (takes her to side)

Tanya : yes

“Why do I feel you are hiding something from me, is everything okay Rishab ask her

Tanya : when things are not in our hands we should not hold it tight right now it will be good for us to focus on Karan good night

Tanya drops Preeta and Shrishti to their home and goes to hospital after.

Next morning the group gathers at Luthra house Rishab, Preeta, Shrishti, Sameer, Tanya and Kritika to discuss about Karan.

Rishab : Sameer you know what I was thinking me and you should get that footage

Sameer : but bhai what if they don’t let us see that video

Rishab : we will figure that out, Tanya where are you going

Tanya : I have to get the postmortem report of the murder only that can give us clear picture

Preeta : but Inspector clearly said somebody splashed the bottle on face thats why the face could not be recognized

Tanya : thats the trick it means the murdered didn’t wanted us to see the face and then put Akshay’s wallet in pocket

Shrishti : Are you trying to say this is not Akshay

Tanya : I don’t know but we will get to that first I have to go at police station to check reports Preeta why don’t you come with me

“Yes sure Preeta agrees to go with her

Rishab and Sameer leaves at Karan’s cricket ground to get the footage.

Police station

Karan is happy to see his baby doll who is always been his support. She gets annoyed with him for enjoying with the jail mates

Preeta : great here we all are working so hard and The karan luthra is having comedy class

Karan ; why don’t you give me company here, in your absence only his name is my support

Preeta : i have brought this food for you I thought you didn’t eat properly since last night

Karan : thank god I am so hungry

Inspector : Constable look who is here, did you make proper arrangement for Ms lawyer

Tanya : Even if you decorate whole city it will be less for me, so better come to point

Inspector : what were you saying?

Tanya : i want to see postmortem report may I

Inspector : of course, how can we refused your demand you are biggest VIP in our police station right

Tanya ignores his attitude and goes through the post mortem report.

Inspector : after reading this I hope you didn’t lose your intelligence that yesterday your client and his sister went to Mr Akshay’s house and on the same place murder also happened

“But this won’t prove my client have killed anybody do you get that, just because you got their footprint does prove anything Tanya stamps file on the desk angrily

Inspector : it will prove because the time of murder and footprint there is not much difference

Tanya : listen inspector whoever you are I don’t care but don’t try to teach me law (leaves)

“There she is, Ms lawyer why is your temperature so high Karan ask her funnily

Tanya : you are laughing? really do you even know where you are

Karan : of course I know whats wrong

Tanya : that inspector is saying murder happened in Akshay’s house only

“What Karan gets shocked

Tanya : yes and do you want to know most interesting part the time you went with Kritika in that house, Akshay murdered at the same time and your footprints matched

Karan : how is this even possible? then what about that keys getting lost on field

Preeta : I think somebody might have stolen the keys and made duplicate then in getting chance culprit put the body in car

Karan : wow baby doll now you proved you got degree by outside knowledge

Preeta : excuse I am doctor but I have learnt from books too not silly cricketer like you

Karan : do you know who you are talking with

“Shut up both of you, there is boxing school across the street go fight there as much as you want but after this case alright Tanya shouts

Karan : where is bhai?

Tanya : they went to get the footage of the parking lot from your practice field

Karan : what will that help?

Tanya : just rewind your memory little bit and think yesterday you lost your keys is not coincidence


Tanya tells the girls they have to look at Akshay’s house to find evidence..

Shrishti ; but what will we find there?

Tanya : do you remember last time when I sent you at his house you showed some medical bills

Shrishti : yes what does that have to do with this care and how

Tanya : think from mind before finding out the killer we have to go through Akshay’s past, for that i need Kritika’s help

Kritika : but police has been secured in that house whole time

Tanya : is there back door we can get inside?

Kritika : yes we have back window it goes through kitchen nobody knows about that

Preeta : but when will we go

Tanya : at night so there is nobody around to watch us and we will not be in suspect

Practice field

Rishab and Sameer are able to access the footage from whole evening. They sees a hooded man going around Karan’s car and leaves the keys near tyre. Before they could see the face the video ends

Sameer : bhai this is not possible somebody have tampered video

Rishab : you are right, video is edited that means the culprit had got the footage

Sameer: one this is clear he has his eyes on us every moment

At night the four girls goes to Akshays’ house through back window getting into the kitchen. . Kritika checks her bedroom drawers, Shrishti and Preeta goes into the study room. Tanya messes up in living room. She sees a shadow of hooded person holding knife in hands from the curtains and warn girls through walkie. Tanya runs upstairs in room to Kritika joined by Preeta and Shrishti. The girls gets scared hearing a walking noise slowly. He puts his foot on Shrishti’s hands by mistake under bed. Preeta covers her mouth to stop from shouting. Tanya hides behind the closet and signals Kritika to find the another way.

  1. Lovely chapter
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    1. Hey Cindy! You are a loyal reader of this ff. You are commenting here from the very beginning na and you know what I got inspired from you to comment and encourage the writer

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    I got emotional yaar itni khushi ? bardahst nahi hoti. Thank you guys for being my loyal readers and hope you love the rest of story. We are still at half end and it will be heart wrenching specially for Preeran and rishya

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