Vish 31st July 2019 Written Episode Update: Sabrina and Alia lay a trap for Katrina

Vish 31st July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Alia tries to talk to Sabrina but she walks away saying that she is in a rush. Alia is surprised to see the room empty. Where did that person disappear? Was I hallucinating? What’s happening to me? Why do I doubt everyone?

Katrina is with Mohit. I want to see Sabrina’s face once she finds out that she cannot do anything even though she has her eyes back! Mohit asks her what she means but Katrina tells him to wait and watch. Sabrina comes there just then. She tries to bite Katrina but she is unable to extend her tongue. Katrina reminds Sabrina that her powers will take 12 hours to return. Maybe you skipped your classes in Vishloka! She asks Mohit to pre-pone the wedding. Announce that pundit ji has asked to do the wedding in 2 hours. No other rituals will happen now. Aditya will be my husband by the time Sabrina gains her powers. I will become immortal! She looks at Sabrina. I know you are angry but helpless too. I want you to do something. Stop this wedding if you want to!

Alia asks Sabrina why she dint tell them before if she knew that Katrina is a Vishkanya. Sabrina asks her if anyone had believed her. You seem to be in so much shock! Alia asks her if she is sure it is true. Sabrina says you were treating Mohit who recovered so suddenly. Isn’t it weird? Katrina and Aditya’s wedding was fixed out of nowhere. The wedding has pre-poned! It isn’t normal. Alia says I am still clueless. Are you sure? Sabrina says I cannot understand what Aditya can give to Katrina. Alia thinks of his cursed mark. Sabrina tells Alia that only she can save Aditya from Katrina. Your love for him is pure. Alia says what I can do. I understand what you have told me but we don’t have any proof. Sabrina says Katrina cancelled all the rituals and wants to get married straight away. Vishkanya’s are allergic to haldi. They come to their real avatar once that happens. You can test it. Alia decides to test Katrina and leaves. Maria asks Sabrina if Alia agrees. Sabrina replies that she will. Go and help Alia if you want your son back. Maria goes.

Sabrina was about to collide with Ronnie just when he is stepping out of her bathroom. They flirt a little. She is happy to think that Vishaila will get a healthy heart this time. Mohit and Katrina figure out her plan. They aren’t bothered by it though.

Alia and Maria come to Katrina’s room to do shagun. Katrina panics hearing the word haldi. She tries to ignore it but Alia does not let go of her. Maria leaves as Alia applies haldi on Katrina’s face. Katrina turns into her kitten avatar immediately. Alia decides to tell Aditya about Katrina. She runs out of there. Katrina decides to stop Alia before she can tell anyone anything. She chases Alia in her kitten avatar. Alia is stunned to witness her thus. Katrina tries to strangle Alia but she manages to push her away. She reaches the mandap area where Aditya is but Katrina covers her mouth just in time. She drags Alia to a corner with her. Alia pushes her and runs to Aditya but she is unable to utter anything. Aditya asks her if she is fine. Katrina and Mohit watch Alia waving her hands helplessly in front of Aditya. Katrina has stuffed something in Alia’s throat because of which she cannot talk at the moment. By the time she will be able to talk, I will be married to Aditya. Aditya tells Alia to take medicine. Alia thinks she does not know which medicine can cure this problem.

Sabrina notices Alia’s condition. Katrina is smarter than me. I have to change the way I think / plan.

Alia notices the vendors writing on a notepad and decides to write down the message for Aditya. He has left for his room. She runs to inform Aditya about it. He does not buy it. You can tell me if you want me to marry you. Why don’t you openly tell me that you still love me? She thinks that she does love him. Aditya asks her if she realises that she is destroying 2 lives by marrying Katrina. Alia thinks if he does not think it affects her too. Aditya tells Alia she has hurt him a lot this time by saying all this. Alia wonders how to make him believe her but he asks her to leave. Sabrina asks Aditya why he isn’t listening to Alia. Aditya tells her to stay out of this. I don’t want to hear anything you have to say. I knew that it was your idea! Alia cannot stoop so low. Sabrina thinks she was sure he wouldn’t believe her so she had come prepared. She puts the chloroform dipped kerchief on his nose because of which he passes out on the bed. Sabrina assures Alia he will feel better in a while.

Katrina comes out of her room dressed as a bride.

Sabrina helps Alia cough the cotton ball out of her throat. Alia thanks Sabrina. Sabrina tells her to stop Katrina. We must take Aditya to the mandap. Katrina too would be on her way. Sabrina and Alia take Aditya to the mandap. Mohit asks Katrina if his brother isn’t looking great. Sabrina says he would as I helped him get ready. Katrina becomes alert. She wasn’t happy with my wedding till now. How did she have a change of heart suddenly? Pundit ji asks the bride and groom to do each other’s tilak. Katrina’s eyes widen in shock as soon as she lifts Aditya’s sehra. Sabrina hides her smile.

Precap: Aghori has trapped Katrina who shouts that she isn’t a Vishkanya but a kitten. Real Vishkanya is Sabrina! Alia looks at both of them. What is happening here? Who is the real Vishkanya here?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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