Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 31st July 2019 Written Episode Update: Kumar captures Jyoti again

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 31st July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rocky and Happy tracking Jyoti’s signal. The man says signal is weak, I m trying to locate, it will take time if signal comes for more time. Kumar says how could Jyoti contact them. Meenu says I don’t know, you have to reach Jyoti before them. Kumar says I won’t let my mission fail, I have to call Rocky. Rocky disconnects his calls. Kumar says I won’t let this happen. Jyoti tells Rocky that Kumar is a terrorist. She says I wish this message reaches Rocky some how. Rocky hears Jyoti again. She asks can you hear me. He asks her to say. She says I have to tell you about the mastermind. The man says signal is coming from this residential area.

Sandhya breaks a bottle by mistake. She gets hurt. Madhu scolds her. She asks Sandhya why is she staying with them, why does Happy want to ruin Rocky’s life. Sandhya cries. Madhu says Happy is making me do this sin, I scolded a sick woman. Sandhya says I want to go to Happy. Kumar comes and stops Jyoti. He says I did a mistake to leave you alone, I will not let you free now. The man says the signal is out, we can’t track her. Jyoti says do what you like, I did what I wanted, Rocky knows I m in danger, I will tell your truth to Rocky. Kumar threatens to shoot her. Meenu and Kabir come. Meenu says you reached on right time. Kumar says keep an eye on her, don’t make this mistake again, I m going office to calm down Rocky.

Kabir says I will see how Jyoti runs. Happy prays that Rocky reaches Jyoti. The man asks Happy where to keep the things for the event. Happy asks him to keep it in the hotel, Rocky will check it. Honey comes to her and says I came here to meet you, we will go home and play the game. She says I m busy, we will play later, don’t be sad, you can stay here and draw pictures. The men keep the boxes. She hopes that Rocky finds Jyoti. Rocky says I was finding Jyoti, tell m where did she go. Kumar says you know she has been forced to run for her life, we can’t reach her, she made a foolish move. Rocky says she is already in danger. Kumar says I can’t give you any info and not risk the mission, I m your senior, I know my job, you just manage the event security. Rocky goes.

Honey says what’s this clock type thing. He asks Happy to see the things. Happy says fine, what did you see. Rocky comes. Happy says your dad is here, I have to talk to him, sit here and complete the drawing. He says Kumar isn’t listening to me. Honey says I will check the box. Harleen comes and thinks Honey can show the props to Happy, I have tampered the props. She asks Honey to come and have icecream with her. They go.

Happy and Rocky come home. Sandhya says Madhu is bad, she scolded me a lot. Happy thinks Rocky would be angry knowing this. She says we will go out and have snacks. They come to the hotel to have chaat and sweets. Sandhya sees Kabir and says Kabir will kill everyone. Happy asks what happened, there is no one. She thinks Kabir is in jail, how did mum see him, did he run away from jail. She consoles Sandhya. She goes to see Kabir. Sandhya shouts to her. Happy says there is no one. She takes Sandhya home. Madhu asks Honey to go and sleep. Doctor says Sandhya got a panic attack. He injects her and puts her to sleep.

Kumar explains his plan to his team. He says the event will help us, I have sent real explosives instead fake ones, we have to keep plan B, you will go there as minister’s security officers, you have to shoot the minister if our plan fails. Kabir comes and says Sandhya has seen me and shouted my name, I have run away. Meenu says Happy didn’t see you, her mum is ill, who will believe her. Kumar says shut up, you think Happy will ignore this. Happy says I think Kabir has run away. Rocky says not possible, he can’t escape. Happy says like you didn’t escape. Rocky recalls his escape and says its possible if someone helps him. She says if mum is saying this, she had seen Kabir, we should inform Kumar, I will call him. Rocky says not Kumar, I m feeling his behavior is strange. She says he is helping us, I trust him. He says I also trust him, but we shall find out first. She says fine, we shall go and find. Harleen asks Honey to have milkand sleep. Honey draws a bomb and says this was inside the decorative items in the hotel, it was beeping also. Harleen gets thinking.

Rocky says I have to meet Kabir, I suspect he has run away. The man says Kumar asked us not to feed him or open the door, we can’t let you in. Kumar asks Kabir to come fast before Rocky comes. Rocky says I need to meet Kabir. The man says sorry, this can’t happen. Kumar tries to open the lock. Rocky points the gun at the officers and says come fast right now. Rocky and Happy enter the cell and see…..

Jyoti comes to Rocky’s house. Kumar catches her and hides. Rocky and Happy come home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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