Vish 25th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Sabrina hunts the Dr. for her blood sampl

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Vish 25th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Alia takes Sabrina’s blood sample.

The next morning, Alia gives a glass of water to Mohit and recalls how Aditya had been worried for him. She takes Mohit for an outing on wheel chair and decides to take Mohit for an adventurous outing, like during his childhood. She runs holding his wheel chair while the hospital staff plays around. Aditya comes there and asks Alia if she is crazy. Alia says Aditya must have done it much earlier, one has to be expressive in life; Mohit has been in bed for days now. Mohit wish to say a lot to them, maybe he is able to communicate in nature. Aditya had demanded her to make his brother well, and this the way she deems suitable for his treatment. Aditya smiles.

Sabrina wakes up, dreaming about her fight with Vishera. She opens her eyes and removes the wet cloth piece from over her forehead. She looks around and thinks Alia must have done this. Only her brain in the house works. Had she not turned the AC on, she must have died. She will surely thank Alia before killing her for her favors. She thinks she still isn’t over with the weakness, it’s time to recharge. She opens the wardrobe and steps into the other world. She lays down over the ice for getting herself energized.

Aditya smiles watching Alia. There was a short circuit in the wires. Sabrina sits up worried that if the short circuit isn’t repaired, the ice would soon melt. There, Alia comes inside to look for Sabrina who was ill. The water from melting ice seeps through the wall into Sabrina’s room. Sabrina hears the footsteps. Alia does not find Sabrina into the room and wonders where the water comes from. She looks into the wardrobe. Sabrina was worried what if her secret room’s door is revealed. Alia checks into the wardrobe. Sabrina place a hand over her shoulder from behind. Alia shows deep concern for leakage from the wardrobe. Sabrina says this isn’t Alia’s job to check for it, this will get done by housekeeping. Alia checks on Sabrina’s forehead and says she doesn’t have a fever now. She tells Sabrina that she was unconscious, she felt what if Sabrina was also poisoned and sent her blood for test. Sabrina was furious and turns her face away, she dreams of stinging Alia with poison; she turns around and asks if she has sent the blood for testing. Alia says she asked Dr. Abhi to conduct the test himself, he is the best. Sabrina hugs Alia thankfully, and thinks first she must finish Dr. Abhi.

In the lab, Dr. Abhi was taken aback as she watches the strange insects in the blood. He thinks he hasn’t seen anything like this in year’s long career. Sabrina comes to the lab and requests to use his phone. He lends his phone to Sabrina. She writes a text aloud for Alia to come over. Dr. Abhi asks who she is. All at once the lights begin to flash. Dr Abhi was terrified. Sabrina demands her blood sample from him. Dr. Abhi thinks this means this blood sample belongs to this lady. Sabrina shouts for her sample, and Dr. Abhi’s ears begin to bleed. She warns that next time, his ears won’t only bleed, he would die as well. Dr. Abhi runs with the blood sample. Sabrina wonders why humans always have to become hero in life threatening situations. She follows Dr. Abhi outside. He was hiding behind a couch. Sabrina says the more he makes her wait, the terrifying his death would be. Dr. Abhi peeks from behind the couch as Sabrina emits two snakes and sends them to find Dr. Abhi.

Aditya offers to drop Alia to Path Lab. She was happy to travel with him. Aditya turns on music. Alia says at least he has got good taste of music. Aditya says it’s his mother’s favorite song. Alia says hers as well, she thought Aditya’s music taste must be different. Aditya says he never had strong feelings for anyone after mother, he lost his friend Sid and is only left with Mohit only. Alia says sometimes we don’t realize the feelings because we are not ready to lend love a chance. Once he change his point of view, maybe he is able to find love around.

The snakes reached Dr. Abhi. He runs across the corridor. Sabrina follows him with a smirk. He requests Sabrina to spare him, he promises not to tell anything to anyone. Sabrina thinks she won’t leave him worth telling anything, stings Dr. Abhi and leaves with her blood sample and his heart. She says his death won’t go wasted. It was time to give a new heart to Vishaila.

PRECAP: Alia comes to Path Lab and finds Dr. Abhi hanging through the wall. She was trapped and terrified of a gigantic spider approaching her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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