Ladies Special 25th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Amar’s Jealousy

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Ladies Special 25th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mandar and Meghna walks into local train station. Meghna’s phone rings repeatedly. Mandar asks who is calling her and why she is hesitating to pick call. Meghna says she will pick right now and switch on speaker. He asks why is she getting angry. They get into local train. Meghna speaks to her finance head Santosh and asks him to give lowest quotation to school principal for school uniforms, she wants to win contract against HR garments (Mandar’s company) again. Mandar says she is unique to consider principal as client and is flying high. Their discussion continues. Meghna sees red car advertisement board and asks Mandar what is his favorite color. He says red. She asks to get ready to be surprised.

Amar walks to Bindu’s room and says he heard about her meeting yesterday. Bindu says he has to find another profile for her. Amar fumes that if that boy already had girlfriend, then why did he upload profile on matrimonial website. Bindu says even Karan has Jennifer in his life like he has Kangana in his life, so whatever he did is right. After sometime, Mota pappa checks matrimonial profiels. Aamr gets angry seeing that and asks why he started again so immediately. Mota pappa says when process is already started, let us continue it. Bindu backs him. Mota pappa thinks she is agreeing to make Amar jealous, let her continue. Bindu agrees to meet boy. Amar gets more jealous.

Meghna and Mandar’s discussion continues while traveling in local train. Mandar taunts with an example that she is trying to fly too high and taking high risk. They get down the train when Bindu meets Meghna. Mandar leaves saying he will bring children from school. Bindu informs her that Mota pappa is finding another alliance, but she wants a guy who can act as her fiance till Amar marries Kangana, then she will act as breaking up with him. Meghna laughs saying she is mad.

Bindu returns home and gets ready in shalwar kameez. Mota pappa and mummy praise her. Amar says she is not looking like Bindu at all and he does not like her makeover. He calls Kangana and informs her that Bindu is going to meet another guy with a complete makover. Kanga says that is good news and he should relax. She then meets Punith and tells him that whatever he told regarding Amar is right, Amar just nods yes to whatever she says and does not seem much interested in her now. Punith explains each guy is different and it is Amar’s usual nature. Their discussion continues.

At Meghna’s house, baba is busy attending neighbors when Sachin and Swapna return from school. Mandar walks in followed by Meghna. Sachin says all the lectures were in English and he found it difficult to understand. Meghna says she will hire a tuition teacher for him then. She later calls principal and informs her that Ram is coming with uniform quotation and she can check it and forward to school board members. Principal nervously agrees. Mandar tells Meghna that he liked her idea of hiring tuition teacher for children as children need to compete with other students. He thhen goes and helps children in their homework. Meghna gets very happy and emotional seeing Mandar’s changed nature.

Precap: Meghna buys new car. Panditji performs pooja and asks to go on a short drive. Meghna asks where to get driver now. Mandar opens door and says come in madam, driver is ready. Meghna gets very happy.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Thank you for the fast update MA.

  2. There’s really nothing wrong with having and wanting a better life like Meghna but she’s flying too high, too fast. She’s never thought of what will happen if she loses even one contract. She’s taking up debt in the name of growing with no contingency plan. I hope the rug doesn’t get pulled underneath her feet. Prarathana and Virajs’ storyline was cute, now it turned idiotic, explains why they’re not seen anymore. If they don’t come with new thinking, what happened, how did they lose everything like that, find out what happened and decide to fight back, it’s okay, they can keep them away on honeymoon.

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