Vish 18th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Vishera sends a gift for Sabrina

Vish 18th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Alia comes to her room but cannot find the jar in which she had kept the spider. It has rolled under the bed. She is about to look around when Maria tells her that she has been called back by her hospital. Your time is over in Kothari Mansion. Alia is confused. Why?

Sabrina thanks someone on call for calling Alia back. She was meddling with family matters which I don’t like. She ends the call. She thinks to take care of Sid now.

Aditya receives message from Sid’s number. I had to leave for some urgent work. I couldn’t inform you. Aditya texts him back. Sabrina and Aditya share a few texts. Maria comes to inform Aditya that Alia has been asked to leave. I don’t know why and who called her but I know that she is the only doc who really cared for Mohit Sir. She has become family. I thought

to inform you. She leaves. Aditya is in thoughts. She is lucky as she is escaping. She was irritating me anyways. We can find many better doctors.

Alia looks at her father’s photo sadly. I know that the mystery of your death is associated with this island but I cannot stay here anymore. Something happens whenever I am this close to solving it! Maria and the staff gift her cake. Alia hugs Maria. Aditya notices them from far and walks away. Alia receives call from her senior who tells her not to return. Flashback shows Aditya asking Alia’s senior to let Alia stay here. Alia asks her senior if someone has spoken to him for her. Doc was advised by Aditya not to share he is behind it. Doc does not tell her anything. Alia thinks that it must be Sabrina’s doing. Aditya must be scared as I was trying to save Mohit Sir’s life. I will expose him!

Sabrina is happily singing to herself.

Alia gets inside the CCTV room stealthily to find some proof against Aditya. She checks the footage of the day Mohit had slipped from the balcony. She does not check the latest footage of Sabrina’s room as she focuses on the party night. Sabrina has received a gift from a well-wisher. She laughs thinking she cannot give her heart to everyone but she can certainly have everyone’s hearts.

Vishera laughs evilly. I hope you will like my gift Vishkanya! How will you escape it now?

Sabrina removes the paper cover and finds herself looking into a mirror. She shouts as her hand gets stuck in the glass. Alia stands up wondering what happened.

Vishera says a mirror never lies.

Alia has her back to Sabrina’s footage.

Sabrina struggles to break free from the mirror.

Alia decides to first check the footage of the party night first.

Sabrina uses her powers to break free from the mirror’s clutch. She manages to break it and set herself free.

Alia records the video of Mohit’s room in her phone.

Aditya notices Alia approaching him and thinks that the Dean took her name before her. She shows him the footage which leaves him in shock. She tells him that he has been caught. I was right about one thing. You don’t respect humans! You say that you finish whatever is useless to you. Breaking news – people and humans are different! I had a doubt that you are responsible for Mohit Sir’s condition. You asked me to come with a proof and here it is! Aditya admits he went to his brother’s room. This is my house. I will go wherever you please. This video proves nothing! Go and show it to police. Do whatever you want but I am not afraid of your threats! She says I will do what I want to. He says even I will do what I have to do. She demands to know what he will do. Will you push me in the pool again? This is what you do! You don’t know how to respect or care about someone. He tells her she is on the right track. As I said, do whatever you want to. I don’t care! She turns to go but the pole is about to fall. He holds her just in time. They share en eye lock. She finally walks away from him.

Sabrina is irked with Alia for not leaving the Mansion. She must have known it by now that Aditya has stopped her. She must doubt me by now. Alia comes there just then to talk to her. Sabrina tells her to close the door first. Alia closes it. She next tells Sabrina that it is Aditya who wants to send her away from here. He is afraid that I will expose him. Dean dint tell me who stopped me from going but I am sure it is you! Sabrina pities her mentally. Alia shares that Aditya was in mohit’s room the day he fell from his room. I can show it to police. Sabrina stops her. She thinks police might not be as foolish as her. She tells Alia that this is a family matter. We wont tell this to anyone till the time we are 200% sure. Keep an eye on Aditya till then. Thank you. Alia leaves. Sabrina laughs thinking how Alia will be keeping a tab on Aditya now. Both of them will stay busy pointing faults with each other. It is Vishera who I have to be careful of. That mirror was his idea. It is time to fight with him. I must finish him before he finishes me. Now it will be his end and I will win!

Precap: Everyone is celebrating Alia’s birthday in Kothari Mansion. Sabrina hears the music and recognizes it to be the tune that Vishera plays. How does the DJ know about it? She floats high in the air because of it. Everyone suddenly looks up towards the ceiling and Sid’s dead body falls in front of them with a thud.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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