Hamari Bahu Silk 18th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Natasha’s ultimatum to bring dubbing artist

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Pakhi gets a call from Natasha who was crying and tells Pakhi she would die if she is left alone. Pakhi lies to Ayi that there is a problem in her office with some client’s accounts, she must go now.

At Natasha’s apartment, Pakhi finds Natasha on the floor. She asks Pakhi to go and get the ketchup. Pakhi brings the ketchup bottle. Natasha asks Pakhi how was her acting on phone. Pakhi replies it was well. Natasha says the producers think she needs a voice. She tells Pakhi to fix a meeting of hers with the girl she found, tomorrow.
Pakhi returns home. Ayi cautiously opens the door for Pakhi. They were going upstairs when a water melon slips over the catering pots. Baa comes outside with a wooden stick in hand. Pakhi hides her bag, and goes to pick up the water melon. Baa reminds them

about the house’s rules. Ayi says they had an extremely important task. Pakhi tells Baa they heard the voice and hurried downstairs so that no one could wake up. Baa scrutinizes her dress. Pakhi qualifies she was busy with her office work and didn’t get time to change. Baa believes and tells them to go and sleep. She was annoyed over Maharaj for not covering the catering ingredients, then observes Ayi had been panting. Pakhi says Ayi was out of breathe as she ran outside behind her. Baa tells Ayi to reduce some weight.
Aakash brings Natasha’s favorite ice-cream but finds her asleep on the floor. He carries her to the bed and covers her with the quilt. Natasha holds Aakash’s hand and murmurs about the dubbing artist.

Pakhi sat near Ayi who had fallen asleep. She thinks about Natasha’s demand and offer to raise her salary. She miss her Baba and wonders where she has been stuck. If she denies rendering her voice to Natasha, she will lose her job and house both; and if she does, it would be a disgrace for her Ayi.

The next morning, Naksh was leaving for an important task. Mamta gives him a lunch box so that he eats something. Baa was annoyed and leaves the hall. Naksh requests Mamta to speak to Baa to lend him some more time. Mamta was helpless. Naksh thinks he must surely disclose Pakhi Joshi’s real face to Baa now, only this way he would be able to win her trust.

Outside, Pakhi holds Naksh’s camera as it slips. Naksh snatches it and says thank you, he had been thinking about her. Pakhi gets a call and hurries to leave. Naksh stops her and asks if she won’t ask what he was thinking, her drama of being innocent is about to end soon. She made him lose two of his jobs. Once the camera has been serviced, he will show her photos with Natasha and Pakhi’s game would end. Pakhi asks if Naksh would always depend on others or do something on his own as well.

PRECAP: Natasha takes Ratti to Natasha with a medical certificate that she had throat infection and can’t speak for three months. Natasha was annoyed. Downstairs, Pinky spots Ratti speaking to her mother on phone. Natasha throws a glass over Pakhi and holds a knife in anger.

Update Credit to: Sona

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