Vish 14th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Sabrina gives more poison to Aditya

Vish 14th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Alia comes to Vishloka. She looks at the clock. I don’t have much time. I must find Marubhoomi and Jaiphal asap. She steps outside and finds herself standing in Marubhoomi. She also finds a nutmeg on a tree in front. Dirt blows and she is shocked to see

Sabrina hugs Aditya while he is sleeping. I know you too cannot sleep. Even I am unable to sleep. We are about to get married. I am so excited. He steps away. What are you talking about? She says we are about to egt married. He slaps her. Are you out of your mind? You are my Bhabhi unfortunately. What have you done to my brother? She realises that the effect o ehr her poison is weaning out on him. She tries to calm him down but he decides to bring out her truth in front of everyone. She decides to do something so people wont get doubtful. Aditya asks servants about Mohit but no one tells him anything. Sabrina offers to take him to Mohit but Aditya refuses. He leaves. She is relieved as she can now finally do something with him. I couldn’t do anything with all these people hovering around us!

Alia manages to break the nutmeg. It falls on the ground but the people (zombies) lying unconscious nearby stand up. They charge at Alia.

Aditya is walking on the streets calling out to Mohit when Sabrina comes in front of him. She shows him her Vishkanya avatar. The very next second, Aditya is tied to a chair. He looks at her in fear. She calls it the side effect of her poison. You have seen this many times yet you get scared every single time. The rope is loose. He manages to free himself and covers her mouth before she can bite him. He flees from there. She sends a spider to trap Aditya and it succeeds in its mission. Sabrina tells Aditya that this is the last dose of poison which she is giving to him. It will hurt a little but you will become a Vishpurush afterwards. We will be able to live together. She bites him.

The zombies charge at Alia. She recognizes one of them (it is Ronnie). She hears Rudra Ma telling Alia that she will also turn into one of them if they bite her. Alia asks her where she is. Alia says I may not be with you but I am here for you. I can guide you. Just keep going. Alia frees herself from Ronnie but are attached by 2 other people. She asks Rudra Ma how they are alive in Marubhoomi. Rudra Ma explains that they are dead yet they are alive in Marubhoomi. They are extremely dangerous. I cannot help you any further though. They think they are hungry since forever and they can go to any extent to satiate their hunger. Alia wonders how she should fight with them.

Aditya is in the bath tub. Sabrina is sitting holding his hand. Are you feeling better my love? She thinks the last dose of poison is also inside him. No power, not even Alia can save him now.

Rudra Ma’s words echo in Alia’s head. She steps aside and makes one zombie attach the other. Another zombie (her own father) attacks her next. She looks at him stunned.

Sabrina tells Aditya she will help him get ready for their most special day of their life. Aditya agrees. No one will come between us now. They hear a bird humming.

Alia tries to remind her father who she is but Rudra Ma tells her it is just a spirit. You have to kill him just like you killed the others. Alia calls it impossible. Rudra Ma reasons that her sole aim is to save Aditya right now. It is your duty and dharma. You must kill your Papa to save Aditya. We don’t have much time. Alia strangles her father. She notices more zombies approaching her and pushes her Papa towards them. They eat him up. Alia cries witnessing this. She picks the nutmeg and looks at the clock. Only few seconds are left. How will I go back now?

Aditya is all set for the wedding. Sabrina puts kala teeka behind his ear. He tells her to apply it to herself too. even I cannot take my eyes off you. We will become one after some time. He notices a scratch in his hand. I wonder how I got this. She lies that he got hurt in the evening party. It is just a scratch. You are a strong man. Go now. I will just come.

Maria asks Rudra Ma why Alia isn’t back yet. Alia returns safely just then. Rudra Ma tells her to leave asap. We don’t have time. The sun is about to rise. They are shocked to see Ajud. You want to kill my boss? It isn’t possible till the time I am here. Get ready to die! He extends his tongue towards Alia but Maria stands in front of her. Rudra Ma also uses her powers to stop him. Maria tries to strangle him. He tells her to step aside but she pushes him on the ground. She turns into a crow and hurts him. She returns to her normal avatar. All three ladies walk away holding hands.

Alia adds the nectar of nutmeg in Sabrina’s compact. She will be exposed this way. She hides as soon as she realises that someone is coming. Sabrina enters and feels as if someone is hiding in her room. She checks behind the bed but it is empty. Alia runs behind the bed as soon as Sabrina goes back. Sabrina returns sensing something and notices Alia this time. You may try to hide from the world but you cannot hide from me!

Precap: Alia throws something at Sabrina. She is surrounded by fire. Alia tells her not to think this to weak. I am going to save my Aditya and you wont be able to do anything. Sabrina replies that she may not be able to step out of this circle but my tongue can certainly go out without a problem. She circles her tongue around Alia’s throat.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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