Main Bhi Ardhangini 14th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Mohini decides to kill Maha Maya

Main Bhi Ardhangini 14th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohini asking Maha Maya if she still doubts her. Maha Maya and Adhiraj go. Mohini turns and she becomes Vasudha. Mohini comes out and asks how a mother came to know that her child is in danger. Vasudha asks her to apply lep as told by Bhujang. Mohini says ok and says she will divert them so that you can go. Vasudha gets emotional. Maha Maya tells Adhiraj that the girl is not naagin. Adhiraj says she is a naagin and says something is wrong, I will go to its roots. Mohini comes there and looks at Adhiraj, as her dupatta get stuck with his bracelet/watch. She frees her dupatta. Mohini comes inside and asks why did I come here? Maha Maya asks her to shut up else she will pluck out her tongue. Mohini asks her to do it and kill her. She says until when I will give test. Adhiraj says you are talking to Maha Maya. Mohini says she is questioning her. She asks why you didn’t give me a chance to attack naaglok. Maha Maya gives her a chance to kill Naaglok on Ashtami day and says then don’t ask me that I didn’t give you chance. Adhiraj says why you are looking upset. Mohini says she will tell the naags that she is their enemy. Maha Maya asks her not to come in her doubt circle. Mohini sits down near her and says I will not give you a chance to be upset.

Later, Adhiraj holds Mohini and they have an eye lock. Teri meri prem kahani plays…..He leaves her hand and then holds her hand again asking if it is her habit to act. She asks what is your identity, do you know who are you and from where you came. She says your identity is not more than a Servant. Adhiraj gets angry. Mohini thinks Maha Maya is conspiring against her clan and she shall kill her before that.

Adhiraj goes to the jungle and breaks the wood. He asks who am I? what is my identity? Chunnu comes there and says that is what I am thinking, who are you? He looks at Chunnu and thinks his life is strange and don’t know about his past. A big snake comes and takes Chunnu with him. Adhiraj doesn’t see as he is lost in thoughts.

Jaichand shouts saying he has seen ghost. Mohini comes there. jaichand says ghost is behind him. Rani says I am your wife and not a ghost. Mohini goes. Rani scolds Jaichand for calling her ghost. Jaichand says he didn’t see her.

Bhujang gives laddoo to Chunnu. Chunnu says I am upset with you as you brought me here. He says he was enjoying in jungle. Bhujang says you are a small boy. Chunnu tells that he is an icchadhari naag, recalls Mohini’s words and tells that he will agree to his sayings. Bhujang asks him to eat laddoos and tells everyone that their lives are in danger and tells that Maha Maya will attack us again on Ashtami night and her big weapon will be our Mohini.

Bhujang asks everyone to be careful and says it is not necessary that enemy attack from front. He takes out a knife and says since thousands of years, Maha Maya’s enmity is with me. Maha Maya wears her dress and a knife mark is on her back. She asks he captive naags if they think someone will come and save them. She picks a wood log of naagin and makes it a glass jar with naagin in it. Naagin asks her to leave her. Maha maya laughs and asks her to feel more pain. Mohini comes there and thinks to kill Maya maya today.

Precap: Mohini becomes naagin and is about to bite Maha Maya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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