“MY VILLAIN!!!” TwiNj Few-shots (shot 9)

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Shot 8

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Lets begin

SHOT 9: It was not her mistake

“Today, I’ll tell him all the truth… I will tell him it was not her mistake… It was me who said her to that, I’ll unite her with him. I can’t bear her crying crying her every night… Her slow sobs makes my heart ache… Now I can’t bear it… I’ll tell him the truth” kunj said said to himself as he motioned towards yuvraj’s house. He knocked on the door and the door flew open. Yuvraj’s facial expression turns into anger one. “Why have you come here… Were u not happy after separating two lovers… What is left now… Twinkle is with you… Go take care of her and plz don’t ever come here” said yuvraj trying to be as polite as he can. He closed the door but kunj caught it before it could close perfectly and pushed it, and entered the house. “What the hell?”
Said yuvraj clenching his teeth. “Nothing is hell Mr. Yuvraj instead I have come here to make ur hell as heaven.” Yuvraj gave a confused look not understanding his sarcastic sentence. “Don’t be confused. I m here to written ur heroine Twinkle back. “Oh just cut the crap. Do you think I m a fool or is it written on my forehead. ” said yuvraj sarcastically and continued, “that one betrays me and one comes and tells he is returning her back. Are u mad? I mean after knowing everything, your still expecting that I m going to accept twinkle”.

“But, if I say that it was not her mistake, she just did that to save ur life, if I say I forced her. Will you believe it Mr. Yuvraj”

“Oh plz, you think I m going to believe you” said yuvraj.

“Yah, how can I expect the person who didn’t even believed his wife, to believe me” said kunj smiling and continued, “leave it… If you believe you are welcome. So let me start with the story, when you were in the hospital, she didn’t had money for your treatment so she asked me to help her. I agreed, but kept a condition.”

“What condition?” Yuvraj asked curiously.

“The condition was that I’ll her the money required but only if she becomes my one night stand. She was not ready at first but just to save ur life, she agreed. But my PA got insecure about het. And just to create misunderstanding between us. She leaked that photos. But u didn’t believed her and had just thrown out of your house. On my way from office to home i saw her under a tree crying. I went to her and she fell unconscious upon me. So I carried her home. Rest You know.” Yuvraj was in tears as well as kunj.

“You don’t know how lucky you are to get love of her otherwise u may also look at some unlucky one.” He said wiping his tears.

Yuvraj was to go out but stopped when he saw twinkle’s mother slapping Kunj hard on his cheeks.
She started while crying, “You don’t know what you have done, you have separated her from her parents, her Family and ‘her love’ “. The word her love made his heart bleed. His eyes were blood shot red because of continues trying of stopping tears from flowing. She continued, “you destroyed her life. You don’t know how to respect a girl. A girl who is ready to do anything for her family, her love”.

“Maa, its enough… Now I m going to bring her to her house. I know she will come with me as she too loves me.” Yuvraj said making his way towards his bike. Kunj too went after him in his car.

“HEROINE!!! ” kunj called her. “Yes villain” she said in same tone, while rushing down the stairs.

“There is a surprise for you ” he said trying to be happy.

“Surprise!! for me??” She chirped happily.

“Yes for you, come..” yuvraj comes and stands beside kunj.

Twinkle gets shocked and looks on…

Screen parts with kunj’s sad face, Twinkle’s shocked face and yuvraj’s guilty face.

To be continued….
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  1. I love you….! This is all I could say!

  2. Kruti

    Hey tamanna
    That was a Nice epi…looking forward to d nxt one
    Continue asap

    LOVE YOU,❤❤

  4. Sohi

    It was fabulous
    Feeling very bad for kunj
    Don’t let twinkle get back to yuvraj
    Who doesn’t trust her
    Do continue

  5. Presha

    hey tamanna beautifully written just loved it to the core u naled the emotional but eager to see twinj together

  6. hey tamanna it was just fabulous…..
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    Loved it too good
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  10. Purvi128

    Hey shona,
    Rula diya na tu ne phirse … ek toh tu end kar rahi hai itna acha fs or upar se itni emotional epi… janti hai kitna ro rahi hun mein …!
    Plssss plss villain ko heroine se door mat kar .. yrr … mere twinj …. kunj feeling very bad for him ….
    Me kya bolun … epi was jhakkaassss .. afterall tu ne likhi hai … jhakkaas toh honi hai …! Love u shona ..!❤❤❤❤ My Love
    Lots of love
    Post next asap ..!

  11. SidMin23

    It was emotional episode kunj do love her so much that he will give hers to uv only for her happiness. Do post soon.

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    Amazing episode… Loved it… Feeling bad for Kunj… Plz unite my TwiNj soon… Post next soonest… Can’t wait to know Twinkle’s decision…

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    Awesome amazing
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    ohhhh god tammy☺
    amazing emotional episode too cute n adorable kunj was☺
    pity for him loved it☺
    aaj sab emotional likhne ke mood mein the kya uss din abhi tak saare episodes i read were too emotional☺
    well loved it very mch☺
    love u lods♥♥♥

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