“MY VILLAIN!!!” TwiNj Few-shots (shot 8)

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Hiya friends,
How are you all? Thanks for ur comments. I’ll try replying to ur comments. Plz do keep commenting and encouraging me.


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case if any one missed the previous shot,
Shot 7

Disclaimer: this article is not meant to hurt anyone’s sentiment and if unknowingly do so I sincerely apologize. No proof reading.

Lets begin

SHOT 7: I want to say you something

“Plz mummy ji, Mummy ji yuvi needs me plz let me go plz. Mummy ji plz allow me to see him” twinkle said pleading her mother in law.
“I’ll not allow u… Don’t u have shame at all… firstly I played with my son’s life then asking you to allow inside. After ur betrayal he became drunkard and now see the consequences. He got hit by the truck and now is in hospital bed. Its all because of you.” Said her MIL making her feel guilty.

Her MIL was continuously blabbering but her heart and mind was struck one the bed where her hero or love lied. Her MIL pushed her in order to say get out. but her villain caught her in his arms and saved her from touching the ground just like a hero. “Oh so your boyfriend is also here… Let’s welcome him too” taunted her MIL.
“Aunty she respects you but that does never mean that u can tell whatever you feel like. And she.had not said ur son to drink and drive and BTW she was not the one who leave him it was ur son who had thrown her out without trusting her.

And also she did just to save ur…” she clutched his hand and indicated him to stop through her eyes but unfortunately her MIL saw it and again started her taunts. She was not able to handle it more and ran from there. He too ran behind. It was pouring heavily outside. Locating her he went towards her. She stood under a tree crying her heart out. His heart ached seeing her like that. He went towards her and caught her shoulders. She didn’t even looked at him. His eyes were also watering but the rain covered it. He caught her chin and made her look into his eyes.

Kunj’s POV

I made her look at me and I could Clearly see the pain in her eyes. I know that pain as I’m also going through it. I know I have done bad with her and I think god is giving me the punishment in return and I deserve this. I may be the villain of their story but this villain have really fallen for his heroine. Like every story the hero and heroine will unite and villain will be left behind. I will unite her with her hero… I know it will hurt, but the smile on her face can heel anything. And that smile she will only get by her hero. I just want to see her happiness and I m ready to sacrifice my love only for her happiness. It hurts, it hurts when u love someone dearly but they doesn’t hold the same feelings for u. I know she will never reciprocate the feelings which I have for her. I’ll unite her with her hero, this villain will surely unite her with her hero and that’s the promise.

Kunj’s POV ends

Twinkle’s POV

I look at his eyes and could see some unknown pain… What is it? He may think that rain is covering his tears but he doesn’t know that I know him very well. But why this tears? Uhh… Leave it.. think twinkle think how will you meet yuvi. Its just because of you twinkle that uv is in this state. I looked at MY VILLAIN and he was looking intensely into my eyes. He wiped my tears and I was just admiring him. Twinkle stop it just stop it… U only belong to uv no one else. But y my heart says that I was not made for uv.. Why?

Twinkle’s POV ends…

Screen freezes on both standing looking intensely into each other’s eyes and rain pouring on them.

To be continued….

How was it? I m sorry if it was Short but I wrote it second time as the first time it got deleted so had to write the epi again. And I know writing the same thing makes u feel bored. I m sorry if the epi was not up to the mark.

Plz do comment whether positive or negative. Suggestions are always welcomed. Any confusion do ask me. If any mistakes pls do ignore.


With love,
Urs Tamanna

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  1. Twinjfan.tamanna

    sorry guys, there is a mistake, instead of ex- MIL, I have written only MIL… plz ignore it… I sincerely apologize.


    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      again there are many mistakes in it… plz forgive me… the mistakes like instead of you (u) I have written ‘I’… and there are many grammatical errors as I have written it in only 20 minutes. so I couldn’t check it


  2. Sohi

    It was good and very emotional
    Kunjs pov made me cry
    Plz unite twinj soon
    Do continue

  3. hey tamanna it was awsm..,epi loved it
    post nxt one soon
    luv u,..

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      thanks yaar adeeba

  4. awesome epi dr

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      thanks parul.. I guess its ur first comment on my article

  5. Presha

    Hey tamanna its awesome dear loved it

  6. SidMin

    Loved it ??
    Could feel Twinkle’s pain and confusion……
    Could also feel Kunj’s pain of letting go his love for his love’s happiness ?
    Love you ❤
    Post soon ?

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      thanks mili… I m happy that u could feel the pain… I just wanted that

  7. Awesome as always tamanna feeling very sad for twinj pls unite them yaar

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      thanks sushmitha

  8. Kruti

    That was a pretty nice one….nd a bit emotional too
    Continue asap

  9. Roshini125

    Hey dear….
    It’s really nice sry I couldn’t cmnt on ur previous epis u knw the reason I am little busy with work. N coming to ur ff this is awesome I loved it to the core…n plz yaar unite heroine with villain only.

    Urs lovingly

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      thanks rosh… yaah its okay… let’s see what will happen in next epi till then keep guessing

  10. Hey tammu,
    Very much gudd episode,☺☺ and m in Love with this villain yarr, ??? And out side raining scene was just ???? and Awww kunj POV ?? it had tears in my eye’s ?? Just LOVE it Yarr ??? Plz post soon ??
    Love you,❤ suit hard ??

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      priya haan yaar mai bi iss villain ke pyaar me pad chuki hun… jaanthi hun yeh mera kabi nahi ho saktha… my one sided love… srry to make u cry and thanks for commenting cmmnt queen

  11. Beautifully written.. Next part jaldi upload karna! ?

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      thanks franciee for always supporting me

  12. Intense update Tammy di??
    I think twinki loves uv…
    But I know it is Twinj????
    Update soon

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      thanks cp… haan last me Twinj hi hai… just keep ur trust on me

  13. Awesome amazing tamanna
    It was so emotional
    I hope twinj will unite
    Love u keep smiling

  14. Chiku

    Woaaah!!! It’s amazing. Lovely. ????loved it
    Post soon??

    1. Chiku

      I am ur fan dude???jaldi post karde intezaar mahi hota mujhse??

  15. Purvi128

    Hey shona,
    Ab mein kya bolun …
    Mere pass words nhi hain .. u know i was crying reading this masterpiece …. u perfectly described the emotions … this epi peirced my heart …! I just can’t tolerate this … it made my eyes watery …!
    Shona … rula diya ..! ????????????
    Chal koi nahi … ab jaldi dosei post kerna cuz i am waiting eagerly ….
    I can’t wait …
    Love u ❤❤❤❤❤
    Urs jaan

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      accha maaf kardena jaan tujhe rulane ke liye I m srry..,thanks for commenting

      with love,
      Urs shona

      1. Purvi128

        Yrr shona … dekh tu sorry na bola ker …. mujhe bht bura lagta hai jab koi aesa insaan mujhse sorry keray jo mere liye bht importang ho ..! U r the one …!❤ soo plss never ever say sorry again ….! Plsssshhh shona …!
        Love u .,!

    2. Twinjfan.tamanna

      accha okay I’ll never say srry to u…
      now happy na

  16. SidMin23

    It was nice and kunj love twinkle a lot so that he want his love to go from him just for her happiness and I hope soon twinkle also understands that she is not for iv but she is belong to kunj N how u made be emotional during kunj pov and waiting for twinkle to know that she love kunj not uv over superb episode

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      thanks yaar… twinkle will soon realize it I guess… wait for the epi u’ll get to know…

  17. Sameera

    Wow yaar tamanna villian and his heroine was sooooooo cute yaar kunj loves twinkle alott bechara so sad his pov made my eyes wet yaar love him sooooooo much nice episode yaar ?????…

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      thank you so much sameera… I thought you ll not cmmnt but thanks for commenting

  18. Baby

    ohhhhhh god tammy srsly wat n painful n emotional episode☺
    loved it to infinity☺☺
    very cute but it hurts coz dis heroine only belongs to her villan hhehee☺
    shayad history mein pheli baar baby yeh khe rhi hai hahhaa
    love u lods☺☺♥♥☺☺
    post nxt asap dear☺☺

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      hehehe… haan mujhe bi pehle baar villains ke liye rona aa raha hai… waise thanks for commenting love u too

  19. Shalini15

    Tamnna my baccha tune toh mujhe rula diya yaar????????????????????bechare twinj feeling bad for them hope kunj get his love n twinkle too realize her love for him ☺☺☺☺Hate her ex mil. it was too good n awesome n emotional episode. Loved it????Pls post next asap.

    Love you ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      thanks di for commenting and u r soon going to see it… love u too

  20. Aanya_pandey

    That was such an amazing update.. tjat sorrow they both were feeling??
    Jope everything will b good soon!!

  21. Affaa

    Just now I finished reading… U must be thinking why ur Raj didn’t comment right I was bzy in exam.. And my ff… OK leave… U say my sweetheart…. How u wrote this… Marvelous… My love is so talented yaar… Simran I love you dammit.. And u know it was emotional… I had tears Damm… I’m loving ur shots yaar.. Keep writing… With lots of love raj

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