This Is True Love (Episode 8)

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This Is True Love/TITL – Kaira FF
Episode 8!

Greeting, to all my of beautiful readers! Thankyou so much, I just love reading all your comments, it seriously makes my day bright! My last fanfiction, was just amazing! Hope you guys, enjoy this episode! Cheers to my 8th episode!

Kaira reaches at the gol gappa stall:
Naira: bhaiya, can you pack 20 khatta gol gappa, with chutney
Karthik: aur alag se, 10 gol gappa abhi de do, chilli aur chutney, ke sath
Naira: The first one, to eat all of it, wins!
The guy, gives the gol gappa to them
Naira: 321….start

Naira and Karthik starts eating all the gol gappas…..
Naira: Finish..
Karthik: chilli, bahot hai, I can’t eat
Gol Gappa Guy: Here you go, I packed 20 gol gappas!
Naira and Karthik leaves…
Naira: Karthik, I wanted to spend some time with you, let’s go in that park, it’s full of beautiful flowers!
They sit in the park bench..

Naira holds Karthik hands: It’s beautiful
Naira: kuch bolo Karthik
Karthik: chilli!
Naira gets worried and make him drink water from her bottle!
Naira: Karthik…I’m so sorry
Karthik: It’s ok, why are you saying, sorry! The idea was mine, of this competition!
Naira: Yea, but I was the one who agreed with you! I’m so sorry Karthik!
Karthik: Bas, Naira please don’t be sorry, if you haven’t done anything!
Karthik cups Naira face and says: I love you, Naira
Naira: I love you too, Karthik, sometimes I get scared, what if we get apart?
Karthik hugs her and says: Naira, this will not happen, I promise, we will live together and die together! Naira, do you believe in true love?
Naira: Yes
Karthik: do you really love me?

Naira: shut up, Karthik! Of course, I love you! You didn’t need to ask
Karthik: If we love each other, then we don’t need to worry! True love never ends!
Karthik: if our family won’t agree to our marriage! Will you run away with me?
Naira: Yes, because I love you soooooooooo much Karthik
Karthik and Naira slowly came to each other and kiss each other on their lips
Naira: Karthik, do you remember spending that day…shower?
Karthik smiles: I can’t forget that, that was the best day of my life
Naira blushes
Naira: I felt so relaxed with you
Karthik: Don’t worry, after marriage, you’ll stay with me….can’t wait for our honeymoon
Naira blushes and pushes away Karthik and runs

Karthik smiles and starts chasing her..
Naira goes near tree and from back Karthik catches her!
Karthik: Finally pakar hi liya
Naira: Karthik, dekho kitne sare bache park me arey hai, leave me, kya sochenge bache!
Karthik: ok first kiss………
Naira kisses Karthik on his cheeks
Naira: ok ab bas romance karo, ab chalo!
The hold hands leaving together

Scene shifts to Krishna:
Naksh: Prefect!
Kriti: Wow, Naksh, tara will be so happy!
Naksh smiles!
Gayu: Bhai, you are very lucky to get Tara bhabhi
Naksh: Yes, you are right! I still can’t believe what Rose, has done to Yash. I feel so bad
Gayu: I think Yash bhaiya, should marry to another girl!
Kriti changes the topic
Kriti: arrey tum log bhi na, senti ky ho rahe ho? Aaj raat ke baare me socho! Naksh: I’ll just go home and check Tara, I’ll be back in 30 mins
Naksh leaves…
Kaira enters Krishna

Kriti: Oh ho, inki shakal toh dekho
Gayu: kuch to hua hai, bahot sharam ari hai, tum dono ko
Karthik: kuch nahi hua
Kriti: achha yeh batao, kon jita?
Karthik: Naira jeet gayi!
Gayu laughs: jiju, get ready, shaadi ke baad, Naira toh aapka kya haal kar digi!
Naira: bilkul nahi di, main apne Karthik ko pareshan kyu karoongi?
Gayu: Dekho, abhi se hi Karthik ki side le rahi hai
Karthik: Girlfriend kiski hai?
Kriti: tumari!
Gayu: ok, bahot romance kar liya ab kam bhi karo!

Scene shifts to Singhania house!
Naksh: Tara
Tara: Naksh, where were you? Do you even know, how worried I was?
Naksh: Relax, Tara, sit on the bed! I just went for some work
Tara: accha, toh tumhara kam, jada important hai, mere se and hamere baby se?
Naksh cups Tara’s face: Tum se aur hamari baby se, kuch bhi impotant nahi hai
Naksh hugs Tara
After 30 mins…
Kriti and Naira comes in
Naksh: ok, Tara I have some work, I’ll be back soon
Naksh leaves
Naira: Tara bhabhi chinta mat karo, main or di hai na!

At 8.00
Naira: omg
Tara: what happened!
Naira: voh, Gayu needs some help with her fashion designing, babhi you know na, she doesn’t have much knowledge about fashion! Babhi is it possible for you to go, because you have so many knowledge about fashion?
Tara: yes I will go, anything for Gayu
Kriti: Tara babhi, ap itne bare, fashion designer se milne jarahi hai, toh main aur Naira apko ready karenge
Naira and Kriti gets Tara dressed

At 9:00
Naira: Bhabhi, krishna me jao, aur vape designer honge, ap unse baat karna!
Tara goes inside Krishna
Tara gets amazed seeing all the decoration, pictures and the 3d model
Naksh comes and holds her from the back
Naksh: Surprise Tara, I love you Tara
Tara hugs Naksh

They both sit down on the dining table chairs!
Tara: This is just sooo beautiful
Naksh: not more than you!
Tara laughs and says: Naksh kuchbhi!
Naksh and Tara stares into each other eyes, Naksh comes to her and kisses her on her lips!
Naksh: one more surprise!
Tara: omg!!!!
Tara: these are my favourite dishes, who made these?
Naksh: Kriti, Gayu and Naira made all these dishes but your most favourite dish ‘masala dosa’ I made it. Naira and Karthik bought these gol gappa
Naksh feeds Tara the food.

Tara and Naksh has gol gappa competition
Tara: 321….
Tara finishes all gol gappas before Naksh, so that means Tara wins!

Hey Guys, sorry for the short episode! Remember to comment!

Precap: Gayu and Naira finds out about Kriti having feelings for Yash, Naira gets angry!

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    Nyc one waiting for next part

  2. Hales

    Awsum! Keep writing ….waiting for the next!

  3. Sethidisha002

    why naira is angry

    1. NikkiTa

      she is angry because of Kriti, you’ll find out in next episode!

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