Vikram Betaal 9th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Iravathi choses Man with Chandrabhan’s head as her husband

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Vikram Betaal 9th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Goddess Kali coming to Iravathi and says I will give life back to them and asks her to join their heads. Iravathi joins their heads. Goddess kali gives them life and they get fine. Suryabhan and Chandrabhan look at each other and say how come our heads is on each other body. They get shocked. Iravathi gets shocked and says why she did wrong. Betaal tells Vikram that in the beginning he changed his head with his head. He asks him to say whom Iravathi will choose and says if she choose the wrong then people will badmouth about her. He asks who is her husband now. He asks him to answer and says if you give wrong answer then I will kill you. Vikram thinks I will answer you after leaving from Betaal here. Betaal says whatever you are thinking is not acceptable and asks him to answer

and slow down the yantra. Vikram says Iravathi’s husband is the one whose body have Chandrabhan’s body. Betaal says husband and wife’s relation is joined by heart and body and says its importance is not less. Vikram says Iravathi’s husband will be the one who have Chandrabhan’s head. Iravathi chooses Chandrabhan as her husband. Betaal says you forget what I told you. He says you say and I will leave.

Vikram shoots arrow on him, but Betaal pushes the arrow with his hand and says I made it useless. He says I am going and asks him to go. Vikram returns in the morning. He thinks of Bhadrakaal, betaal and thinks what is their relation, which I can’t understand. he says both are opposite of each other and thinks why did Bhadrakaal want Betaal, only for that yagya or if there is some other reason. He thinks who is this Betaal, whom I can’t bring and thinks if there is some way to bring him. Betaal thinks I am searching way to end Bhadrakaal and the man who have all the 25 qualities will help me. He says if Vikram dies while giving these tests then I will search some other Vikram, but will not compromise with the tests.

Padmini shares her concern for Vikram and doubts on Bhadrakaal. Acharya says we have to stop Maharaj from going to betaal ghaati until we come to know about Bhadrakaal’s intentions. Bhadrakaal comes there and says everyone wants to fulfill their dreams and become complete. He says what Acharya wants, fulfillment of his wishes. He says even bhabhi also wants her son’s wishes to complete. He says I gave life to Vikram so as he helps me. Padmini says we are restless since that day and asks if there is no other way to repay the debt. Bhadrakaal says Vikram have to bring betaal and asks her not to make him forget of his promise. He says time is not same always. Vikram comes and says my promise will fulfill.

Bhadrakaal smiles seeing him and asks where is Betaal? He looks for him and asks where is he? He asks did you come empty handed? Vikram says I returned with some questions, whose answer I need to find. Bhadrakaal says your promise will end searching answers. Vikram says it will not happen. He asks why did he come? Bhadrakaal says he came to see who is not letting him bring betaal. Vikram says I am that reason. Bhadrakaal says I am leaving now, and tells Padmini that he will not go without having food next time without salt. Padmini says sure. Vikram asks Acharya to take out kaal kundali of this man using this time and figure out his truth. He asks Padmini to make him have breakfast. Padmini says sure and takes him with her.

Betaal laughs and says now starts your 3rd qualities, I want to see you are viveksheen or not. Padmini tells Vikram that she got his favorite food made and asks soldiers to go. Two snakes are nearby them. Padmini tells him that she is doubtful about Bhadrakaal who can bring trouble for Ujjaini. She says when he revived you, I thought he is good, but when he sent you to bring Betaal then I understood that his motive is wrong. She says we are getting involved in his conspiracy. Vikram says until I catch betaal, their truth will not come. Padmini asks him to ask betaal about Bhadrakaal’s truth. Vikram says he didn’t tell me and gets me stuck in the stories. He hears snake sound and tells Padmini that there is someone here other than us.

Two icchadhari Naagin come infront of Vikram and tell that other Vansh is attacking them. Vikram assures them that nothing wrong will happen with them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Superb episode. Aham sir u r superb and marvellous actor. Ishitha mam u r also a superb actress. Best show. Aham u r acting ????. Marvellous episode. Waiting for Monday episode

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