Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 9th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Mishti had an accident

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 9th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari calls Mishti on a video call on Ishaan’s phone. She offers Mishti to come to Water Park with her. Ishaan asks Mamma for permission. Mamma says what could be the problem with it. Kunal recognizes Mamma at once. Pari thanks Ishaan for letting Mishti, while Ishaan thanks Kunal for solving a problem for him. Ishaan promises to drop Mishti to a convenient point, and her mother will later pick her up.
After the picnic, Kunal stops the car by his apartment. Mishti and Pari were excited and wanted to play a little more. Kunal permits the girls but forbids them to go to the corner where work was going on. Mishti hides behind a car while playing hide and seek. Someone spills water on the broken wire. Pari had found Mishti and warns her not to step over water. Mishti doesn’t realizes,

she steps over the wire and with a jolt she fells on the floor, unconscious Pari holds a wooden rod to remove the wire from the plug. Kunal comes hold Mishti to hospital while Pari calls Ishaan.
In the hospital, Kunal wore a mask and applied dressing on Mishti’s wounds. Pari stood in front of the temple and prayed for Mishti’s recovery. Mauli reach the hospital and was hyper that Pari’s father must have been careful, he must have taken care of Mishti. Pari comes from behind and says it wasn’t her Papa’s mistake. Mishti will be fine. Their maid explains the incident to Mauli. Pari holds her ears to apologize. Mauli wipes Pari’s tears and says I am sorry, I was tensed.
Kunal gives an injection to Mishti. Mishti wakes up and shouts, Mama! Kunal greets Mishti for waking up and cheers her up. Ishaan notices that OT’s lights had gone off. Mauli hurries inside the OT. Kunal was just coming outside and hits Mauli’s shoulder. He looks behind but Ishaan calls her. Kunal tells Ishaan that Mishti is fine, in only a little shock. He apologizes as Mishti was his responsibility. Ishaan says it’s no one’s responsibility, but Kunal only needs to calm her mother.
In the OT, Ishaan comes to Mauli and Mishti. Mishti greets Ishaan and says it seems her mama was injured instead of her. Ishaan says they must make Mauli meet Pari’s father. Mishti says Kunal is a good doctor and very handsome. Mauli goes to meet him.
Outside in the corridor, Kunal notices Pari had fever. Pari says its stress .Kunal takes her home.
Mauli comes out but Kunal was walking outside. A nurse gives her Mishti’s reports and documents.
Mamma stood in the temple. The Pandit ji asks if her son doesn’t stay with her, she comes alone for Pooja for his life. Mamma thinks she is unfateful that she sent her own son away, how she must go to him or with what face he can return? She might never meet him again. All at once, strong winds blow and Mamma sense someone walking towards her. She looks behind but no one was there. Kunal and Pari walked towards the temple through the same passage. Kunal asked Pari she wasn’t fine, then didn’t she rest. Pari claims to be her mother’s daughter, she had to bring Chunri here. Mamma was walking her way back. She hits a lady on the way, her platter spills. Kunal and Pari had walked to the temple without noticing Mamma. There, Mamma wipes her tears and then heads to distribute some shawls amongst the poor. She remembers she didn’t ask the time for today’s Pooja from the Pandit. Kunal and Pari were on their way by then. Mamma spots them leaving.

PRECAP: Kunal calls Ishaan to inquire about Mishti. Mauli asks Ishaan to invite Pari and her father home. Kunal recognizes Mauli’s sound.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I didnt understand the beginning… If Kunal recognized his mother in the video call then why didn’t he question about it? I dont like how mamma is thinking, before the leap she scolded Kunal the most. Now it seems she will readily take him back. Maybe she is thinking Mouli will marry Ishaan one day and go to his house and then they can have Kunal back? If Nandini was alive things would have been different. But now i feel mamma will definitely want Kunal and pari back 🙁
    I dont want to see Kunal scenes. I want the story to be about Mouli’s life and i want to know more about Ishaan. Mouli was never given a proper beginning of her love story. When the serial started, Mouli and Kunal were already in love and married. And now Ishaan is already in Mouli’s life for three years. I just want to see how Ishaan met Mouli, when he began falling for her, how he first met the rest of her family and he bonded with Mishti. But all that part was skipped and now it is Kunal kunal kunal again. Its like the writers dont even want to make an effort to give a proper love story to Mouli. So many scenes were dedicate to the true, pure, mahan, seven birth love of Kunal/Nandini. Why not give the same screen time to Mouli and Ishaan.
    Besides, i feel the writers are using Pari’s cuteness to generate sympathy for Kunal as well. Every time Mouli gets angry at Pari’s father’s irresponsibility, pari comes with her sweet face saying her father is the best and Mouli calms down. In this case, Kunal should have been more careful. Children are so playful and energetic, they can get hurt in a blink of an eye. Single father and oh so caring Kunal should know that. If electric work was going on, Kunal should have been more careful instead of just telling them to stay away, as if children will pay attention to that.
    I just dont want Kunal to be focus again. He deserves no sympathy or forgiveness or place in Mouli’s life. If mamma wants him back, its her decision. But just show us more of Mouli and Ishaan please.
    Also, when will big boss end so that this show gets a more reasonable time slot. 11:30 is too late

  2. Does anyone feel like Mauli and Kunal will get together again and all will be forgiven? If so, do you think it’s right? I am not sure how the story will go, but I wouldn’t wish them to get back together. I think it would be too easy. Mauli should marry Ishaan and Kunal and Pari should go back to England or wherever they were. Kunal did very wrong and stole the best years of Mauli’s life. I may be wrong but that’s what I feel.

  3. Both kids are cute, not sure how old Kunal and Nandini’s daughter is. Guess once we find out how long Nandini died we will know.

    What I don’t get is why the show keeps pushing the importance of Kunal and Nandini’s illicit relationship on the viewers to accept. The scene where Pari ran into the house for the first time and stepped into the red color, isn’t that symbolic of them accepting Nandini as Kunal’s wife. They are already giving more importance to her daughter than Mauli’s.

    The writers failed to get that the viewers can’t digest how a man who had a very happy and fun filled life with his wife can suddenly go mental over another woman. Insult and humiliate his loving wife in front of his mistress and the viewers are supposed to feel empathy for them. They chose to be selfish and think about what makes them happy, not about the bigger picture and how other peoples’ life got messed up because of them. If Mauli and Kunal were having marital problems and then Nandini came into the picture, that’s another story but Kunal and Mauli were so in love for over 6 years and then suddenly Nandini was the love of his life and Mauli was just time pass. That’s a bitter pill for any self respected woman to digest.

    It would be nice to see Kunal feel the same pain he give to Mauli when he sees how Ishan and Mauli gets along and how much Ishan loves Mauli. More than Kunal ever did or could.

    1. Sujitha

      well said I totally agree with you

    2. Totally after with u too

  4. This is a blo*dy show everyone keeps on talking about kunal and his affair. This is prevalent in society and it’s normal for marriages to break down. All the women here picking on a little child (pari) because of nandini like come on shes a child & if mauli does get back with kunal it’s her choice. Whatever the writers choose to do is there choice if you don’t wanna watch it then don’t loool it’s crazy how ppl are getting over Silsila it makes me laugh so much! I’ve watched far far worser shows in English Channels 😂 like Hollyoaks eastenders etc! Even crime patrol shows worser things

  5. And mamma gave birth to kunal every mother loves there children no matter what they do and would miss there children obviously! I’m a mum too I can’t even leaving my children for 6 minutes let alone 6 years!!

  6. Even imagine leaving my*

  7. Mouli should marry ishan

  8. Mouli shouldnt back in kunal’s life

  9. why I cant stand kunal scene as it was kunan scenes . Why I felt the writer is trying to glorify his image . Is this the fear that the actor will leave as the lead actress. .Anyways I dont like even after suffering from nandini death and raising a child alone he hasn’t any guilt for his family still nandini and his daughter .Even after hearing his mum and dida voice he didnt act like he is missing them only care to have courage and talk to them for his child sake.What kind of person this selfish man . now obviously that his mum missed him , feel guilt for him and he will accept him again and as mum myself I cant blame her . But I wonder if his mum wont blaming mouli after knowing his sun suffering and try to make her accept kunal either . Though i feel irritating from watching this show but still hope the writer give mouli back his self respect and dont reunite mouli and kunal even for this lovely child .

  10. Comments are always entertaining in this serial…than the serial itself…
    People are so hell bent upon glorifying Mauli and wanting her life perfect…aren’t even seeing how Mishti and Pari are missing a part of a parent…calling someone popsy will not make him her dad…no matter what.. and try asking a child who hasn’t seen her mother and grew up without a mom…the child might tell you how it feels….go to an orphanage if you want to see…..people are so blinded about glorifying one and punishing the other for a mistake….they disregard the consequences others facing around them….you guys want a mother not to forget her son……
    Whether you like it or not…both adults have committed mistakes…both Kunal and Mauli are not perfect individuals…and you guys want the children to suffer because of the mistakes they never did. Wow!

    1. What irritates me about a lot of these serials are the kids suddenly having a connection to a male they only just met forsaking the one who has been with them… it happened in Kasam, in the KKB which won’t end and now here…. if there are any writers reading these comments please stop copying each other’s story lines. It’s stupid.

  11. Let ishaan and mouli marriage. We do not want kunal anymore. Let he suffered just like what he did with mouli

  12. Sujitha

    father really who got happy after knowing he doesn’t need to bound with mauli because of baby called father, because of the person reason for the baby comes to the world means not a father who really love that baby hole heartly without any hesitation and the name sake become a good father, if you said that child of nanthini crave for mother love so need mauli accept her cheating husband back in her life mauli not pari biological mother as for ur point . Perhaps ishan have any rights and wrong be the father for in mauli’s child life because he is not her biological father means it’s also wrong for mauli become the mother of pari also. yes I agree child in orphans crave for their parents love who loss them in some treble incidents but not the child who left in orphan by their own parents for their selfishness in fact these kinds of child never wants to see them in their life again I not say this for want to say something but I personally see that in my own eyes.

  13. If Pari needs mother’s love, why it has to be Mouli? If anytime Pari gets hurts, everyone will say Mouli doesnt care for her sautan’s daughter. Kunal doesn’t love Mouli. For him Nandini is his one and only true love. If Pari needs a mother, he can marry any woman and it will be the same thing for him. Not all stepmoms are evil and Pari can get love from her father’s third wife. Why again force Mouli into a loveless marriage because once upon a time she was married to him? Since the time Kunal is back, he has thought about his mom and granny, but has he even once thought about Mouli? Mouli now has a man in her life who loves her and wants to keep her happy and if she wants to settle again, it should be with him rather than her cheater ex-husband. And coming to Mishti, why would she ever want to stay with a father who got happy when he thought she was a lie? How will Mishti feel when she realises Kunal left her mother and her for a life with Nandini and eventually Pari? I wont be surprised if Mishti gets jealous of Pari even. There is no need for Mishti to stay with Kunal and feel unwanted everyday, to remember that her father never wanted her and wasn’t happy at the thought that she will be born. Ishaan is her popsy and will always remain her popsy. Its because of Ishaan that Mishti doent feel the need for her own father, and always introduces him everywhere as her popsy. Its cruel to suggest that Ishaan should go away from Mishti’s life for a father like Kunal

    1. Couldn’t agree more anyone can be pari’s mother, there are women who loves kids but can’t have on their own. Why not making a win win situation by giving a chance to a women who wants to be mother and at the same time give a mother to pari instead of making mauli and her daughter miserable again to accommodate kunal and pari needs.
      It is so double standard , kunal can abandon his mother and dadi with whom he shares blood and who raised him for a 2-3 months new women but mishti is supposed to be with her blood related father ( who never wanted her or was ever interested on her) instead of the man who loved, cherished like she was his real daughter.

  14. Dezine

    instead of showing nandini’s daughter, the makers could have retained nandini and show her as a childless and kunan’s marriage under crisis. i didn’t like the idea of kunal having a daughter.

    1. That is a horrible thing to want for another woman even if it is just a character…. Shame on you… your heart if full of dirt go drink some holy water and stop watching Indian serials

  15. Jeez people who watch this soap are so emotionally involved…. You want Kunal to suffer when you should be concentrating on Mauli’s happiness to grow. Who are you to want someone to be away from their family and die lonely and tortured? The best way to end this show would be for Kunal to stay faithful to his second wife’s memory and get Ishaan and Mauli married. See I used the word second wife, he paid his dues by separating himself from the entire family, some people may say he didn’t think about who would look after his family – his family didn’t want him, he left because he couldn’t handle their rejection, and he stayed with that separation. He committed a sin yes but the way some of you are spewing hatred against him you’d think he murdered a child or worse. The character paid his dues, lost his wife and his family – what else would you like him to do? Lose his kid too? That is the picture some of you sour people are painting. What pleasure will you receive in your life from a fictional characters’ suffering?

    1. Kalika, leave it… these people won’t understand…they are beyond repair…that’s why Indian society has so many children found in the gutter or a dustbin….women taking advantage of domestic violence law, and so many suicides…’s all because of such people existing in reality…. it’s sad and shameful… this is just a serial ….and people have such strong and vengeful opinions over a fictional character…..imagine their opinions and how sour they are in real life….
      I wonder if no one has ever committed any mistake….(not ema)….that they are so perfect like they have bathed in milk and have no flaws…
      And there are no serials made with original story…even in saas bhi Kabhi bahu thi had ema, same person marrying several times….marriage has no values in a TV serial….it’s like every 10 episodes they get separated, get married to someone else…then repeat again….Ekta is one disgusting woman…with zero ethics…she disgusts me…KKB is horrible as well…same situation here….people are ok with a woman living with a man without marriage and fooling the world saying they are husband and wife….but not ok with other things…marriage and relationships are a joke on Indian TV….

    2. I dont deny that i am still sour over Kunal/Nandini. Not many serials affect me like this, and i dont follow most if the storyline doesn’t appeal to me. I wonder why i am so emotionally involved with this one. This serial came right after dil se dil tak where i was already pissed at what they did to Parth and Sorvori. I was just to fed up of every serial treating marriage as a joke where the women get thrown out of the house in the blink of an eye and then come back forgiving everything as if nothing happened and their self respect doesnt mother. So in a way i had dismissed silsila even before it began. But slowly it became clear that in many ways this show was different. I loved Mouli and Kunal/Mouli’s relationship, i loved when Nandini left Rajdeep and began a new life for herself. Hell, I dont even mind that Nandini fell for Kunal. Only Kunal’s side was never clear to me, how he could simply forget his first love and get obsessed with another woman like that. Still, i wouldnt have minded if both of them had given minimum consideration to Mouli’s feelings. But I couldn’t handle the betrayal or how they kept lying to Mouli for weeks. There were numerous scenes and actions that pissed me and by the end i just wanted Mouli to get away from these two. That happened and i am glad for that
      Now i agree that by this point of the story Kunal has already suffered a lot. He is living a lonely life for probably 3-4 years and he has to also answer to his little daughter and it kills him to see his daughter getting engulfed in that loneliness too. In story, six years have passed and it makes sense for Radhika to wish her son back. But for me, as a viewer, it was only last week that Kunal doubted Mouli’s pregnancy and divorced her to run back to Nandini. I definitely dont want him to die a torturous death, and maybe with time, i wont be affected by him either. but right now its too soon. And i pray to the writers, that this time they dont make the same mistake they did before. Back then, in order to generate sympathy for Nandini, they showed her as a bechari and tried to prove her sooo good in so many ways. I just hope they dont force us to forgive Kunal hurriedly too, because then i will again be pissed. Now that there is a little child pari involved, I really hope she gets her grandmother’s love and happiness in her life. But I also want Mouli to move on with Ishaan. Lets see what happens…
      P.s. just a minor thing, but Kunal didnt leave because he couldn’t handle his family’s rejection. He left because he didn’t want Nandini to face anymore pain. Kunal himself stated that clearly in the show. It was all about Nandini and nobody else. Its not as if his family was dancing in joy over the separation

    3. we can feel sympathy with,father , son deserve that. I am a mum in fact but mouli is a human being not an angel and every woman in her position cant easily accept what happened with her and go on without pain . And why kunal in the first place was very happy to not have mouli child and now some people say he is the father and accept that .And in the other hand if nandini is still alive and kunal find out about his child after these years would he would leave his oxygen and back to moili . And after all mouli didnt kill ungrateful nandini to again leave her happiness with a man who loved her and care of her and her child only for a selfish man hurt her badly , called her liar,left her and her child for her best friend only because he is the philological father.The father who was very disappointed when she was coming to life and not happy for a second when he knew that .No he was crying as a child for losing his mistress and having her. and now somebody called him as afather for mouli child . Not every father deserve to be one not in India or any place else . mouli child had his popsy who loved her without condition and kunal child could have a mother who would love her without any background hurt any body in future. because only mouli will be always blamed by kunal for anything wrong happen to his dearest daughter.

  16. I think the show is going to end soon. They could have managed the story after the leap but their problem is they don’t want to show kunal nandini wrong .if they showed it and nandini turned negative they could get very good trp .but because of nandini ..drasti dhami thisshow couldn’t get success .kunal mauli chemistry was also very good but still they are fail and will shut the show. Audience was eager to watch negative nandini but they just proved her mahaan so viewers hate this. They could have replaced nandini also but they just finished her character and she didn’t get any punishment and kunal still miss her and no care for mauli at all that’s really pathetic and wrong. Just other woman was great according to makers so people can’t tolerate.

  17. Yes right everyone wanted to see kunal nandini wrong n negative nandini but she was not ready for negative role..she was already wrong as she betrayed her friend nobody liked her. If they showed all these then show would definitely get good trp. All actors were good but due to poor script the show will shut soon. They could have changed nandini …take another actress who is ready for negative role. No need to die her character.

  18. I think kahi Ishaan Rajvir na ho…Anyways if Ishaan is genuine person then Mauli should not leave him for blo*dy selfish Kunal

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