Vikram Betaal 6th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikram kills Brahmarakshas and saves Veer

Vikram Betaal 6th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikram giving his intro to brahmarakshas and asks Veer to come to him. He asks him not to worry and says nothing will happen to you. Sunanda thinks brahmarakshas might have killed my son by now and cries. Brahmarakshas asks Vikram to give his food. Vikram says you have killed many innocent humans, but not anymore. Brahmarakshas says I am amar because of my knowledge, nobody can kill me. Vikram tries to attack him, but Brahmarakshas pushes him with his hand. Veer shouts friend. Brahmarakshas tries to hit Vikram with his foot, but Vikram moves and gets up. He says you will die with my hand and asks him to recall Pataal Bhairavi for last time. Brahmarakshas says om bhairavi pataal bhairavi and is about to hit him with the weapon in his hand, when Veer asks Brahmarakshas to fight

with him. Villager says we have to do last rites of Veer with whatever body parts is left. Sunanda cries. Vikram gets up and says you will not be saved now. He runs, lifts the axe and attacks on Brahmarakshas’s neck. Brahmarakshas gets injured and dies. Veer applauds for Vikram and claps for him. Sunanda says what will I do without my son. She says she will die. Brahmarakshas cave door opens up. They think don’t know if his hunger didn’t stop and gets worried for more lives. Just then they see Vikram bringing Veer out. Sunanda and others get happy seeing Veer alive.

Vikram comes to the place and sees Padmini doing penance. She says I am guilty of a wife, son and a father. Vikram says you are not guilty anymore, I have done penance and got forgiveness. He asks her to see Sunanda. Sunanda and Veer come to Padmini. Sunanda apologizes to Padmini and touches her feet. Padmini stops her and says I feel bad that I couldn’t able to complete happiness in your life. She apologizes. Sunanda says maharaj saved my son’s life risking his life. Padmini looks at Vikram.

She tells that her penance is still not over and she wants them to take care of Sunanda’s family, and give royal teaching to Veer. Veer says Maharaj has already began teaching me. They smile. Betaal tells Pret Pari that a woman is behind every man’s success. He says there are many exams left for Vikram’s test. Pret Pari says you know Vikram well then why you are taking his test. Betaal says diamond can be precious, but it sparkles if polished. He says I am exposing his all qualities which makes a human devtulya.

Vikram is taking Betaal to Bhadrakaal. Betaal changes his body with Vikram and tells him that lets see Bhadrakaal wants my body or head. Vikram asks what did you do?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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