Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 6th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Chanchal in trouble

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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 6th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bunty asking chanchal not to tell anyone. Chanchal says PT sir is strict. Bunty asks why are you scared? Chanchal takes him out. Buddhi and Surili see PT sir telling Dhairya that he is sparing her this time, but will not next time. He asks her to go to class, but Dhairya moves her legs standing at same position. Chanchal tells Bunty that PT sir will doubt on her as she is the only one who do mischief. Bunty says it is a fun. Chanchal thinks to take it out from his drawer. She goes to his cabin and takes out the box. PT sir is coming to his cabin and teaches discipline to kids and staff. Chanchal is about to take the box out, when she sees PT sir standing. Panjiri gives tea to Kanhaiya and says she will look at the milk on the kitchen. Kanhaiya says it is good that

today it gets boiled. He asks why you are in tension after keeping milk on stove and scolds her. He asks did you see me selling saree on motorcycle. He says because of your hurry, your food taste is spoiled. He tastes the tea and says Pratibha’s poisonous tea is better than this. Panjiri and Pratibha are shocked.

PT sir asks Chanchal to see what is in her hand? He looks at the spring frog and says I know some kids welcome teachers like this. He says so you are the one. Chanchal says I didn’t do this and says I came to take it out from your drawer. PT sir tells that you are oversmart. Chanchal swears on her mums Prarthana and Panjiri, but PT sir refuses to believe him. Panjiri cries and calls Didi. She says my life is ruined. Kanhaiya panics and tells Panjiri that he was scolding her unnecessarily so as to make them understand that kids will feel bad with their scolding. Pratibha says kids learn from their scolding and tells that Panjiri cried as she is not habitual to scolding, but kids are habitual to it. They ask him to scold her. Kanhaiya tastes the tea and says it is good. Malini Maam comes to PT sir. Chanchal hugs her. PT sir tells her that Chanchal welcomed him with this frog. Chanchal says I didn’t do mischief this time and takes Bunty’s name. Malini asks him not to put blame on Bunty and tells PT sir that she was about to tell him about Chanchal. PT sir asks her to call her Papa.

Chanchal gets worried and tells Buddhi that she is getting punished for her old doings. Buddhi asks her not to be scared as she didn’t keep the spring frog. They smell moong dal ka halwa and thinks Papa’s mood will be good today. Chanchal says Dadi and phupha ji will finish it soon. Buddhi says she will sign her whether Papa’s mood is fine or not. Chanchal says we shall go from front door.

Kanhaiya sees the girls coming and asks why did they come late? He says Dhairya, Surili and Shakti came home long back. He says they had halwa and might be doing home work in their rooms. He asks where were they? Buddhi signs her? Chanchal says I can sense that his mood is not good. Kanhaiya says every child will become better with scolding. He asks them to come altogether. Kunti and Pratibha go to their rooms. Chanchan tells Buddhi that Papa is very angry.

Buddhi says we will miss you. Chanchal says how to tell Papa that PT teacher called him. Chanchal is taking to her friend and tells that she didn’t bring her mum to school for hindi essay competition as her mum doesn’t know hindi and she would feel embarrassed by her Sanskrit. Other girls ask Chanchal to tell Papa. Chanchal says my place is in hostel and asks God to show the way and send some help. They hear someone coming and hide. They see Pratap coming home secretly. Shakti says I will check what is happening. Pratap goes to Kunti’s room and thinks to keep the salary fast. Shakti comes there. Pratap thinks Kunti came and apologizes. Shakti asks what did you do this time.

Panjiri brings halwa for Prarthana. Prarthana thinks of Chanchal’s words that she don’t understand her language other than Shubh hai. Prarthana tells that she don’t want to eat it. Prarthana asks her to translate her sentence in hindi. Panjiri translates. Prarthana tries to speak in hindi. Panjiri thinks what happened to Didi. Other girls come and ask Pratap why did he burn Dadi’s saree. Pratap says I didn’t burn, but a man from my play burnt it accidently. He tells that he took saree for bride’s mum, but the man ironing it burnt the saree. Chanchal tells Dhairya that God sent us help. Pratap asks will you tell Sasumaa?

Chanchal asks Pratap to come to her school as fake Papa. Pratap says I will not support this wrong doing. He goes to school as her Papa. PT sir asked are you Chanchal’s father? Pratap says I am jija..

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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