Vikram Betaal 4th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Padmini faces Kal Bhairav’s wrath

Vikram Betaal 4th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaviraj asking Vikram to start the puja. Vikram says ok. Pingla asks Bharmal if he did the work. Bharmal says ok. Everyone cheers for Kal Bhairav. Bharmal recalls the soldiers unconscious, and then signing others to add wine. He then asks the soldiers to take the kalash to the cave. Vikram puts the milk in the pot and stands down. Pingla thinks Kal Bhairav shall kill Vikram. Betaal thinks one can fight with enemy, but not with the family members. He thinks he will see if Vikram succeeds in his test or not. Acharya ji tells Vikram about the good harvest this year. Padmini says it is because of Maha Kaal and Kaal bhairav’s blessings. The pot is about to break and develop cracks. They see heavy wind coming. Virat Singh says what is happening. Acharya says something wrong had happened. Vikram looks down from the window and see strange things happening in the sky. Bharmal and Pingla rejoice. Kaal Bhairav shouts and asks who kept madira/wine on me. He says he will destroy everyone. He comes to land. Acharya tells that Kaal Bhairav is angry. He says we have to calm him down else Ujjaini will be ruined. Kaal Bhairav begin destroying Ujjaini for breaking his tapasya.

Vikram says this can’t happen and comes to Kaal Bhairav. He apologizes to him. Kaal bhairav tells that Ujjaini has ruined his tap and he will destroy his Ujjaini. He makes Vikram falls down. Senapati, Acharya and Kavidas come there. Vikram asks them to go and protect the people till he calm him down. Pingla says Kaal Bhairav will become Vikram’s Kaal. Kaal Bhairav picks a big mountain and is about to throw on Ujjaini. Vikram folds his hand and asks him to stop. He apologizes to him and asks him to punish him, but not his people and asks him not to punish his bhakts. He says if you want to punish me then I am present infront of you and accept punishment. Kaal bhairav keeps the mountain and says if you are responsible then I will punish you and give you death. Padmini pushes him and gets burnt by Kaal Bhairav’s fire. Vikram shouts Maharani. He takes Padmini to Palace and asks Pingla to call Vaid. Vikram says Padmini took the fire on herself. Pingla fumes. Vikram asks Padmini to open her eyes and talk to her.

Betaal says your wife gave the sacrifice and you couldn’t sacrifice for your people. Vaid ji comes and checks Padmini. Bharmal asks Pingla why did Vikram gets saved from Kaal bhairav’s agni. Pingla says Vikram will die half if Padmini dies. Vaid ji checks and tells that her soul went away from her body and only some divine power can save him. Vikram asks Padmini to open her eyes and prove that Vaid ji is wrong. He asks Acharya to see what happened and says don’t know why Kaal Bhairav is punishing me. Virat Singh comes and says that milk had wine which you kept on him. He shows the sample. Vikram smells and thinks how this is possible. He thinks Kaal Bhairav got angry because of wine and took out his anger. He says this is a big conspiracy and tells Acharya that he has to search Kaal Bhairav and tell him that he didn’t do this sin and it is someone else conspiracy. He says may be he will make Padmini fine hearing this. He says I won’t let anything happen to Maharani and goes to the cave. He calls Kaal bhairav and asks him to come infront of him and give him darshan. When he don’t see him coming, he thinks what to do.

Acharya tells Vikram that there is one way and says if someone makes Kaal bhairav gets mukti from brahma dev’s death then he can become peaceful. Vikram goes there and sees a lady coming infront of him. Betaal thinks if his love for his wife is strong.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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