Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 47

Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date…

Author’s Note..I loved writing this episode and i hope you all enjoy reading as much as i enjoyed writing…

‘’what the ?’’ Shivaay said horrified

‘’Shivaay Aap?’’ Anika stood up from her place

Everyone else looked at Shivaay silently….

‘’ohh so you woke up? And how come you are here? ‘’ Anika tried to blabber hiding something behind a little kid

‘’First tell me what the hell is all this?’’ Shivaay asked Anika and shoot daggers through his eyes on the airhostess and stewards

‘’I was bored there. What will I do the whole time sitting in that not so small room. So I came here , also I wanted to see the whole flight  and see she helped me’’ Anika said pointing her finger towards the airhostess, who brought Anika to Economy class

‘’that’s okay? But like really you are sitting on the ground and playing Ludo with the kids ? I meamn Anika really? You have hell lot of games on the screen right infront of you in the first class’’

‘’that’s so boring Shivaay…you know real fun is playing like this and see how enthusiastically everyone are watching our game …I was about to defeat these three little munchkins and then play cards with dadaji , dadiji and nanaji…and we planned treasure hunt too…but you came’’

‘’What? Like seriously?’’

‘’hmmm…yaaa..and you know what I was also about to ask for the yummy Haldirams bhujia with a cup of hot chai…I am sure you will not allow me to eat that too’’

‘’absolutely right…you know you just got better and then I cannot allow you to indulge on bajjiyan or so’’

‘’offo I said bhujiya, not bhajjiyan , please bajjiyan ka yaad bhi mat dilaoo…aapko pata hain besan mein halka sa jeera, mirchi powder, namak , pani milake aloo ko usko mein dip karke, jab tel mein talenge  aur garma garam kahtenge tho kya mazaa aata hain…ummmm…mere mooh mein pani aaraha hain’’




(Don’t even make me remember fritters, you know when you mix paprika powder, cumin seeds , salt and water in gramflour and then added potatoes and deep fry in oil and then when you eat those fritters real hot , you will just enjoy every bite of it…ummmm…my mouth is getting watery)

‘’beta thora azwaiin bhi milado na aur behter taste aayega’’ Naniji added

(Dear, if you add little bit of carom seeds it will taste much better)

Shivaay looked at Naniji and then at Anika

‘’yes Naniji …and then pakode also…’’

‘’Samosa you forgot didi, and our aamchi Mumbai famous vada pav, missal pav ‘’ the little kid said

‘’Uff stop it, stop it’’ shivaay roared ‘’you don’t need to add any other food items list’’ he said to the kid and then ‘’you dpn’t need to tell the recipe of the same’’ he said to Anika and then he looked at other kid. The other kid was trying to hide the things which Anika set behind him

Understanding the situation Anika tried to divert Shivaay by saying

‘’You anyways wouldn’t allow me to eat those, anyways we wouldn’t get all these in Paris, what’s your problem in atleast dreaming about them?’’

‘’one minute..move aside, ‘’ he walked towards the kid and Anika got tensed

‘’What’s all this Anika?’’

Anika looked at the three trays with three empty aluminium boxes , tissue papers, disposable glasses, and spoons all kept aside and then at Shivaay….and then she looked aside

‘’I arranged special food for you in the flight and here you ate all this? ‘’

‘’noo..i mean I ate one and then rest two  these two kids’’ she pulled both kids towards her and said ‘’these two kids ate..haina cutie pie’s’’ she asked them indicting them to accept what she said

The kids remained calm

‘’their silence said it all and now tell me what all you ate? And who did dare to give you these without my permission’’

The airhostess was scared as she was the one who gave Anika everything

‘’one..one minute…yes I ate all these three boxes food…I mean they were so yummy, roti –panneer ki sabzi, dal with rice and rajma chawal…trust me they were yummy, you should also try’’

’’didi, we ate 6 icecreams  individually and they were yummy, say this man that he should try them too’’ the kid spoke innocently and Anika immediately covered the kids mouth in horror


‘’ Just 6 icecreams Shivaay  ‘’ Anika said while  Shivaay looked at her in horror and held his head listening to her while everyone else controlled their laugh

‘’Anika let’s go from here…and this crew I will see them once I land’’

‘’why…why, will you see them? If I am not wrong you have ordered them to fulfil all my wishes , bechare they said that you had ordered special food , it was only me who insisted them so much that they had to give in’’ she spoke making faces and playing with her curls looking somewhere else

‘’you are crazy Stupid’’

‘’I am not Stupid, you are khadoos..kadoos singh Oberoi’’ she brought her tongue out

A feeling of happiness ran down his spine but then he came back to his original and said

‘’now listen, you are coming along with me and be a good girl till we land, enough of your drama’s and naughtiness. Just come along’’ Shivaay

A little kid came to him and said ‘’Please leave didi here’’

The mom of kid stepped forth and said ‘’beta, sshhh…come here ‘’ and then looking at Shivaay she spoke ‘’iam sorry on behalf of my kid, please take your wife along with you’’

‘’Wife !!!!’’ Anika and Shivaay together looked at each other and said ‘’how, when’’

Not in a mood to extend and create scene Shivaay held Anika’s hand and walked towards First class and Anika sadly followed leaving her newly made friends disheartened

——————London Flight

‘’Gauri I asked you something…please reply’’

Gauri was still blushing

‘’Gauri…do you like me?’’

Gauri bent her head in shy and smiled…he hugged Gauri and said ‘’I like you too and I really want this Like to turn into L’’ Gauri cupped his mouth with her hands

‘’Gauri I don’t know , but I will promise that no matter what I will never try to hurt you.. I just want you to be my side always. Will you’’

‘’Om…as long as you are correct , I am and will always be with you and I know you will never be wrong’’

‘’Thanks Gauri..’’


‘’oops Sorry’’

She hit him with pillow….they had a cute pillow fight and then hugged each other …….

‘’Om…we have discussed everything, but since we are free now and there is time for the flight to land, I want to know everything about the business in London and if you have the blue prints of the architecture, I want to see it once’’

‘’fine..just give me a min, I will bring them’’

Om left from there and Gauri was smiling thinking of the LIKE proposal.

————————– OM, Mumbai

‘’Rudra…what did you just say?’’ Sumo asked breaking the abnormal silence between them

‘’nothing..it..just…just slipped out of my mouth’’

‘’Rudra..look at me…’’ She held his shoulder and made him face her

Rudra looked at her

‘’Do you really mean what you said , or was it just’’

‘’Come on Sumo, you know me, I do and say weird things, did you ever take them seriously that you are questioning now?’’ Rudra tried to act smart and this disheartened Sumo

Sumo left his shoulders and turned to go

‘’Sumo…listen’’ Rudra called her from back

‘’yes Rudra’’ she turned towards his back

‘’i..i will get ready in 15 minutes and come down…we will leave for office’’

Sumo didn’t reply anything and left from there to the living room

Sumo TAM ‘’I thought his words were true, for a moment I felt my self the luckiest…uff Sumo what happened to you, you know how Rudra is…it’s his mere infactuation that you both came close sometime before, but my first kiss was to him, my first feelings were for him and now when he said he loves me, I thought , I thought ….forget it, I don’t want to think anything more..i need to concentrate on what I have to do, Om bhayya and Shivaay bhayya has given me a big responsibility , so I will from now on concentrate on that…’’

Rudra TAM ‘’what did I just do? When she asked I was serious or not, why the hell did I say so…I know I have feelings for her, I can’t even forget the kiss though the situation was different, I know I feel strange if she is not beside me, I know if I fight with her, I will not be me, then why did I just do this…but ..but what…everyone is right in calling you duffer, you can’t do anything properly Rudra…not even a single thing…Sumo was clearly expecting me to accept that I was serious, now I don’t know what she is going through…already we have something major to handle and I did this stupidity…God knows what will happen from here on’’

Rudra after 15 minutes came down all dressed up in 3 piece suit…Saumya was also ready  they both took blessings of Dadi and Prinku hugged them wishing both all the best…they in return wishes her Happy and Safe journey as she had her flight that night to Australia.

———-In the Car,

‘’Sumo..are you okay?’’

‘’yes , Rudra, I am very much fine’’

‘’thank God Sumo, I thought, you were ‘’

‘’Rudra from here on call me Saumya, my name is Saumya Tendulkar, and I would like to be called so’’

Rudra applied sudden brake and looked at her ‘’But Sumo, I call you ‘’

‘’You used to call me, but I guess we are only professionally connected Rudra, so call me Saumya and I don’t think it is something very difficult ‘’

‘’okay…okay..Ms.Saumya Tendulkar’’ he started driving

‘’And yeah, Mr.Rudra Singh Oberoi, in office too I would like to be treated with professionalism, I know we have to work together so please don’t bring anyother sort of relation in this’’

‘’anyother relation? What do you mean?’’

‘’friendship..i mean to say…’’

‘’ohh so now you are saying there is not even friendship that’s remaining between us…wow…perfect…what a nice start to new journey..fine…as you say’’

‘’we will be better being STRANGERS rather than friends or something else…this is good for both of us ..we can stay focused on work , rather than anything else’’

Rudra remained calm while Sumo wiped a lone tear that ran down her cheek, without getting noticed by Rudra, while Rudra did the same without being noticed by Sumo….

‘’Ms.Saumya Tendulkar we have arrived office’’ Rudra spoke and waited till she got down, the security guard came to Rudra to park his car.

——————In Paris Flight

Anika pouted her lips and lay down on the bed , covering herself with duvet in her compartment, locking the door. Shivaay knocked many times but she didn’t open and screamed

‘’I don’t want to talk to you., I am katti with you, so leave me alone’’.

Shivaay sighed and turned back when

The airhostess reached Shivaay and called him ‘’Sir, your camera..this has all the pictures of Annika , I mean Mam. Sir, before you say anything, I want to tell something…I have tried asking Mam to return back here, but she didn’t listen, sir it’s our duty to respect our guests on board and so I couldn’t compel her . Also, you asked me to fulfil her every wish and demand, so I had to give in to her demands and wishes. Even after this if you wish to complain against us then you can sir.’’

She turned to go

‘’Listen’’ Shivaay called her, She turned

‘’you did right…all I want is to see her happy and she was happy, I am not gonna complain or do anything against you…it was just my anger then and yeah I want all the passengers addresses, because I want to send Goodies to each and every one of them, for making First flight of my Annika happy and this includes the crew too..’’

The airhostess smiled

‘’And yeah , thanks for taking the pics, these are most valuable for me’’

‘’our pleasure sir…have a nice flight and let me know if you need anything’’ she left from there smiling

Shivaay again tried to talk to Anika but he knew her if she is angry then it will take time…….he walked towards his cabin and sat there looking at Anika’s cabin..his thoughts travelled to his childhood


‘’Khadoos ready to go to school?’’

‘’yeah Stupid, I am always ready, it’s you who gets late’’

‘’Fine, but why did you want to go along with me today, you go in your car daily?’’

‘’That’s because I know whenever you have class tests you try hard to skip them and from today you are hainge class tests and I also know , you didn’t prepare for today’s maths test. I am not giving you a chance to skip the tests here on. Once you get a big Zero, you will realise your mistake’’

‘’Why are you coming into my studies, I can pass without studying also’’ she upped her collar

‘’I will see when the result comes, for now, come we have long way to walk’’

They both left to school on foot…that day Annika had Maths test and she didn’t do well as she hadn’t studied…few days later the results came..

Harsh was seeing the results while Annika was scared standing at the corner, Shivaay came right at that moment and looked at Annika being scared, he asked what happened through gestures, Annika showed the results paper in Harsh’s hand…he went towards Harsh and sat beside him and looked at the result…

‘’I said you stupid, prepare well , but did you listen, see now how less you got in Maths’’

‘’You, don’t speak anything, you said I will get big zero, but see I got 5 marks out of 20 without studying’’

‘’Shut up’’ Harsh roared and Annika shuddered, Shivaay also somewhere was scared

‘’Papa..’’ Annika was about to say

‘’Shivaay beta is saying right…you have become over confident these days, you always play, as if studies doesn’t matter to you, even we are pampering you a lot and see the results…I thought you are sensible despite being naughty, but no…you have proved my belief wrong with such scores…and how insensibly you were replying to Shivaay beta that you scored 5 /20 …as if you achieved something big..don’t you feel shame to say such marks…see how Shivaay beta is, he has everything but still he works hard, he tops and excels in everything…you always say he is your friend right then learn something from him…and next time if you get such less scores then I will stop sending you to school and make you work in some houses as maid, because that will be the only suitable job for you…got it’’ Harsh scolded Anika and left from there throwing the result paper

Shivaay became dumb because he never saw Harsh being so angry and that too with Annika… Annika had tears in her eyes, she walked towards her room and was about to close the door when Shivaay stepped in

‘’Why did you come? Now you are happy? You wanted to show how good student you are and how bad student I am , you have seen right? Now go from here’’

‘’But Stupid’’

‘’I don’t want to listen to anything. Leave me alone and go from here. I don’t want to talk to you’’

‘’Stupid ..please…I never realised Harsh uncle was so angry, else I would’t have done so’’

‘’really and you want me to believe this…Please Khadoos I mean Shivaay leave from here. I don’t want to talk to you ever’’

‘’Stupid you know , ‘’

‘’no I don’t know anything..from now on I will not talk to you , not play with you and do nothing with you…katti’’

She closed the door on his face and he felt sad and left from there. Everyday he used to go to his stupid in the hope that she will talk to him , but she never spoke, Few days passed by , Stupid didn’t talked to her Khadoos and Khadoos was sad, seeing him sad Stupid was also getting sad, but her ego , ego didn’t budge. Khadoos couldn’t understand what to do , that’s when he tried the last way…one day while in school during lunch break he sat with Annika’s friends instead of Annika.

(During Lunch Breaks Shivaay had the habit of eating along with Annika, despite having n number of friends)

This made Annika all the way more angry, Shivaay acted as if he didn’t care, he started speaking very nicely to Annika’s friends and they were surprised , but somewhere they always wished that Shivaay talks to them as he talks to Annika  and when they had chance they didn’t step back…

Annika was getting more and more jealous seeing her khadoos not giving any sort of weightage…she walked towards her friends and scolded them without any reason while Shivaay controlled his laugh. Her friends too wanted to give back but they didn’t want to damage their image infront of Shivaay, so they kept quiet and left from there, once they left Annika turned to Shivaay and spoke

‘’What the hell were you doing? ‘’

‘’I was talking to the girls’’

‘’they are my friends, not yours , understand’’

‘’and now they will not be your friends because you shouted at them’’

‘’No they will…I know them’’

‘’Stupid , not everyone is like me…who comes to you every day despite knowing you will not talk’’

‘’really, lets see…what if they talk to me?’’

‘’then you need not talk to me ever and what if they don’t talk’’

‘’it will never happen khadoos…they will because I am Annika’’

‘’So much confidence , make a try…and yeah all the best…I am waiting here’’

Annika left and after few minutes she came crying towards Shivaay

‘’Stupid…what happened ? whay are you crying?’’

‘’Khadoos…they are very bad. I will never talk to them ever. You were right, they scolded me when I went to them.’’

Shivaay wiped Annika’s tears and made her sit…

‘’Stupid…you know I can’t see you crying, then why do you do it? You screamed at them and so they will respond in the same way right. Why didn’t you understand this?’’

‘’but you came to me na…then why can’t they?’’ she asked very innocently

‘’that’s because I am your best friend, I am your …what do you call me?’’

‘’Khadooooooooosssssss’’ Annika replied

‘’yeah…and because you are my one and only Stupid’’

‘’Khadoos, I am sorry, I was angry on you and didn’t speak to you, I have hurt you very much , I am sorry’’ she held her ears

‘’stop it Stupid, it was my mistake , I shouldn’t have spoken those words na…’’

‘’yes..you shouldn’t have’’ she smiled

‘’you are impossible stupid’’

She showed her tongue and ran from there…….he followed …

‘’Stupid, please never ever get so angry on me and stop talking with me …’’

‘’And why shouldn’t I do it?’’

‘’because I get bored without you’’

‘’what…I am your entertainment system?’’

‘’hmmm…kind of’’ he smiled

She hit him playfully and smiled along

‘’Katti ended and batti started?’’

‘’yes khadoos…I was also getting bored without talking and playing with you…uff …now come we have classes to attend’’

They both left towards the classes………


Steward came to Shivaay’s cabin and knocked the door bringing him out of thougths….

‘’Sir, it’s time for medicines to Madam…you asked me to remind’’

‘’ohh yeah..thanks…’’

Shivaay TAM ‘’now how I will convince her take medicines? Another firefighting and uphill task’’


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