Vikram Betaal 26th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikram to decide who is more superior between Shani and Surya Dev

Vikram Betaal 26th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhadrakaal waiting for Vikram and sees him returning alone. He says I was waiting for you to come alone. Vikram says although I came alone, but will try again. Bhadrakaal says I understand your helplessness and says if that Betaal was a human then would have been caught. He says Betaal is not Pret fully and not Human fully. Vikram says I will catch him anyhow. Bhadrakaal asks him to leave his promise and says my debt will be on you. Vikram says everyone knows that my promise is sure. Bhadrakaal thinks that’s why I pinned on you. You have to bring betaal to me. Vikram comes to his Palace and asks Kaviraj about his people. Kaviraj says your people are happy in your dynasty. Senapati ji comes and asks Vikram to come, and says it seems death is going to fall from the sky. They see volcano like thing in the sky. Acharya says I never saw such thing. He asks Senapati Virat Singh to give his dhanush and aims arrow on the fire coming from the sky. The fire resolves. He shoots arrow on the fire and set it off. Acharya ji says you have saved earth from a big trouble. Vikram asks him to find out about this. Acharya goes. Betaal says same thing happens what I wants, and you falls in such a situation.

Acharya tells Vikram that he can’t believe what he saw. He says Surya grah and Shani grah are infront of each other and is going to fight a war. He says if this happens then our earth will be destroyed. Shani Dev and Suya Dev are shown. Surya Dev says I never thought my son will fight with me. Shani Dev says I will make my own identity and don’t need any father for my identity as I am more superior than you. Surya Dev says I will not hesitate to punish you now. Shani Dev says I have the right to punish and says now you will know who deserves punishment. They attack each other. Acharya tells Vikram that war initiated between the two. Vikram says I am feeling helpless for first time and feeling as if I have lost without fighting the war. Acharya says whoever loses, but earth will be destroyed. Vikram asks if there is any way to stop their fight. Acharya says they have to do grah shanti anushthan. Vikram asks him to do it right now. Shani and Surya Dev fight with each other. Vikram and Padmini sit for grah Shanti Anushthan. Shani tries to make Surya Dev fall and laughs. He says I will break your illusion. Surya Dev says I am giving light to this earth. Shani Dev asks him to get ready to become dark.

Brahmadev asks Shani Dev why is he doing wrong? He asks Surya Dev how can he take part in such a war. Shani Dev says this war will not end until it is proved who is more superior. Brahmadev says this is not the right thing. Shani Dev asks him to say who is more superior. Brahmadev says I can’t decide as I will not be affected by you both. Shani Dev says then who will decide. Vikram addresses to Shani Dev and Surya Dev from his Palace and asks them to accept his request. Brahmadev tells that Raja Vikram Aditya is doing puja for grah’s peace and asks them to go to him and get justice. Shani Dev says if a human will decide. Brahma dev says he is a justice loving King and can do justice.

All Gods of the navgrahs come to Vikram. One of the God asks him if he can decide who is more superior between Shani and Surya Dev. Vikram says he is ready and will do justice. Betaal says this is the test of Satyanishtatha.

Vikram announces that Surya Dev is superior than Shani Dev. Shani Dev challenges him that he will make him change his decision and take him to his enemy region. Vikram looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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