Karn Sangini 26th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Shakuni’s Evil Plan

Karn Sangini 26th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Karn meets Uruvi and says she must be thinking why he came to meet her after what happened tonight, he came to apologize as Bhanumati insulted her a lot, it is clear that they don’t love each other and cannot unite in life, their motto is different. He prays that she gets happiness of whole world and gifts her evergreen lotus saying it will never spoil like her smile. Once he leaves, Uruvi thinks Karn developed more dilemma in her mind instead of solving her questions. She then sees a man standing in dark and warns to come in front, pointing sword on his neck. Man frees fireflies and reveals he is Arjun. Uruvi smiles excitedly and asks if he still remembers she likes fireflies. He says he remembers everything and wanted to see smile on her face, his effort did not go waste. He continues that he hates Karn, but today by taking Uruvi’s side, he proved his good side, he cleared what he really wants. Uruvi stands sadly while he leaves. Maid walks in. Uruvi asks if she brought message of mother that they are leaving for Pukeya, she will come in sometime. She keeps lotus box there itself and leaves for Pukeya.

Shakuni call architect and asks if he is building palace for Pandavs, he should make prepare it with inflammable objects so that palace can catch fire easily and will get huge reward, throwing golden coins in front of him. Karn walks towards Shakuni’s room. Guards stop him saying Shakuni is resting. Karn sees gold coin rolling down and realizes Shakuni is awake and must be planning evil. He walks into Shakuni’s room. Shakuni gets tensed seeing him and sasy he called architect to order renovate Duryodhan’s room as he is the best architect they have now.

Uruvi returns to Pukeya and reminisces Karn, Kunti, Arjun, her mother’s words. In another room, her father shows jewelry to her mother Shubhra. Subhra excitedly asks if he got all this for their daughter’s engagement with Arjun. He says he wants best for his daughter. Uruvi sees lotus in her room and thinks she kept it in Hastinapur, how did it come here. On the other side, Kunti informs Arjun that Uruvi left her lotus, it must be dearer to her, so he should go and give it to her personally. Arjun comes in front of Uruvi and says he brought her lotus box. He continues his conversation and says he hopes she will get engagement to him soon. She thinks she loves Karn.

Precap: Shubra reads Uruvi’s letter for Arjun that she loves Karn and can only be a friend for Arjun. She thinks she will not let Uruvi ruin her life.

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