Vikram Betaal 21st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Padmini comes to help Vikram get Sindoori’s Mata Sindoor

Vikram Betaal 21st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhadrakaal telling Sugandha that she is superior among all putlis, is intelligent and strong. He says that’s why you are near your mukti. She asks if there is any problem. Bhadrakaal asks her to end Bhav log through Betaal and then the putlis’ cursed life will end and they all will get mukti. Sugandha asks if our cursed life will end with Bhav log. She vanishes. Bhadrakaal thinks all putlis’ evil powers will be his and he will get more powerful. Sugandha tells Betaal that he has to find some other way to kill Vikram. Betaal asks what will be other way. Sugandha says Vikram wants to free all putlis from the curse and says if we destroy Bhav log then Vikram will be destroyed. Betaal says he knows about the Bhav and tells about it, and says where will I get the Tatva. She says you can do anything for my love. Betaal says I can do anything for your love, and asks her to take care. Bhadrakaal asks Sugandha to control Vikram by her powers, and says if Vikram frees Betaal from her trap then..Sugandha says betaal is tied with my sindoor. Bhadrakaal says if Vikram reaches Kamati Mata’s sindoor then he will free betaal from your clutch. Sugandha says Vikram will not reach the sindoor. Bhadrakaal says Vikram’s defeat is my victory and laughs.

Vikram finds Sindoori Mata’s temple and thinks the sindoor will free betaal. Betaal is flying in sky and thinks I have to go to such place where Rati and Kamdev are connected. Vikram is stopped by some women. He says he wants sindoori mata’s sindoor. The lady tells that he came late and tells that he has to wait for morning, and if he tries to get it then he will have to face Mata’s wrath. Vikram says I will wait and wants Mata’s blessings. The lady says if you bring your wife here then she can get the sindoor. Betaal comes to the place searching Shringaar Bhav. He gets a flower from the tree as the Shringar Bhav. He says I have to search Karuna/Second bhav, where some bad incident happened. Vikram thinks he can’t go back to Palace now and bring Padmini, it will take much time. The parrots are speaking about Mata Sindoori. Betaal thinks he can get Shok Tatva in Brindavan. He thinks he will get the Tatva in the kadam tree and thinks where is it? He finds Kadam’s tree which is crying and the water is falling off the tree. Betaal says this tree is still crying for Krishna and Radha’s separation, and gets one of the dried branch. He says he has to search third Bhav.

Padmini worries for Vikram and prays to Maha Kaal to protect Vikram. The Parrot comes to Padmini and tells about Maharaj at Mata Sindoori’s temple. Padmini thinks she shall check if maharaj is in problem. He gets Draupadi’s saree piece as the third Bhav.

Next day, Vikram comes to the temple to get sindoor. The ladies stop him and tell him that he has to come with his wife to get the sindoor. Vikram says my wife is not with me, but I want the sindoor right now. They ask him to come with his wife. Just then Padmini comes there and says you will surely take the sindoor from here. Vikram comes to her and asks how you are here. Padmini tells about the parrot taking Mata Sindoori and his name. Vikram says this means Mata sindoori’s blessings is with me. The lady asks him to get the sindoor. Bhadrakaal says once Betaal gets all Bhavs then he will destroy Bhav log, I will become very strong and neither you nor Betaal will be alive. They go inside and see Mata Sindoori’s Pindi is missing. Padmini says someone is behind it, who don’t want you to get the sindoor. Vikram says Sugandha might have taken it and asks if there is some evil power who wants to destroy Mata Sindoori. The lady tells that they have heard about brahmarakshas wanted to marry her and took her to his Andhkoop where she cursed him and made him of stone. Vikram says surely Sugandha must have taken sindoor there.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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