RadhaKrishn 22nd May 2019 Written Episode Update

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RadhaKrishn 22nd May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Episode begins with Kirtida and Yashoda teasing n pulling Krishn’s leg over marriage. Seeing Radha getting upset over this Krishn confesses his love for Radha n his desire to marry Radha. Kirtida n Yashoda are very pleased..so are RKBal. All five rejoice over this matter.. Bal excitedly reveals he wanted to reveal much earlier but Krishn had prevented him. Yashoda is very pleased to have Radha as bahu..Kirtida asks Radha to beware of the long list of house work Yashoda had mentioned..would she be able to complete all that ?? Radha agrees.

The five of them decide to keep this a secret..they will reveal to Vrishbhan n Nand later since Vrishbhan was a bit against prem vivaha. RK n Bal agree to this.

Ayan over hears this n fumes… he confronts Krishn over his plan to marry Radha. Krishn challenges him. Ayan asks Krishn not to underestimate him. He had made numerous attempts to kill Krishn. He brought notorious devils to attack Barsana several times, but he failed every time.

Ugrapath over hears this n fumes. Ayan reveals how he he brought all badhas n destruction into his life…. he hated Krish so much that he even put his beloved Radha’s life in danger. He brought a dangerous devil disguised a Pandit at the time of Chandravali’s wedding…to get a vachan from Vrishbhan to get him married to Radha.

Ugrapath is full of fury.. he hears Ayan stating his love for Radha. He will go any lengths to get his Radha. Krishn will not escape every time..n he will win Radha. Ayan leaves. Ugrapath too goes away.

Radha comes n excitedly meet Krishn n shares her coveted desire to visit Kailash Mansarovar Bhraman.. Shiv Parvati lived there.. it was her dream to visit those places. Krishn reminds Radha that their mothers agreed to their alliance because Radha promised to take care of Krishn n his entire family after marriage, but if she decides to go on Bhraman, then it will be a problem. Radha is disheartened… n gives up the idea reluctantly. Krishn smiles n decides to take Radha for the Yatra in future.

Jatila and Ayan put forth the idea of Ayan Radha marriage.

Ayan confesses he loved Radha. Ugrapath disagrees. Their families did not match in wealth, status , etc. Jatila persuades him to use the vachan he got from Vrishbhan to get Ayan Radha married. Ugrapath then beats Ayan black n blue n confronts him for attempting to kill Radha n Krishn several times.. to broke numerous troubles to Barsana n Vrindavan..

they deny but Ugrapath reveals all his misdeed. He disowns them n accuses them… orders them out of his house… their grief to become Barsana ka Mukhiya…. He orders them to repent in Indra Dev’s fire if they wanted to live with him. Jatila shouts back at Ugrapath n walks out holding her son’s hand.

Radha comes to Yashoda n Kirtida..who assure her marriage will surely be divine… Krishn smiles at this thought..

Precap: Radha shares her wish to do Shiv aradhana on Govardhan Parvat. Krishn then agrees n manipulates. Vrishbhan reminds villagers of Indra Dev’s fury last monsoons..so they decide to please him by Pooja Archana for Indra Dev. Indra looks down from heavens n smiles at them. Krishn suggests they perform Shiv Pooja on Govardhan parvat. RK smile at eachother…

Update Credit to: Sutapasima

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