Vikram Betaal 19th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Sonprabha meets three prince, but destiny has something else in store

Vikram Betaal 19th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Betaal asking Vikram to turn the yakshiyum yantra seeing mountain. He asks him to drive the yantra slow and says if something happens to me then how you will know that 3 grooms had come for Sonaprabha’s wedding. He tells Sonprabha’s story and a fb is shown. Sona prabha runs after butterflies and tries to catch it. She says it is my dream. She sees a prince putting flowers on her from the sky, sitting on the horse. Dasi tells that the prince is riding on the horse which fly. Prince comes and says he brought it from Pari lok and asks if you want then I can take you to sky ride. Sonprabha refuses. Prince says if you agree then I will think that my motive fulfilled to buy this horse. Sonaprabha agrees and have a sky horse ride.

Betaal asks Vikram if he loved someone

in his life and asks him to think how Sonprabha and the prince have felt. Sonaprabha likes the skyride and tells butterflies that even she can fly. Horse continues to fly. Sonprabha apologizes to Prince. Her brother thinks Suryakant is the right choice for her. Prince Surya kant asks Sonprabha if she felt scared. Sonprabha says she is getting late for puja and goes.

Betaal tells Vikram that moment would have frozen, but that didn’t happen. Once she was going somewhere and hears some music. She follows the music and sees some prince playing Veena and singing song. She smiles and looks at him dancing. Prince Pushkar and Sonprabha look at each other lovingly. Betaal says Prince Pushkar was an artiste. Pushkar takes Sonprabha to dance, and they dance together. Sonprabha’s mum comes there and thinks Kavi Pushkar is right choice for her. Sonaprabha smiles seeing him and feels shy.

Betaal tells Vikram that Sonprabha was enjoying water in the river with her friends, when some dacoits attacked the guards protecting them. Dacoit kidnaps her and takes on the horse. Sonprabha’s dupatta falls on a prince. Prince thinks someone’s life is in danger and follows the dacoit on his horse. He asks dacoit to stop. Dacoit calls him Prince Veer Bhadra and asks him to go. Prince Veer Bhadra asks him to leave Princess else he will kill him. He fights with him. Sonprabha gets down from her horse and asks prince if he is fine. Prince Veer bhadra says yes. Sonprabha’s father comes there and asks if she is fine? She says yes. Her father thinks this Veer can protect my daughter.

Sonprabha’s brother says Suryakant is right for Sonprabha. Father says Veer bhadra is good for her. Mother says nobody can love her like Pushkar. Father says Sonprabha will decide and asks her to tell whom she loves. Sonprabha says she likes many things in all prince, but love haven’t happened. She needs time. Betaal tells Vikram that destiny is unpredictable. He says Sonprabha was not getting one groom, but three grooms were waiting in queue. He says a big incident is going to happen in his life. Dacoit gets happy seeing Sonprabha’s bangle and thinks he got something big. Just then he sees a giant demon coming and asking where is his food. Dacoit says I got something unique for you and shows Sonprabha’s bangle. Demon sees Sonprabha and says I will marry her. Dacoit says yes. Betaal says Sonprabha was beautiful and danav was ugly. He says Sonprabha’s destiny took her to demon and asks him to say whom Sonprabha will choose.

Demon kidnaps Sonprabha and takes her from there. Sonprabha shouts for help. Demon says I will marry you. Sonprabha is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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