Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 19th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop wins in garba competition

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 19th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roop seeing Ishika in the garba function. He smiles. Ishika comes to him and waves hi. Roop is surprised. Ranvir comes and asks how are you? Ishika says she is fine. Ranvir compliments her beauty and asks her to come. Ranvir thinks he will propose her and insult Roop. He asks Ishika to come. Roop asks God to help him. He sees Ranvir and Ishika dancing. Himanshu and Himani come there. Roop says it is good that you came. Himani says we all came dressed nicely, but we can’t do garba this year too. Roop says we will do garba. DJ announces competition between patel and wagela family and asks what do you think who will win. Praful says they will win. Ranvir says they will win. DJ asks everyone to get ready for dandiya ras competition.

Purva gets ready for

the dandiyas ras. Vinay comes to her room and says you are so beautiful. Purvi says lets go and do garba. Vinay says lets do garba here as we can’t do it outside openly. He plays music. Purvi dances with him. He tries to get closer to her. Purvi stops him and says lets go out. Vinay says its alright, we are getting married. He asks her to dance. He swirls her and holds her closer.

Shamsher and Bua are talking. Haren Patel comes to him and asks him to do garba. Shamsher says he stays away from dance. Roop comes to Kamla and asks her to dance. Kamla refuses. Kinjal and jigna ask her to dance. Shamsher nods no. Roop asks her to dance for him. Bua tells Shamsher that everyone is flowing out of his hand. Ranvir looks at Palak and hardik, thinks to do something to keep Roop away. Himanshu tells Himani that I know that you are hesitant to face Baab ji. Himani tells Bua that she wants to talk to her, but she ignores her. Roop prays for Ishika and asks God to make truth win and evil fails. He looks at Ishika. Everyone dance. Roop sees Ranvir and Ishika dance. Everyone loses in the dance except Ranvir, Ishika and Roop. RJ announces the last round. Ranvir, Ishika and Roop are dancing. Ranvir signs someone who spills marbles on the way, but he himself falls and loses in the dance.

Roop recalls seeing Ranvir’s conspiracy and smiles. Roop and Ishika dance. Ranvir says enough and asks her to stop. Roop says may the best wins. Ishika says yes. Rupesh thinks it Ambe Maa is signing that Ranvir is not right. Ishika falls down and faints. Roop comes to Ranvir and tells that ishika fell down. He tells Ranvir that he will complete his challenge. He comes to Ishika and sprinkle water on her face. Ishika gains consciousness and says she slipped. Roop helps her. They take her to room. Roop says I can check your foot. Kanchal allows him. Roop checks her feet and asks Kanchal to bring warm water. He asks Ishika where is she feeling pain?

Precap: Roop tells Palak that he will expose Ranvir. Rupesh tells Ranvir that Roop brought ishika here and bandaged her foot. Ranvir gets irked and thinks to do something evil.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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