Vikram Betaal 17th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikram reaches Pret Ghaati and faces Betaal

Vikram Betaal 17th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhadrakaal telling Vikram that he needs Betaal and says sadly…you can’t bring him here. Vikram asks who is this Betaal and why you need him. Bhadrakaal says I know you will ask me this question. Vikram says I shall think of good and bad consequences. Bhadrakaal says you came to me to return my favor and says you are not competent to return my favors. Vikram says I will not go before returning your favor. Bhadrakaal thinks I knew your ego will fulfill my aim and tells that he appreciates his courage, but no human can do this. Vikram says it was impossible to stop the nakshatra, but I have done this. Bhadrakaal says you think you can go 5000 kms away and bring Betaal here, says you are useless. He asks him to return to Ujjaini and remove Chakravarti Samrat from his name.

He laughs challenging and provoking him to agree to bring Betaal to him. Vikram looks on. He comes to the mountain and thinks of Kalidas telling him about yakshiyum where a human can go to any place at a fast space sitting there. Vikram asks where I can find Yakshiyum. Kalidas says Takshak log.

Vikram jumps from the mountain and says he will cross death to reach there. He sees a giant snake. He runs before giant snake reach him. He holds a tree branch and swings in air. Snake spits fire from its mouth. Vikram climbs from one branch to another branch and comes to the yakshiyum yantra. He looks at it and says is not Vikram alone, but Chakravarti Samrat. He sits in the yakshiyum yantra and says Jai Mahakaal. Yakshiyum starts. Vikram Aditya title song plays….

Kalidas tells Padmini that Maharaj went to Naag log to get Yakshiyum. Padmini saks what does it mean? Bhabhi asks her not to worry. Padmini says she is restless and asks Senapati to find out what is Maharaj now. Vikram brings Yakshiyum to Bhadrakaal and says he does what he says. Bhadrakaal thinks Vikram made this impossible thing possible, I have chosen the right man to bring Betaal here. Vikram asks him to tell his motive behind getting Betaal here. Bhadrakaal says I was doing Yagya, but Betaal didn’t let me complete it, else all pains would have gone from this world. Vikram asks what is the problem? Bhadrakaal says until Betaal comes here and gives ahuti, yagya won’t be completed. Vikram says I will bring Betaal. Bhadrakaal gets happy and asks him to remember that Betaal’s power is in his moustache. Vikram goes. Bhadrakaal says I will sacrifice you and then I will rule on the entire world.

Vikram travels in the yakshiyum yantra to reach Pret ghaati. He thinks earth is ended and thinks where is pret ghaati. He senses something strange happening and thinks what is happening. He sees a huge water ghost and thinks to destroy it at the earliest. He gets inside it and reaches somewhere. He looks everywhere and thinks everything is beautiful here, and different from reality, surely this is Pret Ghaati. He sees beautiful pink butterflies and tries to touch them. He hears some noise and senses someone moving behind him. He thinks what is this sound, so beautiful and unique. Suddenly something like snake crawls and pulls Vikram up. Vikram drops his sword and hangs with his head down.

Padmini is still restless. Bhabhi thinks very soon this singhason is of her husband. Senapati comes and says Maharaj sent the info that he went to Pret ghaati to bring some pret. Padmini says how can this be possible, nobody can go there before death. She says she will go there. Senapati says it is impossible to reach there, he left a long ago. Kalidas thinks he has to check Bhadrakaal’s kundali. Bhabhi thinks it seems this singhasan will get its right heir as nobody returns alive from Pret Ghaati.

Vikram is hanging with his head down and sees Betaal hanging down with his head down and introduces himself.

Vikram says I will catch you Betaal. Betaal says only those who understand this pret ghaati can catch me and tells the riddle. Vikram tries to catch him, but betaal moves at a fast pace.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Omg. Super episode. 😘😘😘. Love this episode so much. Aham sir u r superb. Recap was interesting

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