Porus 17th October 2018 Written Episode Update Puru Defeats Dhananand in Wrestling, Agrees To Support Puru

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Ambhi lifts unconscious Laachi and tries to walk out when Alka warns him to stop and shoots arrow. Arrow hits Ambhi. Ambhi stands shocked. Alka says she is ashamed to call him as son, he proved that he has dirty blood of his traitor father, Puru is much superior than him. Ambhi fumes not to praise Puru. Alka says she does not want to insult Puru. Ambhi keeps unconscious Laachi aside, removes arrow from his back, and attacks Alka with a sword. Alka also attacks, but Ambhi overpowers her and injures her repeatedly.

In Magadh, Dhananand challenges Puru for a wrestling match and says if he wins, he can get support. They get into wrestling field. Dhananand continues insulting Puru and says he does not know Magadh army’s strength and describes how vast his army is. He throws Puru away and says

if he cannot handle him, how will he head such a big army. Puru reverts back and says batttle is won by brain most and power next. Dhananand grips Puru again. Chanakya tells Bamni that Dhananand will not accept defeat so easily. Bamni says Puru will go to any extent to protect Bharath and get Magadh’s support to fight against Alexander. Puru pins Dhananand and throws him on floor.

Alexander orders his army to be ready to attack Pourav rastra and says Ambhi would be reaching here anytime. Ambhi lifting Laachi heads towards sea shore killing Pourav soldiers on the way. Dasyu raj stops him and says Ambhi proved he is traitor’s son. Ambhi warns to return to Dasyu lok to celebrate his daughter’s second marriage.

Puru tells Dhananand that he won wrestling match and proved his words. Dhananand orders to bring wine and says Puru proved himself, he is ready to help Puru in his mission, offering wine. Puru says thank you, in his battle, there is no room for wine and liquor, once he wins batttle against Alexander, he will accept Dhananand hospitality. Dhananand says they are one now. Puru says now Magadh and Pourav rastra will together kick out intruder Alexander from Bharath.

Ambhi insults Dasyu raj as handicap and warns to move away, pangu. Dasyu raj says he is handicap, but he is not a traitor like him and his father. Ambhi cotinues insulting Dasyu raj. Dasyu raj challenges him for a fight and says a father is trying to protect his daughter and will defeat his enemy.

Puru tells Dhananand that his 6th sense says he should return to Pourav rastra. Dhananand asks to send him his plan after reaching Pourav rastra. Puru says they don’t have that much time, he should start sending his army from right now and within 2 weeks, Magadh soldiers will reach Pourav rastra to fight against Alexander. Alexander tells his soldiers that they have to defeat Pourav rastra tonight itself, Puru won’t be able to see his last defeat.

Precap: Dasyu Raj defeats Ambhi. Alexander shoots arrow on Dasyu Raj. Puru heads towards Pourav rastra on his horse.

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  1. While fighting both puru (laksh )and dhanand (sourab)… I feel like they are looking like brothers …both looks matches alot..
    wait see next episode what will happen

  2. super great entertaining episode.

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