Vikram Betaal 14th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Parshuram kills Devi Renuka obeying her plea

Vikram Betaal 14th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mahadev fighting with Parshuram to give him teaching. Parshuram is about to hit him. Mahadev asks him to calm down and says your learning is completed, there is no tapasvi or yoddha in this world like you. He says you will be the only Rishi in the world. He gives him Parshu and says you will win by this weapon and nobody can defeat you. Parshuram bends down and takes it. He says I didn’t get only the learning, but also the peace. He says my mum might be waiting for me. Mahadev blesses him. Renuka comes to Rishi Jamadagni and tells that Parshuram is returning. Rishi Jamadagni tells that Mahadev must have taught him all. Renuka asks him to be polite with him and not to be angry with her. Rishi Jamadagni says he will try. Renuka goes to get water and thinks my son is returning

to after many years. She sees a man flying on the horse. Man thinks I shall get this woman and gets down on the ground.

Gandharv Raj tells Renuka that he didn’t see any beautiful woman like her before. She asks him to be in his limits and says I am Rishi Raj’s wife and says if my husband comes to know about this, then he will curse you. Gandharv Raj says I am Gandharv and nobody can refuse my love. He hypnotizes her and asks her to come with him. Betaal says Gandharv Raj hypnotized Renuka with his magic. Rishi Jamadagni thinks why Devi didn’t return till now. Gnadharv Raj and Renuka are together. Rishi Jamadagni comes there and sees Renuka resting on Gandharv Raj’s shoulder. He calls her characterless. Gandharv Raj leaves. Rishi Jamadagni asks her not to enter his Ashram and says my doubt came true. Renuka cries.

Parshuram comes to Ashram and calls Renuka. He asks where did Mata go, she knows that I am coming. Rishi Jamadagni comes and says I know you can do anything for your Mata, and I also know that you don’t like me, and then also nobody can refuse that I am your father and you are my son. Parshuram asks what is the matter? Rishi Jamadagni asks him to return his pitr rin and says your seven brothers refused to return my pitr rin. Parshuram promises to pay him pitr rin and asks how to pay it. Rishi Jamadagni asks him to kill his mum. Parshuram shouts and asks why do you want to kill my mum and says she is your wife. Rishi Jamadagni tells that your mum betrayed me and cheated on me, she is characterless. Parshuram says if you blame my mum then I will forget that you are my father. Rishi Jamadagni asks him to return his pitr rin and kill his mum. He says my doubt was right, you are not my son and don’t want to return my pitr rin. Parshuram comes to jungle and calls Renuka.

Renuka gets happy and cries. She tells him that she is guilty and don’t deserve to be called as his mum as she is guilty in his father’s eyes. Parshuram says I know that my mum can’t be wrong. Renuka says your father’s doubt is truth for him and asks him to accept it. He asks her to tell the truth. Renuka says I know you love me much and can do anything and says if a woman’s life is stained once, then nobody can clean it. Parshuram asks her to tell once. Renuka says your father had seen wrong thing as truth. He says I will prove your innocence and asks her to tell. Renuka asks him to kill her if he wants her to get freed of his father’s doubt. She asks him to lift his parshu and kill her. Parshu says you are asking your own son to kill you, and says father is asking me to kill you. He says no son were caught in such a situation and says everyone say I am hard, but I am not stone hard. Renuka asks him to kill her.

Parshuram says the mum who gave me birth, who brought me up, whose blood is in me, I can’t lift parshu on her. Renuka gives him promise. Parshuram says if a son kills his mum today then this world will never forgive me. Renuka says if you don’t kill me today, then people will know me as characterless, and if you want me to know as your mum and not as Rishi Jamadagni’s characterless wife then kill me. Parshuram beheads her. Betaal asks Vikram to tell why God Parshuram killed his mum to get her freed from the accusations. He says there was other ways too to prove her innocence, but why did he kill her?

Acharya tells Vikram that Devi Pingla and Bharmal was responsible for mixing wine in the milk meant for kal bhairav puja. He says they were responsible even for Padmini’s condition. Betaal says if Vikram be able to punish Pingla and Bharmal.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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