Yeh Teri Galiyan 14th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Paro and Asmita fight

Yeh Teri Galiyan 14th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Paro says what are you doing here Asmita? Asmita says I heard someone shouting Shan was here. Paro says what are you doing? Asmita says what? paro says can’t I see all this? Isn’t one enough for you? Shan says Paro.. What are you sayin. Paro says I am your fiance. I am seeing you with another girl in a bedroom. Asmita says you are thinking a lot. Humans get hyper when they are insecure. Paro says say what you want but Shan is my fiance. Our wedding date is being decided. So its better for you to stay away from Shan. Ridoy comes and says what is happening here? Privaye party without me? No worried we will party later. Come everyone is looking for you all. Shan says let’s go. HE says Asmita where were you? You are my fiance, stay with me holding my hands. He holds

her hand. Asmita leaves with Ridoy. She looks at Shan. San says what was I going to do? SHe is my friend but she is Ridoy’s wife to be.

Everyone comes for pooja. Ravindra says happiness is back in this house. I wish aru is well. I wish he ever comes back. Ravindra says we will do pooja and havan. Nevi says but why.. Asmita says it would be good. Ravindra says this a night long havan. Asmita says in teart this would be a good time to look for proofs.
Paro says stops Asmita. Asmita says leave my hand. paro says stay away from Shan. Stay in your limits. Asmita says what is my limit? Paro says you are jealous right? Because Ridoy is useless. Asmita says I wonder how he chose a stupid girl like you. Paro is about to slap her. Asmita twists her hand and shoves her. She says better not talk to me like this. Paro says you stay away from my Shan. Asmita says we will see who gets out of this house.

The havan starts. They all pray for Ary. Asmita prepares to look for proofs. Pandit ji says I can see that Aru is alive but he is in pain. Nevi says please bring him back. Take all his pain away from him. I want him back in this house. Please let me know even if I have to fast. A woman comes in and says why didn’t you do it before Nevi? Nevi says bua ji. Everyone meets her. She says I am here everything would be good now. Shan and ridoy meet her.
Ridoy says that’s asmita my choice. She says Asmita is pretty. And that is Paro.. Shan’s dauhter in law. Mausi sees her is shocked. She doesn’t caress her. Ravindra says come sit. She says you didn’t tell me. Shan says it all happened in a hurry. She says we will have fun in the weddings. Ridoy says she dances awesome. Ridoy says she sees hands too. Ridoy says see her hand and let me know what you see of our love? Mausi has a worried look on her face. Ridoy says is it all good? She matches their hands. She says this couple can’t happen. Ridoy and asmita aren’t made for each other. This would bring trouble. Nevi says what are you saying. Bua says break the engagement. that’d be better.

Precap-Shan says to Asmita I love you. I don’t care what world says.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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